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California Councilwoman: You Can Be Shot By An Unloaded Gun!

  • BigUgly666

    Uh, Yeah, Right!

  • Lew

    Ummm. how doe that work exactly… why am i wasting money on ammo?

    • Lew

      based on my spelling above; i should run for office in Kulifurnia

      • GrizzMann

        Lew,Ewe are so silly!

      • fisherman

        Loved it, Lew. I needed this laugh today.

    • fletch

      Must be a marketing scheme to sell ammo

    • makrov

      Please keep buying ammo. I worked for an ammo producer and they still need the money

  • umreb78

    Do you have to be a complete moron to be elected anything in California? Or do you just have to be a complete moron to VOTE in California….I guess both

    • Deborah G

      It’s interchangeable just ask Angelina Jolie

    • Tiger716

      I know!!! I know the answer to that! Its YES!! Yes to both. Obviously, we do not live in California better known as lala land.

      • Angelo Cibotti

        I do live out here and these people are scary. No common sense at all. The worst run state in the Union. Debt up the Wazoo and going deeper.

        • Old Curmudgeon

          How do they keep getting elected? I know that all the people can’t be stupid enough to continue to choose to be represented by these idiots.

          • TheSunDidIt

            Stupid people now outnumber normal people and they outvote the normal people. That said, do you think they’ll even NOTICE when God judges this nation and especially California for their sins? They’ll wake up in H_ll and just think they’re on some bad dope.

          • patriot2

            apparently most are,they keep getting back in.I’m just glad I don’t live there,do you realize how tiring it would be to have to apologise to everyone for the imbeciles in office.even if you were an idiot how can you explain pelosi,waters,boxer,feinstein & the mayor in la?

          • Clint

            Pretty difficult, huh?

          • patriot2

            very difficult,even idiots aren’t dumb enough to keep them in.must be the die hard liberals,they’re dumber than a box of rocks.

          • rich

            What a shame – California used to be such a pretty state with many success stories. That was many years ago. Now all the states have supposedly educated folks such as those elected in DC. They don’t have enough common sense to come in out of a rain storm. Many of them makes you wonder how in the hell they found their way to work even if you call it work.
            Now we have a president (?) that is giving our finest weapons to muslim brotherhood. I would have to think that borders on Treason. If a common person were to give a weapon to a muslim, they would be arrested and put in prison for life. It just doen’t make any sense.
            Just an old vetern’s thinking.

          • Patriot-Research

            I can answer that question…they use electronic voting and they can pre-program any winner they want. How do you think Obama won, and they have video of the programers that wrote the code to steal elections on youtube. Thank God we have a Record of their crimes…!!!

          • Clint

            I’m not sure it will matter in the long run.

          • panors77

            We had paper ballots in my neck of SoCal.

          • Zalman Shalom

            It’s not the number of ballets, its whose counting those ballets according to Stalin.

          • Nellie CA

            Yes we have paper ballots in SoCA. It took my friend 3 years to get her name off the absentee ballot list. How many other people move and the ballot is still going to the address and some person is filling it out and sending it back. If she was not honest she could have voted in both counties. I am sure that there are people with several ID cards and voting more than once. IL had Acorn rounding up homeless people and giving them 10 dollars to vote. There was several people from that state who are in prison unless Obama got them off.

          • lutesong56

            Idiots vote for idiots………and you have too many ………………………

          • Karen

            The elections are (as in most states, I’m betting) won in the big cities, where the percentage of dingbats is the highest. I know my relatives tell me that’s how it is in Oregon, too.

          • Retired MSGT USAF

            The same here in WA. Seattle and the surrounding counties elect the most brain dead idiots into power here too. I just wish they had some coomon sense. Maybe when a huge earthquake and sumami will wash them out to sea.:). It does not help that most of the idiots from CA have moved here to create another CA idiot state. Maybe we will have to do the old west thing here and run them out of town at the end of a gun or pitchfork.

          • MarilynBr

            Oregon wasn’t like that until so many Californians moved here.

          • jeanne

            I saw a billboard traveling to Oregon in the 70’s that said “Don’t Californicate Oregon!”

          • Alan

            Ya, we definitely need some new idiots to pick on :)

          • Clint

            Yes they can!!!!!

          • panors77

            Libtards in Hollywood and northern California mostly….OR like BO’s two “elections” probably tons of voter fraud. I was lucky tho where I am using a paper ballot. After this last “election” I would love to re-visit my ballot to see if it was altered or not.

          • Chuck Moore

            Fifty percent of State Revenue goes to support the Public sector there which means the Unions run the State.

