Why Science and Religion Are Compatible

PJTV viewer Digging4Information asks Bill Whittle & Andrew Klavan about the relationship between science, faith and religion. Are science and religion at war with each other, or perfectly compatible? Klavan argues that faith has never been at war with religion, and that religious people like Isaac Newton were often great scientists. Hear more.

Is America at War With ‘Radical Islam’?

Is the United States at war with Radical Islam, or Islamic terrorists? It seems like a pretty straightforward question with a pretty obvious answer. But, for some reason the Obama Administration refuses to use the terms “Islamic” or “Radical Islam” to define terrorist acts or the Muslim fanatics that our soldiers are fighting all around…

Jesus VS. Muhammad

“Jesus, a servant, never fought in battle, never killed a guy! Not only did Muhammad do so, but he actually felt that it was his divine calling to KILL non-Muslims and MURDER people who insulted him!” This is the one, folks. This is the video that’s literally resulted in an official fatwa and literally thousands…