Does Calling Someone A “Knucklehead” Make Them Want To Buy Something They Can’t Afford?


First Lady Michelle Obama told Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show Thursday night that even though they don’t have money, young people need to buy Obamacare because they are “knuckleheads.” Michelle Obama made the “knucklehead” comment in response to Fallon asking why young people would buy health insurance when they “don’t have money to spend.” Campus Reform hit the street on Saturday, using a $300 bottle of water to determine if calling someone a “knucklehead” would make them want to buy something they could not afford.

via CampusReform

  • Onteo

    The knuckleheads are the Obama voters.

    • Jeannette Solinsky

      Thank you for making that point. The knucleheads are the sheeple that voted her fictitious husband into office. I wonder who had it in for Barry when she got knocked up, and it’s unbelievable that anyone would be that hard up. She’s definitely a 10- bagger.

  • Angi Bryan

    wow.. the glitchiness and slowness of this site got worse

  • mexxet

    Wow, Lady Sasquatch is more than a knucklehead, she’s… A MAN BABY!!

  • TheSunDidIt

    Nothing like insulting your customer base in the world of sales. Oh, they didn’t understand that they’re in sales.

  • Jack Laurie

    Moochele was still hurting from having all that thick black hair plucked from her chest and shoulders…costs taxpayers $5,000 a week for that painful work!

  • johughsie

    Whoo – I can think of a really fitting name for her. – starts with a ‘C’ & ends with a ‘T’.

  • Tom K.

    America’s Government Schooled / Obama Voters really ARE Knuckleheads. If they gave a test to potential voters, most of the knuckleheads that voted for Obama TWICE, would fail the test. HOWEVER, the youth that Obamacare needs to finance this failed system are just going to pay the fine and not purchase the Unaffordable Ill-Healthcare and THEN, Obama, Mizz Mooch and the Democrats in Congress will turn out to be the KNUCKLEHEADS.

  • Donald York

    Who is the knuclehead here? I think it is Michelle Obama. Sorry lady Grace, most Americans don’t live in your utopian world.

  • Flashbackjack

    Well, most of them Voted for you know who.

  • Preacher Cruz

    These videos are always somewhat entertaining but they let these people walk away not knowing if they are low information voters. You need to TELL these people I’m just doing what the First Lady did! Explain to them and show them what she said… THAT might actually change things instead of just making a point to the choir as it were…

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