          • Nellie CA

            With the Muslims in San Diego area, illegals all over the state. I am sure that CA is supporting more than 50 % on Welfare. The mfg plants are moving out of state because of the high cost of taxes. I have never seen so many businesses close in my area. Some places whole shopping centers are closed. CA government is supporting Obamacare and this is going to hurt the state. I know a green card workers who has not worked in the last 5 years except for local cash jobs. He was sick and he has a Medicaid card and pays not one dime for a co-payment or drugs. He is only about 57 years old. The plan he has pays for his teeth to be capped. Either this is fraud or the workers in CA are being taxed for their care. Seniors on Medicare don’t get this care! The cost of Medicare went up and less payment to the doctors. Many doctors are not taking Medicare or HMO’s.

          • Douglas Parritt

            you forget the MSM telling them everything is great

          • joanc

            There must be something in the water that renders them clueless, just look at the people they keep electing– Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and the Botax Queen Fancy Nancy Pelosi– What a crew!

          • Goober

            illegal voting machines! The machine picks the winner far before the election!

          • Zalman Shalom

            The machines were manufactured in Italy by a company owned by Soros.

          • s

            simple, the majority of people in California are benefiting from handouts and subsidies from people who actually work and pay taxes. They also, having no job to take up their time (other than making sure sugar daddy stays in office), find it easy to make the time vote 3 or 4 times each.

          • Nellie CA

            The illegals and green card workers get to vote! Maybe several times with more than
            Weone ID. Lots of fraud in voting! Republican votes are probably not counted! The illegals and green cards workers are driving new cars and trucks. They have one baby and are on Welfare and work for cash! We are getting the ones from AZ because of the state stopping Welfare and jobs to illegals. That don’t mean that they are not in AZ or in CA. Many people support the illegals buy housing them. I had a company doing some water damage on my house and only 2 our of 9 people spoke English. The company only did insurance work and the the workers came straight to the job sight. The also hire prisoners and some are thieves and on probation. Our government is paying for the prisoners to get an education in electrical or plumbing and they are hired by these contractors. CA is having a problem with illegals from all over the world coming through the Mexican borders. Our borders are not safe.

        • lutesong56

          They still don’t know that all the ‘freeloaders’ have bankrupted the state !!!!

        • Alan

          Ya, I live out here in CA too and the stupidity overwhelms me. I mean, hello?… How the heck did Jerry Brown get back in office? He was horrible in the 70’s and 80’s but people elected him again? There’s nothing in CA but brainless, naive people that are too lazy to research any one of these political bums. If I was elected to office I’d get a kick-a55 pose in there and rid this country of these freaks!!!

        • walt

          If all of the people that have money keep leaving, it will get worse.

      • Be12345

        Soon to be know as Northern Mexico.

      • Be12345

        Remember the movie Idiocracy with Luke Wilson? That’s where Mexifornia is heading.

    • Delores109

      You don’t have to be a moron, but it does help you get elected to the Democratic Party. Watch
      Delores Smith

      • Millard Huff

        Well you can’t get no more stupider then a demorate.I have never met a smart one they are sick people very sick people.

        • Daniel Murphy

          Your English stinks.
          can’t get no more stupider then a demorate ????????

          • Delores109

            Daniel Murphy,
            Don’t attack people for spelling or otherwise. We all need to stay united with the Marxists in the White House. Have a great evening.
            Delores Smith

          • makrov

            I think he meant demoralcrate, no morales and morons at the same time

          • ff_emt

            Did you mean we all need to stay united AGAINST the marxists in the White House?

          • Herbert


          • JC

            Are you the local school marm Daniel?

        • Delores109

          MILLARD HUFF,
          I really, really like you, and I agree with you completely. Have a nice evening.
          Delores Smith

    • Samurai_Sam

      That’s a dumb question! If you have followed any one of California’s politicians you can readily see that an IQ higher than a turnip is grounds for rejection based on over qualification.

      • Millard Huff

        Look at jerry brown what a moron

        • Hans

          You are 100% correct. Brown is a MORON!!!

          • Retired MSGT USAF

            ALWAYS WAS

        • TheSunDidIt

          Ya mean “moonbeam” Brown?

    • TAM44

      Idiots like her make me glad I don’t live there as it’s infested with illegals and dead from the neck up obamanites.

      • CJMcRat

        Still California is better than Illinois. Here our politicians are rated on how intelligent they are. The not so smart ones go to prison and the really smart ones are allowed to stick around to continue to Fleece the Sheeple.

