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California Wants to Require Permits & Background Checks to Purchase Ammo

California already has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Buying a handgun requires registration, a safety certificate, a 10-day waiting period and a rigorous background check. All direct person-to-person sales are banned and concealed-carry permits are rare.

But now, in the wake of the Newtown tragedy, lawmakers in the Golden State have launched into a new legislative frenzy to restrict firearms further. And they’re confident the measures will pass, given Democrats have a two-thirds “super majority” in both chambers — which means they have the power to pass legislation and get constitutional amendments on the ballot without a single Republican vote.

Political analysts say the political landscape puts California in the pole position to test gun-control limits.

  • Steve Wrubel

    Maybe Mexifornia will be the Philippe of the new Civil War. It would be VERY fitting.

    • Constitution101

      You got that right!

    • panors77

      I unfortunately live in “mexfornia” . Before Christmas I cringed at seeing a mexican guy wear a T shirt showing a map of California CALLING/naming it “mexifornia”. Pissed me off. If the deportations ever get started, they need to start with MY street, heh.

  • Susan Daniels

    How about a background check to run for president?

    • Sol_of_Texas

      Absolutely! And I want to see the phrase “natural born citizen” clearly defined once and for all.

      • charlie


      • panors77

        It WAS over a hundred years ago in several court cases. “Natural born citizen” means born in the USA of US citizen parents. So even if BO WAS born in Hawaii(which I highly doubt) his father was definitely Kenyan.

        • Sol_of_Texas

          panors77 —

          I have been seeking a precedent case off and on for 5 years. Can you please cite?

        • racefish

          I don’t know about that. There is evidence that points to Frank Marshall Davis being his biological father. That would explain his psychopathy. But then, he would be a “natural born citizen”.

          I’d bet he wouldn’t subject himself to a DNA test to confirm it since he’s made so much of his being the son of a “goat herd”. Was that BO Senior or his supposed grandfather? I can’t remember.

    • TC

      I still want to have his REAL birth certificate produced and checked out .

      • jane

        you have it. long ago. All you have is an old man and a possee saying it is not valid. That doesn’t sound to conclusive. Orly struck out at each try so did old man Joe. Give it up You lost….illegal proof and presidency. Tea Party at 33% approval. Not too good for you guys, Id say.

        • John Spencer

          If Orly has consistently struck out so far, at least she has a hearing in SCOTUS on February 15th. Doesn’t sound as if they think it’s as cut and dried as you do, now does it?

        • medivac

          I would be satisfied with his college transcripts and passports (undoctored) !! Not much chance of seeing those, though !!

        • VOREASON

          Me Tarzan you Jane. I call you Idiot at home dear.

        • Charles Wilson

          Isn’t cold in your parents basement.

        • TheRaghead

          You are a fool, a loser and an idiot. Great proof that we cannot fix stupid.

          • JLF2033

            The only fools are you birthers.

        • DaveNTejas

          Jane, you I feel sorry for you, because you are one of those people that say it can’t happen here, and when it does, you want someone to do something about it, and there will be no one to do anything about it. By the way from your stupid comment about “the old man”, it is people like him that made it possible for you to act and sound like a fool.

          • JLF2033

            The only fools are you birthers. He’s American, he’s black, and he’s president. Move on.

          • TheRaghead

            We are not “birthers”. That is called slander. He is partly black, Mostly White (50%) and 25%, at the most, 25% “black”. He is YOUR President but never mine.

          • gypsy314


          • panors77

            Yet he talks about his home country Kenya…..yet he advertized via one of his first books/articles in college on a pamphelt that he was from Kenya…..yet his paternal grandmother STILL attests that she saw him born in Kenya. But you guys want your “black president” no matter where he’s from or born. YOu need to “move on” to your favorite communist country comrade.

          • TheRaghead

            We need a billionaire to work with us to “volunteer” the export of Jane and a lot of the 51% to Kenya ASAP. I could pilot a 747 with no problem. Have license, will fly.

