Should Doctors Be Quarantined if They Treat Ebola Patients?

When Dr. Thomas M. Kerkering of Virginia Tech’s Carilion School of Medicine returned in late September after volunteering at an Ebola treatment clinic in Sierra Leone, he adhered closely to the routine established by other medical professionals. He checked his temperature twice a day and avoided shaking hands with people and hugging even family members….

Canadian Islamic Terrorism

Randall Terry updates viewers about the Islamic terrorists in Canada. Currently, one of them has been identified as Muslim. ISIS called all Muslims to kill any soldiers that they could last week. How are Islamic Lone-wolf Terrorists and Islamic Terrorist Groups the same thing?

An English Expert’s Interpretation of The Second Amendment

Tired of listening to Progressives tell you that the Second Amendment only allows people in militias to keep and bear arms? Or that the Founders would have never intended the Second Amendment to apply to modern weapons? In his latest FIREWALL Bill recounts a remarkable conversation about the precise wording of the Second Amendment, and…

Awkward: DNC Chair Can’t Name One Senate Race Where Obama Will Campaign

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was unable to name a single Senate race in which President Obama has campaigned. Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin asked Wasserman Schultz why Bill Clinton has been campaigning in competitive Senate races instead of Obama. “The president is campaigning in competitive races during this election cycle,” Wasserman Schultz said, deliberately avoiding the…