        • Americangram


        • Ariviste

          A person can be very intelligent and no have a lick of common sense.

          • Yukon42

            A person that has no common sense can have all the intelligence in the world and still be useless!

          • Daniel F. Melton

            They make a good piñata.

          • rosech

            Obama and frump and the Clintons to a T!

          • Yoikes

            LOL, a brick is a brick is a brick.

          • Ariviste

            I fully agree, Yukon. I think we all know plenty that fit in that category.

          • Show Me

            You mean “Slinky” people. Not worth anything, but fun to push down the stairs!!

          • Clint

            That’s true, enter Biden, Reis, Pelosi, Boxer, etc, etc.

          • Ariviste

            I’m not sure Pelosi has intelligence or common sense. Her IQ seems very lacking.

          • Chuck

            Like the 3,000,000 Republicans that did not vote in November.

          • Nellie CA

            They probably voted but it wasn’t counted. How can several counties “not” have one vote for Romney? Voting fraud is a mess and it is not going to get better with Obama as president. Is our congressman and Senators afraid of Obama? or paid off?

          • SeaDragon

            Gotta be “Paid Off”, no question.

          • Show Me

            Or sadly the ones who wasted their votes on independants, when we all knew that there wasn’t a one had a snowballs chance. That just put Obamination back in where he doesn’t belong for another four!! God help us!!

          • Melia Sese

            “Common sense” is not what we need right now. I prefer someone who can actually think and I don’t see much of that these days on either side.

          • Ariviste

            A person can have all the education in the world, but unless he has some common sense to go with it he cannot make rational decisions or laws that can get to the root of problems. Example: The educators that expelled the little girl whose grandfather tore a piece of paper off a small sheet of paper making what some thought was a gun shaped sheet of paper. The paper didn’t even look like a gun to those of us with a little common sense, but these well educated people with no common sense expelled her with no questions asked. By the way, I’m a retired teacher and I really hope I have common sense as well. Common sense may save you when education fails.

          • Melia Sese

            Perhaps I had best explain. We hear this term “common sense” so often that it has come to mean many different things. I tend to see it as someone with little ability to reason beyond the immediate and obvious – like the sky is blue, the stove is hot, etc.(and this would include the “paper gun” example you mentioned, I am well aware of that one, too). Let’s also not forget kids being suspended for having an aspirin – due to the insipid “zero tolerance” nonsense, rules which are just as prevalent in conservative areas like Georgia as they are in more liberal-leaning places.

            The problem is not that we have a shortage of the MOTO (masters of the obvious), it’s that we have altogether too little actual serious thinking taking place. Almost everything I see is simply a knee-jerk reaction – some call it “shooting from the hip.” If the country has serious problems (and it surely does), then we didn’t get into them overnight, and it will take much more than “horse sense” to solve them.

            As for Pelosi, sure, most of us vigorously disagree with her (just like many on the other side felt about George W. Bush – whom I felt was a decent man and far from a dummy, but they called him one just because he has a Texan accent). But you would have to admit, one cannot rise to the position Pelosi is in by being stupid. It takes a level of cunning and strategy to get there, especially as no female before her ever made it to the speakership. But yeah, she has some quotes that make you scratch your head – I think she is rather detached from reality, which is often common in politics, when you are surrounded by people who agree with you.

            Let’s just make sure we earn our claim to be the rational and logical side in these arguments. We can’t do that if we act just like the juveniles on the Left.

          • Ariviste

            I think we have different meanings for “Common Sense”. I am Southern and where I come from, “Common Sense” means the ability to figure things out from knowing what a reasonable person would do or to come to sensible conclusions from the lessons one has learned from life. He would also be able to figure out cause and effect. Examples: 1. If a business cannot make a profit, it will not be in business for very long. 2. If a person spends more money than he makes, he will get into serious financial trouble. 3. If you stand in the street during traffic, you could well get run over. None of these examples require “book learning” to figure out, but today I heard a commentator praising Amazon because they didn’t make a profit last month and profits were down 45%. I am not a business person, but common sense tells me that if Amazon continues to not make a profit they will go out of business over time. Maybe common sense means different things to others. If we continue to elect leaders who think people get killed with unloaded guns (unless she is thinking of getting hit on the head by one) we are in serious trouble because it takes a lot of common sense to get through this life and a lot of education is good too. Both together are ideal.