          • gypsy314

            Will we see you on the field too?

        • LLinLa

          You may have a point, jane. If it wasn’t for your President bamboozling the electorate with his “open and transparent” Presidency perpetually behind closed doors. And the Sons of Liberty didn’t even have 33% approval rating in Dec 1773 when they tossed the tea and had their party. You do have “hubris” in your “victory,” babe: : “Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence or capabilities . . .”

          • gypsy314

            Obama and liberal democrats can not win with out telling lies and covering up the screw ups of killing four Americans and lying about it just think four Americans waiting on help that never showed up. I guess that is why Obama and crew does not want voter ID and held the military back from voting If I were you Jane take your lying butt back yo Europe were you belong or we will see you on the field.

        • panors77

          Explain the white halo effects around the lettering comrade? “I” was born in Hawaii 2 years before BO alledgedly was and his BC looks nothing like mine nor does mine or any other legitimate BC have the white halo effect. Arpaio’s posse DID prove BO’s BC was totally computer generated and not a scan of an actual paper document.

          • gypsy314

            The truth will come out and every democrat will hide in shame or say they are not a democrat I see this coming soon enough. Obama is going to make the biggest mistake of his life fooling with right to bear arms. Americans will not give up there fire arms.

          • TheRaghead

            I am also am a computer geek. I can do as good a job at the DNC did with that fake certificate. If he is illegal, they should be banished. I was once a Democrat and a state party person told ME how to get groups of people to the polls to vote a straight Dem ticket, They do that. I gave the wench a piece of my mind and realized that these animals will stop at NOTHING to elect anyone they choose. Here, they elected a dead person, a man in prison and Obama with 98% of many precincts voting the party line. Sick is it not?

        • Frank Zappa

          Gee Jane: I’d Bet you could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch

        • gypsy314

          Jane will we see you on the field?

        • Dennis VanMeter

          The document Obama showed was a proven fack. However Obama supporters refuse to believe in facts only fiction. Obama is a treat to freedom loving people and so are his supporters.

    • spyderdalton


    • Grants Pass andy

      he wasn’t even elected he was put in office

      • panors77

        Thank you!! These past couple “elections”…..weren’t.

  • Frank629

    california =a shitstorm…………..let them keep going over the cliff that they are pursuing.

  • Mort Leith

    Every one of these proposed laws violates our Constitution 2nd Amendment

  • Shorty Stuff

    The Kommunist state of Kalifornia is leading the way for mein fueher, herr obama. When they have your guns they can start rounding you up and put on the trains for the FEMA kamps.

    • Aaron Freeman

      That’s all we need in CA… FCJ: Frei Californian Jung!!! We already have the Volkspolitzei there, as well as the Stasi!!! The time for me to return to CA as a conquering warrior is at hand!!! I’ll start in Sacramento County!!!

    • grants Pass Andy

      and they are out there.I have seen one in IowaGuard towers,barracks and a high fence with barb wire when I was traveling through.I stopped to take picture,was stopped and had my camera taken from me

    • panors77

      Not if I can help it. I keep voting against em when I’m able,etc.

  • racefish

    I want background checks on the idiots that run for public office.

    • RescueKyron

      no longer required. Obbbba squashed that requirement thanks to his zionist controllers.

    • NymRod

      A lot of them are criminals that can’t legally own a gun.

      That’s why they hire armed guards.

  • Al C

    Its time to draw a line in the sand. We cannot let them trash our Consttution

    • andy of grants Pass

      Obama is and no one is going to stop him ,now he is issuing a Presidental Order that will allow him to be re-elected a 3rd and 4th time.

      • Terry Hartley

        So you really sucked at history right or just to stupid to have paid attention that all the dictators of the past killed 100s of thousands of there own citizens your a real brite bulb in the box

  • elmerf

    They did this once before and abandoned it. So much data and nothing it was good for. Should be a boon to reloading since components are easily obtained or made.

