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Watch What Happens When Reporter Asks College Students to Point to New Hampshire on a Map

With the New Hampshire primary less than a week out, MRCTV visited one of the country’s top universities Tuesday to see if students could point to the state on a map. The results were painful, to put it mildly. MRCTV’s Dan Joseph began by asking students at the University of Maryland what they knew about the Iowa Caucus, which to place the night before. Not not only were most students completely unaware that the Iowa Caucuses had even happened, they couldn’t even find New Hampshire, the state that will be hosting the next major presidential primary, on a map of the United States.

‘Get a Damn Job’: Dr. Phil Destroys The ‘Entitlement Culture’ in America With Epic Monologue

Dr. Phil McGraw joined Megyn Kelly tonight on “The Kelly File” to discuss how our culture has created a generation of entitled, narcissistic, fame-obsessed individuals. “We do have a generation that, I think, we have raised with a great deal of entitlement,” Dr. Phil said, pointing to a guest who will be on his television show tomorrow. Dr. Phil explained that Kris, 43, has been chasing his dream of being a rock and roll superstar his entire life. He says he’s “addicted to fame.” And just like a drug addiction, the pursuit of his dream has cost him and his d ones everything. “He has basically tried to buy fame, has bled his family – his mother and father – for $1.7 million,” Dr. Phil revealed. What’s the bottom in this kind of behavior? Megyn asked. “This is the greatest country in the world, this is the greatest people in the world, but sometimes we forget common sense,” Dr. Phil said. “We’ve got to stop rewarding bad behavior in America. When people don’t work and produce, then they need to get kicked to the curb.” “Get a damn job. Carry your own weight.”

‘He’s Losing It’: Ted Cruz Unloads On Donald Trump for His ‘Hysterical’ Attacks

Iowa Republican Caucus winner Ted Cruz slammed GOP presidential rival Donald Trump in a press conference Wednesday, telling reporters that the billionaire candidate is “losing it” and doesn’t have the temperament to have “his finger on the button.” “Donald’s insults get and hysterical the and upset he gets,” Cruz said. “And that’s fine, he can do that. I’m not going to respond in kind.” When asked if he found the businessman’s tweets to be funny, Cruz said he finds them “very funny,” telling reporters that he laughs daily at Trump’s tweets, which he referred to as a “Trumpertantrum.” “I wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing Donald has tweeted because he’s losing it,” Cruz said. He went on to say the United States needs a commander in chief, “not a -er in chief.”