          • Melia Sese

            OK …
            I understand where you are coming from on this, but your response compels me to
            go a little deeper. First, I don’t see this as a regional or ethnic situation, but rather a general failing in the country at large. America has become the land of instant gratification and the 5-second “sound bite” where everything is packed up in a neat little package and we are expected to take away some type of meaning from it all. We see people cling to ideology because it is so much easier to slot everything based on one’s preconceived notions – if I agree, it’s “good” and if I don’t, it’s “bad” and let’s move on to the next one. There are many reasons why the nation is so bitterly divided, but I am convinced this is the primary one. It’s so easy to see everyone you don’t agree with as some type of demon and quickly resort to calling names when you cannot engage with them on logical terms. The Internet has not made this any easier, as the seeming anonymity frees one tosink to their baser instincts.

            With this as a backdrop, I would like to further explore this notion of “common
            sense.” I also originally came from a more rural and relaxed background (in the
            Philippines). My mother in particular taught me many things that come under this general heading: how to avoid poisonous reptiles, which plants I could eat without getting sick, and how to evaluate a young man who might be interested in my affections. Of course, nearly all of her knowledge was based on long-standing custom and tradition, passed on to her from my grandmother – and also, of course, what we might call “wisdom” of a sort today. Yes, this would include “cause and effect” from an elemental level, but not what I would consider to be of great insight.

            I found it particularly poignant that you chose references from a business standpoint. Being one who has succeeded in this arena, I may be qualified to answer the situation. Someone earlier today (I run two investment clubs where I live here in Naples) asked me why that company’s stock was running up again today, whereas that of Apple had fallen on hard times. “Why is Apple getting clobbered when its multiple is so low (10 times earnings) and Amazon is just tearing the cover off the ball?” runs a typical query. I usually answer by stating what to me seems obvious – the good news is all “priced in” with Apple while Amazon is only beginning to write this latest chapter in their history. They beat expectations in what is now the most important measure: a profit margin that is low but rapidly increasing. Even though they grew revenues at 27% (which will be most difficult to maintain), there is now (among the heavy hitters on the Street) a conviction that this increasing margin will drive earnings growth much faster than revenue growth. For someone running a large amount of money (a “hedge” fund or some private equity firm), that is often the primary consideration because it can deliver the typeof share value appreciation they need to make their performance metrics.

            What am I getting at here? Mostly this: making good investment decisions involves far more than elemental “common sense” knowledge, it involves deeper understanding and the ability to see patterns and dynamics that only come with experience (as does understanding the more pressing issues of the day). I have found that I learn very little from those who already agree with me – my knowledge and value increase because I seriously evaluate the arguments of those whom I might initially disagree with. Sometimes I may still reject them, but when I do not, then I have added to my own understanding and insight. Why do people insist on taking the shortcuts and thus missing out on a more rewarding life?

            Now, I may not be in a position to know much about this woman who is a councilperson in Sacramento, and why she made what seems like an inane comment – but of course, it was likely taken out of context. We likely both agree on the self-defense issue and the right of citizens to bear arms, so it’s a juicy target to make sport of someone’s foibles. And we might still see her as a fool upon deeper reflection (if we were able to have a discussion with her), but I imagine that Ms Sheedy also has what she might refer to as “common sense” from her basic understanding as well. Let’s just say that we don’t want silly people in important offices … and let’s hope that we have some means of removing them when necessary. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me.

          • libertygeek

            In a normal world Amazon would go out of business and rightfully so. We no longer live in a normal world. I’m sure Amazon will be deemed “Too Big To Fail” and will get a bailout.

          • Melia Sese

            It hardly needs one. They are practically printing money. Did you know Bezos is now worth over $20 billion? Don’t believe everything you read – they are often as ignorant as the next fellow.

          • libertygeek

            I’d differ from you on the meaning. Common sense is nothing more than the ability to apply reason and logic to a problem or situation to find the best possible solution.
            I don’t know if this woman has any common sense but I know for sure she’s at best ignorant of firearms and at worst (most probable) just plain stupid.

          • Melia Sese

            I suggest you read my longer response to ariviste … then we can perhaps discuss.

          • Ariviste

            I agree with you Libertygeek. I think much of our ability to think and reason comes from the environment in which we were brought up. A lot of beliefs and moral concepts seem to be regional. An example would be that morals in the Bible Belt would be more Bible based than those in Los Angeles. Common sense and the ability to apply reason and logic are often affected by the way a person has been brought up. Unfortunately a lot of our young people have been brought up to believe someone/something will magically appear to give them their every need or want and there is no need to actually apply common sense to their lives.

          • rosech

            Intelligent as in university studied, then I can agree. Truly intelligent people like me and you may or may not have a university education, but we have a rational mind!