  • Kaywhever

    This debate is so stupid. Just have the crooks register their ammo and not let them buy anymore guns. Leave decent Americans alone. Now Ms Feinstein you may think that was a dumb statement bu tit is no more weird than you trying to control 200,000,000 plus guns and 80,000,000 gun owners in America that don’t want to be put on your list. No matter what law you pass or who you register, thugs can get what ever they want from Mexico and Mexico can get what ever they want from Eric Holder. So just shut up and go away. far away.

    • c

      Beautiful KAY!! Beautiful!!!

    • TheRaghead

      I love you Kay, where can I send the dozen roses….

    • panors77

      What was that lady’s name in the movie “Casino” where she sued the mafia then got whacked? Man…..that reminds me of Fienstien and Pelosi. They need whacking, heh.

  • Enrique823

    “And they’re confident the measures will pass, given Democrats have a two-thirds “super majority” in both chambers — which means they have the power to pass legislation and get constitutional amendments on the ballot without a single Republican vote. ”
    ie. the adults in the room don’t matter

    • rennyangel2

      People will just buy online. If not, they will go to another state or Canada and or make their own. The Dems. just waste time and money endlessly. When is “the press” ever going to catch on?

      • Fred

        My good patriot friend, remember the press is the enemy.

        • rennyangel2

          The press is becoming the enemy of an America that existed for centuries, saved the world twice, and has produced the most astounding ec. ever to exist. NYS is about to pass leg. to “control” guns and kill more jobs outside NYC (not that any Dems. in NY State care about anyone’s jobs but his/her own), but what is another 300 or 400 on the unemployment lines when you already have 10.2% unemploy.?

  • silvernotes

    Just pure non-sense, you need a license…now you are infringing on my constitutional rights.

    • `diana

      yes we should NOT HAVE TO HAVE ANY LICENSE, THE CONSTITUTION DOSE NOT SAY you have to have a license, n ow back ground check is ok if the gov. pays for it, NOT US

  • Wolfman Thomas

    California needs background checks for all the nut cases that are allowed to walk among us

  • vet

    That’s what you call population control at its finest.I love it, they will the first to find that they alone made the mistake of the century.When the gang bangers rob the markets and terrorize the populous they will be calling for the police to defend them and they will,you made it clear to them that you didn’t want to protect your selves and they will do what they do best.Clean up the mess left behind. The nanny state has spoken.

  • Russ Fowler

    Back ground check on Obama and no felons are allow to own any weapons. The politicians are picking apart our rights. Then one day you will have no rights.

  • Thomas Davison

    The only reason for this is $ Fee’s and Taxes there isn’t one gun control law that keeps bad guys or insane people from doing bad things..

  • Keith Liberty

    All the more reason to MOVE from CA….State is full of wacko Liberals

    • charlie

      SADLY, a lot of illegal aliens are supporting the democratic party. when i moved to california in 1977 both parties were about equal. Now the producers are leaving the state. a lit of cities passing luberal laws have declared bankruptcy. the people needed to re-build the state after voters wake up have left.

      • panors77

        Of course….”illegals” aren’t supposed to be voting in the first place of course, but Loretta Sanchez got around that and stole Bob Dornan’s congressional seat just before Clinton took office.(If I remember the timing)

    • panors77

      More mexicans than liberals. There is a movement called “reconquista” that is attempting through shere numbers to “retake” the southwest for mexico. I’m standing my ground and fighting for my land.

  • Centurian2010

    Another corrupt liberal scheme. CA is bankrupt and the state wants it’s share of the money so they are both stripping us of our Constitutional rights and charging us for it at the same time through permit fees.

  • FullyLoadedForBeans

    Background checks, and means testing, for welfare. If you are on drugs, you obviously do not need cash for food.

  • David B.

    Maybe we should go to Disneyland to look for the next president! You watch there will be a run on ammo before they can enact this stupidity! Good thing I move years ago where I don’t have these issues. As my state has now sided with Wyoming on this issue.

