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Californians Sign Petition To Repeal The 3rd Amendment

  • mwood13

    the sooner california falls off in the ocean the cleaner this country will be

    • germs

      not all Californians are liberal, moron wood. think before you speak

      • drattastic

        Sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Just kidding , I have friends who are hardcore conservatives still stuck in California.

        • ginger

          As am I but working on changing that…the only good thing about Ca is the weather.

          • drattastic

            I lived in San Diego( Chula Vista)for a few years the weather was great but I never liked it there. I also went to school in San Francisco for awhile,I had some good times there but couldn’t wait to leave.

          • El Lobo Solo

            I left Los Angeles at age 14, my step dad being in the navy got transferred around the country a lot I ended up in the Hill country when he retired in his home state of Texas. Other than a few visits to see friends/cousins, I have no desire to move back.

          • drattastic

            Texas rocks !

      • pineapple

        Most Californians are Hispanic and most are also liberal. This is why they elect such liberal idiots as Nasty Pugnosi, Diane Lyingstein,and Barbara “Birdbrain” Boxer, not to mention Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

      • Ollie

        Yea, well most of you Californians are! That’s what wrong with you people! You don’t think and the P. C. is stuck so far down your throat you can’t speak!

      • 1stencounter

        If I was a liberal and living in Ca I would move asap!

  • PeaverBogart

    If he had a petition to quarter the troops in the white house, I’d sign that. There’s lots of room there and an excellent chef. They could have steak and lobster all the time.

    • Myrtle Linder

      I would love to see about two dozen quartered there, might help get the virmen out.

      • PeaverBogart

        Right, with their weapons and ammo.

    • pineapple

      Not to mention Kobe steak flown in from Japan.

    • commie hater

      Desanitizing the place would be the first task

    • ginger

      Actually barry and moochie have two or three chefs.

    • Joe

      And if they hang out with Obama, they’ll take long, long vacations at taxpayer expense, and play golf every eleven days.

  • 5live5

    I can’t believe how STUPI these people are!!! He actually TOLD some of them what the repeal woud do and they SIGNED!!!

  • xoxozo

    It would be VERY interesting to see their reaction if he would EXPLAIN what they just did after they sign.

    • Ollie

      They wouldn’t even know the differance or what they have signed! It’s not just California, the rest of the country don’t have enough brains to go the the mail box without getting run over by a car!

  • mbnick

    The Obama voters continue to display their ignorance.

  • marineh2ominer


    • Larry Burstyn

      Unfortunately these people VOTE.

      • longshorts

        AND, they breed too much! These people live in the US, and DO NOT know the Constitution? Despicable.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Run for your local school board & start the revocation of Common Core Curriculum. If not you, find & get behind a candidate who will.

  • CaptTurbo

    At least we get to chuckle at how absolutely stupid they are.

  • darlingrats

    lol amazing how stupid some ppl are.. actually more sad then anything else. Our forefathers knew Americans would blow it and they were right.

  • John Mauldin

    Since these idiots are truly “low information” it is only fair to thoroughly discuss the issue rather than highlights. As dumb as they are, I am sure you would get a more accurate response. The survey is as flawed as the idiots they are speaking to.

    • El Lobo Solo

      But these idiots vote.

    • Gary Walterscheid

      You don’ get it, do you John… Are you the same John Mauldin from my old days?

  • FreetheBirds

    Californians would sign a petition making boogers the national currency. Everybody has access to them, they cost nothing to mint, and after all, they’re GREEN!!!

  • El Lobo Solo

    “THUS poor fools follow false teachers” Shakespeare

  • pduffy

    DUMB SHEEP being led to the slaughter.

    • pineapple

      Typical products of the public education system.

      • El Lobo Solo

        Get Common Core Curriculum out of the school systems.

  • Oliver

    The NRA just lost me by endorsing RINO Cornyn. Cornyn is a liar and can’t be trusted. NAGR is better than NRA. Cornyn has had 11 years to do something worthwhile for the Country but has not. He is part of the problem in DC and needs to be fired.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I just emailed the NRA asking them to reconsider their endorsement.
      SUPPORT his primary challenger, Matt Stovall

      • Oliver

        Thank You!!!!!!

        • El Lobo Solo

          Correction to last post.
          I think that name should be Wayne Stovall, candidate for US Senator of Texas, running against Coryn. Google to find out more about him.

