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Donald Trump: “I Have Great Relationship With God”

Donald Trump‘s religious bona fides have been thrown into serious doubt over the course of the campaign, but The Donald wants to assure everyone that he and the big man are solid. On CNN’s State of the Union, Jake Tapper asked Trump about whether he regrets saying he never asks God for forgiveness. Trump’s response?…

CNN Anchor Passes Out Live On-Air

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow passed out on Monday during a segment on CNN regarding a new CNN/ORC poll on Americans’ attitudes about the war on terror. Harlow’s speech slurred and off-camera voices could be heard before CNN went to commercial. A short time later, Harlow told viewers that she is “fine.” via TheBlaze

Trump Spokesperson Battles S.E. Cupp on Muslim Ban Proposal: ‘So What? They’re Muslim!’

Katrina Pierson, a speswoman for Donald Trump‘s campaign, battled conservative commentator S.E. Cupp Tuesday over the presidential candidate’s recent proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, insisting the plan is “really nothing new.” Trump received significant backlash from Democrats and Republicans after releasing a statement Monday calling for the United States to ban…