  • c

    It does not matter what some $#@ing idiot in California wants – There is no provision to discriminate against some one for purchasing ammunition and forcing them to comply to rules that only criminals are required to comply with. Villify the gun abuser who was on drugs and why not get a complete background check for all the current and future California politicians who obvioulsy are former or current druggies and have them also pose for a TSA nude photo so we can see and knnow who the hell they really are – Not what they say they are. California politicians YOU SERVE US!! NOT THE $%#&ING other way around!! Your pompous egotists are simply totally out of hand – No one gives one Red Rats what you “want.” YOu all have been “wanting” since the 1960’s and its tiime to get you anal cavities the hell out of office!!

  • BigDogJunction

    Unconstitutional. It WILL be challenged. It will lose. There is plenty of precedent set, to blow these libtard idiots and their ideas, out of the water. They manage to pass this, it won’t take effect.

    • Ken

      Only problem, BigDog, is the federal judges are all in Obummer’s hip pocket….either paid or intimidated. He can withstand any challenge in any court now.

  • popps52

    California is afraid that their so valued mexicans might get wiped out. THEY (the mexs) are the ones that need the background checks. The mexs can go over a fence,walk into the USA and THEY are protected. There is definitiely a problem with our administation.

    • panors77

      Yep…..I keep yelling “illegal mexicans” and nobody will do anyting least of which not ICE.

  • JennieWalsh

    Gun supplies are being cut off to gun stores! Another tactic of the globalist Satanists.
    Make the following videos VIRAL!

    Alex Jones and many others are doing the best they can to alert the American people to the
    evils that are going on in America’s government by the Satanists who are
    holding MANY positions of power, authority, leadership, ownership and
    governmental positions at every level.
    If anyone thinks that secret
    members of the globalist New World Order, international
    bankster-gangster, organized Satanic crime syndicate are not in
    congress, the presidency and America’s judicial system, think again.

    The Satanic globalist organized crime syndicate is responsible for killing
    those 20 children and the six faculty members. They know that killing
    children will create a general outcry against guns. The Satanists have
    killed millions of children around the world to have an excuse to disarm
    good people.
    Evil people want
    to disarm the American people so that they will be the ONLY ones to
    have weapons. I want to have a weapon AT LEAST as fast and as powerful
    that the bad guys have.

    Sandy Hook massacre—the REAL CAUSE
    The Sandy Hook massacre is the work of the globalist Satanic organized
    crime syndicate, the wicked, who want to be the only ones to own high
    power weapons so that everyone else is defenseless against them. They
    use MIND CONTROL drugs, indoctrination, hypnosis and MIND CONTROL
    devices on the young and naive’ who come under their control and
    domination. The shooter was as much as victim of them as the others who
    died. The organized Satanic criminals pick out those people who are
    somewhat loners and “different” somewhat “misfits” and indoctrinate,
    hypnotize, drug them and implant mind control devices in their heads or
    necks to be under their control to use them in their crimes. The
    Satanists will do anything to disarm GOOD
    If high power, automatic weapons are taken away from the
    good guys, they will be defenseless against the bad guys who will ALWAYS
    This horrible massacre would look like nothing compared
    to the bloody slaughter of innocent men, women and children if the GOOD
    people lose their 2nd amendment weapon rights to protect themselves from
    the EVIL organized crime syndicate, the globalist gun grabbers who seek
    to tyrannize America and the entire planet under a ONE WORLD,
    Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and how the people of those nations and
    MANY other nations suffered terribly and died because they had no way to
    protect themselves from tyranny and the tyrants. There is PLENTY OF
    EVIDENCE that Obama and his Satanic criminal cronies have totalitarian
    dictatorship in mind for America.
    If the teachers, principle and school guards had had weapons and sharpshooter
    training, the shooter could have been stopped.
    It is most likely
    that a secret servant of Satan did the “autopsy” on the shooter. It is
    most likely that the shooter had a mind control device implanted in his
    head. This evil event was orchestrated and conducted from beginning to
    end by the secret organized servants of Satan.
    The police respond within minutes, but SECONDS count in stopping massacres and other crimes.
    know that the precious children and teachers are in a lovely, glorious,
    beautiful and very happy place. I pray for strength and comfort for
    those that they left behind. I know I would suffer terribly in losing
    any of my children.
    Pray for Divine Protection and Divine Guidance
    daily for your families, friends and loved ones! There is a tremendous
    battle between good and evil being waged on planet earth and the evil
    enemies are EXTREMELY deceptive and stealthy. They know that the murders
    of innocent
    children and their teachers will arouse a general outcry for “gun
    control” and that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. The EVIL ONES are
    responsible for the murders of millions of children around the world; it
    is one of their most effective tactics in disarming GOOD people, their
    intended slaves and victims.
    I would like to have a gun at least as
    powerful and fast as any bad guy(s) who would try to harm me or my
    family. Again, the BAD GUYS will ALWAYS HAVE GUNS. The BAD GUYS WANT TO
    FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS complete with gas
    chambers, barb wire fences, look-out towers, railroad tracks are ready
    and waiting for anyone who opposes the one world Satanic New World Order
    globalist United Nations’ Agenda 21 for a one world totalitarian
    military police-state dictatorship.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Good luck California – you’re going to need it.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun
    ownership to the bourgeoisie. – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin



  • ArOlGrumpy

    Good for them. Californians have gotten the government and representation they deserve, and the fewer of them that are well-armed, the better.

  • rennyangel2

    CA is in such a budgetary sinkhole you would think they could do nothing to add to the bureaucracy’s funding. And will this stop the gangs in E. LA from slaughtering people of color the left cares so much about?

    • mick

      CA now has a surplus. LOL

      • rennyangel2

        Says whom and based on what? CA is losing 1500 people a week, 5 businesses a week (lost 254 businesses in 2011), and as of May 13, 2012, CA had a deficit of $16 billion (Google it). LOL to you, if you live there.

        • panors77

          I think maybe Mick was saying we have a surplus of “people of color” meaning brown mexican border jumpers and gang members? We really do need troops to come in and round em up…seriously. South Central LA is a freaking war zone with mostly mexican gangs, many south american gansters too from El Salvador, Guatamala,etc. Main language is spanish for the whole area.

  • Encycloman

    I thought you had to have a background check for Fruit Loops or Granola!

    • grants Pass Andy

      you soon will be

  • Johnny Geetar

    Using California as a test case is NO test case at all! Those limpwrists will stand still for ANYTHING! Remember LAST year, when California witheld state tax refunds from people, and they did nothing but whimper a little? Are folks reading that the federal government is now threatening to withold your FEDERAL refunds now over the debt ceiling fight? Who here is gullible enough to believe that THAT was not a federal trial balloon?
    If they try this in California over gun control, they will be trying to shove it up our posteriors NATIONALLY if Californians run true to form, and lay down like dogs. That is the most WORTHLESS excuse for a state in the history of civilization….. I’d kick it free from the continental United States PERSONALLY if someone would me a saw big enough to dislodge it…….

  • FED UP

    Maybe California is the 57th State Obummer visited.

  • Carlos

    Well, this is one 7th generation Californio, that doesn’t want any infringement of my right to keep and bear arms, what so ever!

  • Don

    California, always the land of “fruits and nuts”.

  • calcul8ed

    This could be a good thing. If it happens, the conservative ppl. will leave the state and the liberal gun owners that are left will not know which end they have to put next to their ear to make it work.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Background checks on law-abiding citizens sure sound like “unreasonable searches” to me. Just have people show a driver’s license to prove citizenship. And don’t allow past serious violators of the law or true criminally insane people to be licensed to drive in this country. –Hey! What a concept!