  • Gary Walterscheid

    This is absolutely HILARIOUS and PERFECT…! This guy stole my idea!!! I love it…!!!

    • areunuts?

      Love the picture. Will the changed amendment be able to claim these lovely creatures as their children/ Probably. I have to of these loving babies and don’t want them to be the idiots children.

  • El Lobo Solo

    How could we present the repeal of the 4th or 5th Amendments to these people?
    “….it is so time consuming & cumbersome for the police to get a search warrant to go through your house”. OR
    “think of how fast the police could gain valuable evidence & even get a confession if we just remove that clause about “… no cruel & unusual punishment”

  • regulus30

    what would be justice ANARCHY????NO COURTS; what is this for, to protect obama from being hung for treason?

  • PlowStone14

    Maybe next a petition mandating sterilization of all Californians…Keep the idiots from reproducing…

    • Ollie

      Amen. I have been putting the American public down for years and the people wondered why. The public watches the flintstones and they think they’ve been watching a documentary! It’s amazing just how stupid the public really is! The Mexicans were the smartest ones of all! Could that be why they’re taking us over!.

    • pineapple

      And make it retroactive.

    • skipsart

      I’ll say this again: You could run this survey in any state and most likely get a similar
      result, so don’t lay it all on California. The Progressives are dumbing
      down everybody everywhere.

  • dondehoff

    Repeal the 3rd Amendment?—While perhaps worth a “chuckle”, the guy doing this , as some old sae said, “

  • Robert Hickman

    yeh Ca needs to fall in the ocean along with all the dems.

    • skipsart

      You could run this survey in any state and most likely get a similar result, so don’t lay it all on California. The Progressives are dumbing down everybody everywhere.

    • 1American1st

      A bunch of Liberal pukes moved to Colorado & messed up that state, too. I think it started with the Hollywiedos buying places in Aspen to get away from the other Hollyweirdos.

  • darlingrats

    Dim Libs have been coming from mostly California to here in Colorado in droves to wreck our ways

  • Ednar

    Hmmmm …. maybe they should sign a neutering laws for all Californians

    • pineapple

      And make it retroactive.

    • skipsart

      So I’ll say this again: You could run this survey in any state and most likely get a similar

      result, so don’t lay it all on California. The Progressives are dumbing
      down everybody everywhere.

  • drattastic

    Very few people are going to know what the 3rd amendment is but it’s still amazing that people aren’t listening to a word he is saying just blindly signing, like sheep.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Liberalism: symbolism over substance.

      • drattastic

        Apathy is what is and will finish us. Democrats couldn’t win a single election without shallow, self absorbed apathetic sheep.

        • El Lobo Solo

          Obama was elected on “rock star” popularity shouting out clichés, buzz words & bromides (Hope & Change) to cloak his hidden agenda until he took office & start appointing like minded Quislings.

          • drattastic

            Obama and his puppet masters’ agenda isn’t even hidden anymore and people are still blind to it.

  • Made_in_the_USA

    If this wasn’t such a sad reflection on the education of American citizens, it might actually be hilarious. Why would any true American want to repeal any part of the Constitution or any part of the Bill of Rights? These, along with the moral code of the Holy Bible, are the foundation of hot dogs, apple pie, Chevrolet, and the rest of the American dream!
    BTW, I don’t own a Chevy.

    • areunuts?

      Most of the baby boomers do not even know what the Constitution is let alone which anyone is talking about. Face it they all voted for the loser in the white house didn’t they. Now he is doing them a favor and rewriting his own Constitution, to please them and the other countries that are out to destroy us with his help.

      • skipsart

        Where do you get this idea that MOST baby boomers voted for Obama or don’t know what the Constitution is? Just made it up, huh?….Obviously.

        • areunuts?

          I erred there are many, but then there are the people like you with integrity and voted, but unfortunately they were not counted correctly, thanks to Obummer’s illegals voting for him/ Sorry for misword.

          • skipsart

            Very good ! Thanks for setting that to rights.


        Get your Facts straight. It was proven that 7 out of 10 single women voted for Obama. as well as the majority of African Americans and Latino. Perhaps you don’r know the definition of a “:Baby boomer:. They are the ones who received an education when there was such a thing and fought in Viet Nam. etc. These are the people who do know the meaning of the U.S. Constitution. . Are you brain dead?

        • areunuts?

