Can We Please Just Give California to Canada?

  • PJ

    Why do such a nasty thing to Canada. Let Mexico have her.

    • DrSique

      Gotta disagree with you. We should just give Californians to Mexico and keep the real estate. Hell, half the people living there are Mexican Nationals anyway.

    • Brad Gilbert

      I was gonna say the same thing. I’ve been to Canada. They’re a swell bunch. Why alienate one of the last allies we’ve got?

  • cstrasburger

    Love wild bill!

  • Patty

    I love PJ comment.

  • David R.(Canada)

    What the heel would we want such a screwed up part of the world for?
    Do we really want to subsidize their bankrupt public pension plan? Do we really need a third national language (Mexican-Spanish). Do we really need more street gangs running around murdering people over drugs? We’ve got enough problems already!
    Give us a break, the sooner the “Big One” hits, the better off N. America will be.
    I just hope that Brown and Pelosi et al are at home at the time it happens.

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    Sorry, much as I would love to bask in the sun besides the ocean and go there without a passport, do not want it. We have enough troubles up here. Maybe outer Mongolia?

  • BeautifulAmerica

    You’ll “love “this folks: My State Assemblyman, Chris Holden-the Socialist, is one of the majority who voted to let non-citizens serve on juries.
    I kid you not. Don’t let it happen in your state.

  • JosephHyde

    Bill since I live in California can you wait until I move? BTW what’s the best of the worst states that I could immigrate too?! Thanks.!!!

  • vladilyich

    Hasn’t it occurred to you that Canada is much too intelligent to want it?

    • Guest

      Yeah, even though most of Canada’s Left coast is Liberal, even they aren’t THAT bad!

  • noweareman

    Let them have the Whole Left Coast!

  • David Jerrow

    Yes, but first move Disneyland…please I want to keep that

  • JC

    As an American living in Canada, I’d like to say
    something to Wild Bill.

    Do some homework my friend. Canada has a well managed
    economy, a stable banking system, a conservative government that actually is
    different from the liberal one, gun ownership is skyrocketing to 1 in 3
    Canadians being armed, a lot fewer police agencies breathing down their necks,
    the roads are good and the bridges aren’t falling into rivers.
    Canadians generally enjoy more freedom under their semi-socialist system than do Americans
    under he present police state system.

    In other words, it’s doing pretty well and nothing like
    California Which might explain the 60 to 70 thousand Americans who live in
    Alberta alone.

    Unless you get rid of all the Libbies in the Golden
    State, we can’t afford to carry them and you should probably put the place up
    for sale on Kijiji. ;-)
    Maybe North Korea will toss in a bid….

  • kjml

    It is incredibly sad to know that some of the most beautiful real estate on the planet will someday be just a Tijuana slum thanks to Pelosi and her ilk. I’m moving to AZ and waiting for the Big One!

  • Gary Calhoun

    As I have posted YEARS AGO we SHOULD sell California to China and pay off our debt. the Chinese WILL take care of the HOMOSEXUALS and DRUGGY as they have before. Line them up and SHOOT them!!!1

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