Candace Cameron Bure On Atheist Christmas Billboard: “I Love That They Put This Up!”

A segment on “The View” on Friday started with a debate over an atheist billboard and ended with a grander discussion about Christian theology, with co-hosts Candace Cameron Bure and Paula Faris discussing the heart of the Bible’s gospel message. The segment started with Joy Behar asking Bure if she’s annoyed or offended by a recent Christmas-themed billboard from American Atheists, encouraging people not to attend church during the holidays, to which Bure said that she’s actually happy about it. “I’ll tell you why — you couldn’t feed me something better to say to have a conversation that would then lead into sharing the gospel message,” Bure explained. “What is good and what’s the standard of goodness to you and what’s God’s standard of goodness?” She continued, “And so I love that they put this billboard up.” From there, Bure and Behar got into a back and forth about the “standard of goodness,” with Bure describing the 10 Commandments and how they point to the gospel.

via TheBlaze

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