Did Obama Blame Fox News & Christians for Poverty?

Who’s most to blame for poverty in America: Fox News, or Christians? Obama joined a panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, and Scott Ott Thought he’d boil down the president’s 39 minutes of ideas so you can enjoy them in just three minutes. Why are the poor hardest hit by poverty? Who took all…

Shut Up Pam Geller: Defending the First Amendment

When two heavily-armed Muslims attacked Pamela Geller’s “Draw Mohammed” free-speech conference in Garland, Texas, the media called her “provocative.” Some conservatives lashed out at journalists, like CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, for that. But Scott Ott Thought, “Why do we have a First Amendment if not to protect the right of journalists to attempt to silence free-speech…

Avengers: Age of Political Correctness

There’s been outrage over everything lately. Over cartoons, over the Avengers… well how about an Avengers cartoon? Better yet, how about the most politically incorrect cartoon you’ll watch this week? What would the world look like if our superheroes had to toe today’s lines of political correctness? Oh yes, we went there… via LouderWithCrowder