Eric Holder, Race Baiters, and Racists

It is a shame Eric Holder calls out people for being racist for disliking Obama. How about Clinton or Bush? Are the “other colors of skin” people racist for not liking them, too, or is it about holding leaders accountable for their own actions? Find out why Eric Holder might be racist for calling everyone…


Ferguson And The Real Race War

Since the shooting of Michael Brown by a white policeman and the ensuing riots and looting in Ferguson, MO, Americans have been told, yet again, that there is an epidemic of crime against black people in this country. But is there really a race war, and if so, which side is actually waging it?


Amid Ferguson’s Turmoil One Man Stands Up To The Looters

(Content Warning: Language) Messy doesn’t even begin to describe the tragedy taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, after the shooting of Michael Brown. The toll so far: One young man dead, businesses destroyed by looters, police practices condemned, and a nation divided by questions of race and class, law and injustice. The tone of the national…