    Amendment 4 – Search and Arrest Warrants (ratified December 15, 1791)

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  • John Fah-q Smith
  • Fred

    a safety certificate, a 10-day waiting period and a rigorous background check. (Communist held California) What a joke, as most of the normal people in the audience know that it’s a written test, a 2nd grader can pass. BTW on my last so called back ground check, I made several mistakes, like the wrong county, wrong number on my address, and several other mistakes. They were corrected, but on the day I took delivery of my gun. People don’t get too worked up about the morons holding any political office I will not give them latitude.

  • John Spencer

    Yes, we have to do this across the state because we have been registering ammo purchases in L.A. city for many years and so far it’s proved as useless as are most of the idiots in Sacramento.

  • Aaron Freeman

    It was bad enough that people needed to take a basic firearms safety course before the purchase of a firearm (I’m not worried about it, because I have a DD-214…), then they amended that!!! What is the state going to do if they try to ban weapons altogether? I can tell you that people from Northern CA will fight! If it does end up in fighting, I’m dropping everything in Oregon, and heading back down south to help my fellow Northern Californians!!! Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war already!!! Too bad Bill Lockyear intervened in San Francisco in 2003; the war would’ve started back then, and we’d have overthrown the CA legislature!!! If CA wants to live this way, single issue voters will still vote their issues, and nothing will change! What’s ironic, is that CA is the reddest of the Red states; it’s the single issue, linguine spines in the CA Republican Party that won’t do anything to stop this socialist juggernaut! Grow some cajones already, CA GOP!!!

  • diana

    we have a constitutional right to bare arms, cal. needs to wake up, or fall, off eather way, they are so out of it its not funny anymore,

    • andy Grants Pass

      welcome to CaliMexico

      • panors77

        “mexifornia”…….notice I didn’t capitalize, heh.

  • MaxEffectUSA

    Apathy in politics causes what has happened in California. The only thing left is to leave the state. I think (Idaho?) has a new community starting up for those that want to adhere strictly to the Constitution. I’ve only heard a little about it.

  • madashellnow

    Let me get this right…It was McVey’s fault in the Kansas bombing, it was the hijackers’ fault when they flew the planes into the WTC, why is it the guns’ fault at Sandy Hook. There is something bad wrong with this logic….

    • Johnnygard

      You haven’t heard? The WTC was Bush’s fault!

  • pysco

    The stupid SOB’s can’t even run the state government, and now they want another law to regulate the citizens of California…….And alot of the idiots living here, keep electing these fools, Whats to stop me from going to NV or AZ to purchase ammo. all these idiots are doing is creating another Black Market….


    Who cares about Calf. I’ve visited there a few times and all I can say is “Where is the Big one we are all hoping for?”

  • Nana

    Be sure and include Nancy P. in the background checks, mental as well.

  • Charles Wilson

    California, the land of fruits and nuts

    • nvrat

      and Faggots.

  • Destry

    Who the hell, except maybe the die hard, far left liberal, progressive dems, wants to live in Kalifornia anyway?

  • chris_ing

    welcome to Commiefornia!

    • panors77

      ACtually “mexifornia”………without “badges”, heh.

  • TheRaghead

    This is not new. Our state has had that forever, in the deep south!

  • djw663

    Owning a gun is a right unlike driving a car is a privilage I can understand making a person buy insurance if they want to own a car yet in CA atleast 15% of legal drivers license holders have insurance and that just sticks it to the rest of us. Owning a gun again is a RIGHT and although I agree that mentally unstable people should not be allowed to own a gun you havent stopped that and our government never will, just like they force people to buy auto insurance and only law abiding people actually buy it. CA legislators are soo stupd all they will do is send people to NV or AZ or OR they’ll lose out on tax money and the small business owners get the shasft. Meanwhile Pelosi and Feinstein have CW permits and carry themselves, will they have to wait?

