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The Politically Incorrect Guide To Thanksgiving

Happens every Thanksgiving, doesn’t? Some bleeding heart liberal you’re “related to” gets on their moral high Crazy Horse and lectures about how horribly rotten the white man was to the Native Americans. Which is why this year we’re throwing in the tomahawk. Time to scalp the facts about the Indians. Feathers not dots. via LouderWithCrowder

How Liberals Think The 1st Amendment Was Written

On June 7th, 1789, the night before James Madison proposed The Bill of Rights to the House of Representatives, he sat down to pen the first draft of the first amendment. The following is what many scholars believe to be the original and unedited version of that amendment. via LouderWithCrowder

The REAL CNBC Debate

We all agree the CNBC debate was a disaster. Heck, even CNBC agrees that it was a disaster. Well, here’s a take which you may enjoy a little … if not enjoy, at least you won’t be filled with a strong desire to harm yourself. Though of course, we make no guarantees. CNBC: where facts…

The New Film You May Soon Be Prevented From Seeing

In 2012, Pastor Douglas Wilson was invited to speak at Indiana University on the topic of Sexuality from a biblical perspective, in a lecture series titled; “Sexual by Design”. Indiana University is home of the infamous sexologist Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute. The intensity that ensued on April 13, 2012 was unreal. Midwest college…