Gun-Toting Grandma Stops Would-Be Assailant

A Fort Worth grandmother thwarted her would-be robber Monday when she pulled a pistol from her purse and scared her assailant away. Jewell Turner, 74, told NBC 5 she was waiting in her minivan outside of her doctor’s office, near the corner of West Magnolia Avenue and 6th Avenue in the city’s Near South Side,…

Why Cars Are Way More Dangerous Than Guns

Youtuber Billy Johnson is well-known for his rants on ethics. With more than 31k subscribers, he makes bold, fact-driven videos that have gone viral. His latest video, “Mayors Against Cars” (a spin off of Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns“), challenges anti-gun views while comparing gun owners to vehicle drivers. Billy stated on his Facebook page,…

The 2nd Amendment: For Muskets Only?!

Liberals have claimed for years that the 2nd amendment was invented in the times of mere muskets, that it doesn’t apply to today’s weapons! The only problem with that, is that weaponry was far more advanced than leftists realize, and the founding fathers addressed this a LOOOONG time ago. via LouderWithCrowder