    • RescueKyron

      Saw the Santa Rosa, CA meeting in the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors’ Chamber on C-Span Thurs. Jan 10. Hopefully people will find it in the C-Span archives, and maybe buy a disk and see those dangerous people in their elected seats. Congressman Snotnose Mike Thompson headed the session. He is Chairman of House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. Those poor citizens wasted their time. There was one man on the panel who flared and bullied 2nd Amendment supporters by spinning his chair left to right and scowling with an intimidating thug manner. From their arrogant power-attitudes it looks more and more like this is going to get ugly. We are either the Home of The Brave and Americans, or we’re not and that decision will be confronting each of us very personally. Slaves or Free.

  • Jed54

    OK.. once again.. who gives a rats *** about California…

  • Grants Pass Andy

    so they will go out of state to buy it.This country is going crazy with their laws

  • abagoz

    Enough is Enough.. The Cali’s need to stand up and be heard! STOP putting the Democrats in office before you have nothing left!

    • panors77

      I keep voting against the dems, even on a paper ballot. Geez….wonder if my ballot got counted?

  • Fred_K

    Now the crazies with illegal guns will be able to run around shooting anybody they want to in CA. No one will be able to protect themselves, and the cops do not have to.

  • Grants Pass Andy

    now he is issuing a Presidental Order that will allow him to be re-elected a 3rd and 4th time.I do not beleive he was voted in the first time or the second time or any other.We got it without vasaline

    • panors77

      I think we’ve seen our last “election”, and actually the last two weren’t. Voter fraud all around. We need to repeal the decree signed between the dems and repuplicans that tie the republicans hands dissallowing any investigations into voter fraud and gives the dems a blank check to do what they want, including registering dead people and putting black panthers in front of polling places.

  • Take 2

    so a nut buys ammo with his name…most every time knows will be killed vs caught. I would rather have obama and bidden hooked up to a lie detecter about guns ammo and murder issues.

  • DaveNTejas

    Just because California is full of liberal nut jobs does not mean everyone else should pay any attention to them. Everyone seems to forget that the Constitution of The United States trumps state and local law. The intelligent people of California(I know there are bound to be some) need to understand that The Constitution was written to cover them, even if their local and state legislators are willing to circumvent their rights in the name of “safety”. All the intelligent Californians are welcome to come to Texas, all the libtards stay there.

  • Tonto

    Time to tell all the progressives where they can shove all of their stupidity. Time to draw the line and make a stand…..if you got the guts.

  • trailboss

    California seems to forget this did not work when Reagan was shot way back when. I remember having to show my Drivers License to buy ammo and for what?, Bad guys, lunatic’s etc etc will still have access to guns and do what ever they want, they could care less about all the gun control laws on the books….California needs to look at the history of gun control, it does not work period…



  • jb80538

    Totally a ridiculous idea!

  • Al Pambuena

    and this is why kalifornia still has high crime rates with guns…take a look at oakland, ca….there are areas that you just dont want to be in, at anytime day or night…the same with chicago, detroit, baltimore…etc…it seems that the crooks, drug dealers, robbers….just never get the memo.

  • Dan from Ohio


  • libsuk

    Go ahead and think the birth certificate is legit…go ahead…dont matter anyway because this Spook is still ruining the country and he could not be hired at the Maricopa sherrifs office because there is to little known about him…FACT!!!! Old man or not Joe has something you people lack…CREDIBILITY

  • John Caile

    Sorry, but I have NO sympathy for Californians – you kept electing those socialist Democrats for all those years. As the old Irishman said, “Ye made your bed, laddie, now SLEEP IN IT!”

  • panors77

    I’m in California. A “bullet button” does exactly opposite of what this female reporter said, if I heard her right. The stoopid button makes it HARDER to change magazines not easier.

    • Johnnygard

      You heard right. Maybe someday reporters will run their stories past an informed gun person before printing or going on air. OH! Sorry, I was just dreaming there for a minute.

