‘Maggot!': Veteran Goes Off on American Flag Protester

(Content Warning: Language) A protester at Valdosta State University was confronted by a retired Sergeant Major, resulting in a heated exchange over the American flag. In a video posted online, the protester was seen being confronted by a veteran Sergeant Major after he reportedly stood on an American flag earlier in the day. “If you…

Black Woman Explains Why Ferguson Rioters Are Worse Than The KKK

When whites riot, the public rightly labels them as criminals. When blacks riot, the public considers them to be protestors with legitimate grievances. Is this different standard fair? Or is it an example of a new form of racism cloaked in low expectations? Chloe Valdary, a black student at the University of New Orleans, explains.

Bruce Jenner Says He’s A Woman…And A Republican?

Bruce Jenner didn’t just come out as a transgender woman Friday night — he also came out as a Republican. In a two-hour special aired on ABC, Jenner, 65, sat down with Diane Sawyer and revealed what has been speculated by the public for months. But he shared another fact that sent waves through the…