The Irony Of Calling Connecticut “The Constitution State”

The tragedy of Sandy Hook had far reaching effects. Whenever something of that magnitude happens the first reaction of some is to ask “Why?”. The next question usually asked is “How can we prevent this type of tragedy from happening again?” How did the Connecticut state legislature react to asking those questions? Did they rescind the law that prevents law abiding citizens from carrying on school grounds? Of course not. Having an armed victim present at the scene of defenseless children would have given the innocent a fighting chance. Instead they chose to pass “The Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety Act“. What did that act do? In short, it did the following:

1) Ban firearms by name and restrict firearm sales based on cosmetic features of the firearms
2) Creates a local database of firearm sales
3) Ban the sale of magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds

via RealityAlwaysWins

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