          I agree that some of the got an education, went to Nam, but still after all the affects of the drugs they took they lost what knowledge they thought they may have, and yes I raised to baby boomers. no one could respect this land, the constitution, our brave military and this land that I love as much as I do I’m certain you do, but lets face it the POTUS majored in constitution law in collage and look how he respects it, by tearing it apart. which is exactly why he did that so he dazzle those who do not know it.
          I am not brain dead in fact I am a genius thank you. Do make some slips up though and will apologize for such and humble myself, will you?

  • areunuts?

    If they pass the repel they should make a new amendment that sends all LBGT people to live their so their will be no population explosion and they call it the new Sodom and Gomorra. Then no one should have to worry about bringing more children there. Are you all ready for the next coming of the messiah?

  • homer1057

    These people are IDIOTS!

  • ginger

    Cannot believe that if they didn’t know what the third amendment says that they would ask…talk about low info , stupid sheep!! These idiots will sign anything without understanding…kind of like “we have to pass it to find out what is in it” I know how pelosi and boxer and feinstein stay in office.

  • azbear166

    Thats why our teachers need to be tested on what they now and what they don’t know

    • El Lobo Solo

      Get the Common Core Curriculum out of the school system.

  • commie hater

    Public education liberalism obviously created these dumb as rocks Ovomit worshippers….thanks though I’ll be taking over your tax subsidized house when ever I want

  • rosech

    Great public education, right? NOT! We do not want to give up our Constitutional rights. I wish the Repubs would start videos, twitter, facebook setting forth every week one Constitutional and amendments week by week. They need to get this info out there because we have such a dumbed down American citizenry. Appalling ignorance and note that most seem to be of the lo info voter level.

    • handsmcml

      The Constitution and Bill of Rights do not grant us any of our “Rights.” They tell the government what is cannot do, not what we, the people, can do. The first 10 amendments should have been called the Bill of Restrictions.


    No one should be allowed to take advantage of our morons in this manner!
    Morons should always have a guardian with them when signing stupid documents they don’t understand.

    • El Lobo Solo

      YOU got that right!!!!
      “….we must pass the Affordable Health Care Act, so we can see what is in it”.
      Fmr House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
      (Democrat from San Francisco)

  • Old1946vet

    Boy! The people in the state of California are really smurt, uh smart. I wonder how many would sign a petition to end petitioning in their state?

  • cowgirl20

    Wow, unbelievable….this is part of Americas problem. They hear the word obozo, they will do anything without knowing what in the heck it’s all about.

    • El Lobo Solo

      The operant phrase was “help us support Obama”.
      After hearing that, nothing else mattered to these Obama-bots.

  • gbandy

    CA has the highest paid Union Teachers in the Nation. Yet the 49th dumbest students and now it shows as they become voters.

  • ginger

    Cannot believe the older people signed…it isn’t just the young who are stupid…imbeciles.

  • HCUA

    This guy is kick-ass. I always enjoy his petitions. He should do more of them.

  • Kristine Johnson

    This is what is wrong with America–nobody knows what the Constitution and Bill of Rights says. Really stupid Americans!! Their ignorance is going to be American’s demise. Thank you Progressive Educators!! Work well done.

  • gatorbait88

    Tduh……..Kalifornication at their sharpest…smoke another bowl..duh…Obama voters in mass.

  • oledriller

    California libtards would line up like sheep to eat turd sandwiches if their messiah Obama told them it was cool!

  • Michael S Smith NJ

    Just shows that people will sign anything but it has nothing to do with LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE

  • Me_in_Canada_eh

    You should have to pass a basic civics exam to qualify for the privilege of voting.

  • suzeeqbl

    Such a sad commentary. No wonder they keep lying because they know it works.

  • danE DanE

    Why laugh at these stupid idiot commie liberals when all branches of government is doing the same thing to us and no one is kicking their sorry arses out of office. It’s the same thing the signers are doing

  • rog363

    Are all Californians this stupid or us those that signed the petition?

  • MIKE6080

    most of them probably live in government subsidized housing anyway , theyre always on the beach

  • Elton Robb

    I wonder if they will repeal the 14th Amendment and the 15th Amendment . . . . hmmm . . . .

  • tommy2sweet

    That’s why they call it the “Land of fruits and nuts”

  • chetohimler

    The weekly series of “The Walking Dead” takes place in California. All them Democrats are nothing but Zombie’s and Mexican pendejo’s.

