Are all men rapists

Real Rape vs “Rape Culture” (A Note to Feminists)

“Rape Culture.” It’s a term thrown around so flippantly today that it’s lost all meaning. Rape is a life-shattering crime that deserves the worst possible punishment available. So if we can all agree on that, can we also all agree that throwing every regrettable decision and HR infraction into the same “rape” pot may be…


Allen West: Obama’s Latest Executive Order ‘Unlawful’ & Military ‘Well Within Their Rights’ to Disobey It

Late last month, as Americans were distracted by the news of Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation, President Obama quietly and unceremoniously violated his oath of office once again by bolstering lawlessness as the official policy of the United States. Obama issued another unconstitutional executive order that would allow illegal immigrants to join the United States…