  • Johnnygard

    This is just to make it look to the other libs like they are actually doing something. Most of them should be smart enough to know it won’t prevent a single crime, ever.
    Tomorrow morning I’ll call and suggest they work on getting the budget under control and making the state somewhat job friendly.
    Maybe I should have myself committed. I must be crazy to even think that could be a possibility from these people in Sacramento.

  • bad actor

    the foreign communist state of california

  • Charlie


  • Frank Zappa

    Well Comrade Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown stated that Mexifornia now has a surplus??? When??? Anyone try and start a business in this state lately?? There is so much RED TAPE here in this state that business are leaving this state at record rates. Some of the companies are moving to TEXAS….Hello Moonbeam, earth to Moonbeam.

    The Peoples Repubic of Kalifornia is in debt up to it’s eyeballs, not so very many months ago it was Brown who stated that “IF” his tax proposal did not pass then there would be drastic cuts made in this state, that was in November…….NOW all of a sudden we have a surplus of cash, when the last numbers before November were near 50 BILLION IN RED INK. Wow what a comeback Jerry, You Da Man, You Da Man.
    Well hopefully his prostate cancer will help him assume room temperature soon so he can stop telling us all the lies that he tells just like his Commie Comrade in Washington tells us ALL of the time
    So what does all this have to do with Guns? Well glad you asked. HOW are they going to enforce this legislation on LAW ABIDING gun owners, by creating another State agency? By spending more money? By making more prisons for those who do not comply?
    MORONS, Mental Midgets, proving once again that liberalism is TRULY a MENTAL Disorder. And we elect these people as “Representatives.”??? Sick and perverse are they who violate the 2nd Amendment.

  • mud rat

    I think Miss California should be in charge of this department. Lets see stop checking for illegal drugs and have the Chips search for ammo from other states, and countries. Any sane people left, move.

  • theshadow

    California is a bigger crap hole than NY – which I am leaving.

  • NINJA10R KLR650

    California can shove it.

  • AlabamaSouthernBelle

    California wants background checks on gun owners but they will accept a person who calls himself a president without even a valid birth certificate,valid social security number, closed college records, or any other valid piece of paper telling who he really is or where he came from. California and every other state in the Union should ask–who is this person who calls himself “President”, and we call “Idiot”.
    With this and everything else with racial tensions he is causing, questions should be asked–now!!

  • gypsy314

    If anyone listens to California you would be a dame fool. Control is all they want and I say hell no. Not one more thing to the liberal fools look what gun free zones have done for all the children and adults killed in gun free zones. Do away with gun free zones so our children and us will live.

  • Jacke Offinheimer

    Jane – how about doing us all a favor and move to N. Korea and take all your queer crybaby fag friends with you. I’m sure you will be more at home there. Oh thats right – they execute queers in N. Korea.

  • Dennis VanMeter

    How about a background check to run for any office

  • Douglas Gillard

    Reading this story makes me very glad I moved to Georgia last year. I moved to California when I was 11 years old in 1966 but after 46 years I had to leave. The liberals don’t want to protect you and they don’t want you to protect yourself. They don’t want to execute murderers; the Manson family is a good example. Yet they gladly encourage underage girls to get abortions. Liberalism is a mental disease.

  • QuisPercusit

    Ya’ll better tel the liberal turd burpers in the Kaliforiaslavistan goobermint they had ought to crap in one hand and want in the other then see which one fills up first. Legitimate citizens of Califoriaslavistan that can count past 20 with out having to remove an article of clothing (all 29 of you) tell your state legislators & Governor moonbeam NO! Hell NO! NoF**King way! Otherwise I sugggest ya’ll just sell out & move out.

  • mike j

    and what good will a background check to buy ammo do? I can only think it will just take longer at the cash register.

  • librtyship

    When the state does this it is time to leave, let the lousy liberals all go broke when the state goes over the cliff. This state looks more and more like a banana republic and we already have a dictatorship in California which is hell bent on taxing us to death and imposing more of their damned restrictions on us! Hello Venezuela north!

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