Canadian Islamic Terrorism

Randall Terry updates viewers about the Islamic terrorists in Canada. Currently, one of them has been identified as Muslim. ISIS called all Muslims to kill any soldiers that they could last week. How are Islamic Lone-wolf Terrorists and Islamic Terrorist Groups the same thing?

The Houston GayStopo

The Houston Mayor is more concerned with adhering to political correctness than adhering to the Constitution. Hear Zo discuss how Christianity is under attack. via AlfonzoRachel

A Rebuttal To Islam: Top 5 Arguments

The Islamic fundamentalists over at TalkIslam tried to shut me down. Really, they tried to shut all voices of dissent down. It’s not happening. Here’s a longer, very thorough rebutting of their false Islamic propaganda. Taken from my live radio/video show which is available as a podcast for free here! via LouderWithCrowder

Is Ebola the Judgement of God?

The introduction to Ebola and what groups are saying about the Judgment of God has become mainstream media topics. In America Ebola has come and we must think about our sins and what this means for us. Is Ebola the judgement of God?