  • Michael Skok

    This only proves you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. He is not telling the truth about why the 3rd amendment should be repealed. He tells everyone that the 3rd amendment is keeping us from helping our homeless troops or something like that.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    They all deserve ID theft.

    • CharlieFromMass

      But….who’d want to even LOOK that dumb?! Most ID thieves are pretty bright…evil, but bright.

      • Jeff Brodhead

        Some of them have meth-holes where their brains should be.

        • CharlieFromMass

          What truly scares me is just how right you well may be.

  • HappyClinger

    Maybe some of those signers really would love to house a soldier. You never know. Or else they dont know what “quarter” means.

  • El Lobo Solo

    We all know this survey is joke, but we already have the fungible equivalent to the repeal of the 3rd Amendment.
    viz: a group of Executive Orders, 1090 thru 1099 signed off by Bill Clinton, lets FEMA come through your neighborhood, inspect your house & quarter whatever number of refugees FEMA thinks is adequate in your residence during a disaster.
    I guess your property is not really your property anymore.

  • john weimer

    Our evil leaders are destroying our country, and you want political correctness.

  • CharlieFromMass

    This is…sad. A little funny, but in a sad way.

    As our Canadian guest stated below- I really do wonder if a civics exam should be required for voting? Say 1000 questions grouped together in random lots of 50 with an 80% passing score- that would be reasonable, I think.

  • Take 2

    All you other States keep sending Ca. All your weirdos for years now. Same with MEXICO overloading us… PLEASE STOP.

  • keithj

    I’ve been watching Mark D. long enough to realize that we’re screwed as a nation. Bullets won’t be necessary because the general publics mind is currently mush.

  • El Lobo Solo

    I am a Vet. I want Bill Gate’s digs. I wouldn’t turn down Oprah Winfrey’s Taj Mahal or Ted Turner’s mega ranch in NM.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Products of public schools!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Campaign to get Common Core Curriculum (read Collectivist Core) out of your local school system.

  • R.Young

    Noreal reasn to repeal any admendment as the Regime is not following the Constitution anyway!

  • Robert Hickman

    only Ca. can you get this kind of stupid.

  • Tim

    Thanks for this video. The reason why soldiers were quartered in the first place was to act as spies in the colonial’s homes. Many people have no idea that the quartering of soldiers had little or nothing to do with the actual housing of troops; the British Empire had more than enough resources to accomplish that. The purpose was for troops to be able to listen through doors and walls; to keep dissidents “in line” by constantly looming over the shoulders of the homeowners and their families, and most importantly, to report activity to the appropriate authorities. Knowing this, ask yourself what the difference is between the quartering of soldiers in your home and the new TV’s that can be used to spy on you through the built-in camera, or the NSA listening in on your phone calls, or the “Smart Meter” reporting your power consumption to the gov’t, or the new thermostats that will be able to control and report how warm you keep YOUR home….

  • Art Hock

    The great weather must breed these idiots. They do vote as you can see in the likes of Pelosi, Feinstein, and Boxer. About the same as here in Illinois especially in Chicago.

  • rd

    This just go to show how stupid people are in CA. No brains just like nancy pelosi

  • Mort Leith

    THIS is how Odumbo got elected – TWICE ! !

  • handsmcml

    King George had soldiers quartered in the homes of the Colonist homes so that they could observe the actions and overhear the conversations of the Colonists. The soldiers could also examine the letters and documents of the occupants. This is exactly what the NSA is doing when they track our phones and emails.

  • don76550

    Isn’t this a delightful commentary on the failure of our government schools? Every state needs school vouchers. There is no institution that has not been improved by competition or ruined by a monopoly. Of course the anti education left wing teachers union would howl in agony.

  • BS_Polls

    3rd Amendment of WHAT? At no point in the video does he say the 3rd Amendment OF the U.S. Constitution… It could be the 3rd Amendment of some Californian doctrine, it could be just about anything… Granted, people never QUESTIONED him as to 3rd Amendment of WHAT, but it’s fairly easy to get people to sign anything using buzzwords like “support the troops”, “they have no money”, you’d do anything for U.S. Soldiers, right?”… With SO much emphasis thrown on the 1st and the 2nd Amendments of late, is it any wonder that the 3rd means little? But then again, maybe these people really ARE in favor of repealing that amendment? ~Just Sayin’

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