          • Nellie CA

            I believe Seniors who have been through all the wars and we can see that the jobs are going to foreign countries and now our farms are being shut down by the government. The government pays our farmers not to farm in CA.
            Our kids are given shots that are causing health problems.
            The government is allowing Refugees to come here with lots of health problems and work in our packing plants.
            My husband lost his day job, in a government plant, he had 25 years in the plant. He was replaced by a refugee and the UNION wouldn’t do one thing to help him. I am against UNIONS! The plant wanted my husband on night shift supervision because he was certified for several construction positions and they wouldn’t have to hire a supervisor for each construction position. He had a choice to take the night job, quit or retire. He retired!

          • rosech

            Thanks to Obama we are seeing a lot of this. I agree with you – foreign workers, usually illegals, are given jobs and no e-verify verification needed thanks again
            to Obama. Vaccines are super dangerous and as a health consultant, never ever recommend me. Even Dr. Salt (the polio vaccine founder) said we were healthier
            before vaccines! The education system in CA stinks so I don’t teach here. Refugees? I think better said is illegals. Refugees generally come n and start
            businesses, learn English and are productive citizens; illegals no, they come for the freebies! Obama wants to be dictator and is well on the way to being so,
            an we need to get together and shoot him down, literally and figuratively!
            Caroline and Horst Haessler

          • Donna Beavers

            You don’t seem to get it, that it doesn’t matter who is elected: we’ve been set up! The President is a convenient tool to prep us for NWO and UN take-over! Pray that someone does not successfully do what you described. John Paul Jackson, a modern-day prophet, who accurately predicted a lot of the disastrous things we see taking place today, warns that there will be an attempt by terrorists to make it look like a racial thing. He described the result of a successful attempt being worse than Ruwanda! I, for one, am praying for his protection. In the end, we need to appeal first to God, then ask for wisdom so we don’t make the situation worse.

          • Show Me

            I always say that a person can have a lot of book learning, and not enough common sense to pour pi$$ out of a boot if the instructions were on the bottom. Gotta give my dad credit for that actually. He lived thru the great depression as a kid and fought in 2 wars for us, so he knew. He is probably rolling over in his grave at what has become of this country that he spent so many years defending and serving!! I don’t think any of these Obamites could be considered as very intelligent at all. Just smart enough to be dangerous, Very dangerous!!!

          • Ariviste

            Your dad sounds a lot like mine. He used to yell, “Lying hypocrites” at the tv every time a Socialist Democrat came on. Both my parents lived through the Depression and knew the value of a dollar and not to waste money, food, and took good care of everything to make it last. I guess it’s good they aren’t around to see what this country is quickly becoming. It would drive them crazy. My dad would have a heart attack.

        • Nellie CA

          They become president! I live in CA and ready to move to AZ or some state that will not take any guff from Obama. He needs to be impeached with Holder and CA. governor Brown. This councilwoman probably has a carry permit! GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY

    • Pizzed Off

      It certainly helps!

    • Dustin

      Sorry folks my votes did not count. One thing is certain the idiots in my State can no longer blame Republicans.

      • Millard Huff

        I live in Florida the stupid people voted for obama i hope they get what they voted for sorry S.O.Bs

        • Hans

          Too many free Obama Phones around !!!

          • GrizzMann

            It was Bush’s fault. Actually This specific program, SafeLink, started under President George Bush.

        • henryknox

          Too many brainwashed New Yorkers have moved to Florida and have corrupted the entire system. They should have to pass a common sense test before crossing the border. They think it is a good idea to send F16s and Abrams tanks to Muslim Brotherhood that says Jews are descendants of pigs and apes.

          • OldNYFirefighter

            It is a good idea as long as they are firing until they run out of ammo.

        • Ariviste

          My parents lived in Florida for about 40 years. When they moved there the people were smart and good people. Forty years later after the invasion from the North, they hardly have sense to get in out of the rain. True Floridians are out numbered now.

          • makrov

            Maybe the new ones need to ask for permission to move there like immigration.

          • OldNYFirefighter

            The NYC city critters are the problem, not the up-staters. We would like to send the city critters someplace, but I don’t think there is anyplace except maybe Mexifornia that would take them. They are either total morons or are parasites that suck the life’s blood out those that support them. All of the city critters lack common sense & couldn’t survive outside of a city setting. We wish NYC would secede, but we know that won’t happen as they need our up-state money to survive.

          • Ariviste

            I agree with you, Firefighter. I had a friend from up-state NY. When she wanted to insult someone from NY, she would say, “You must be from NYC.”, and they knew just what she meant. Unfortunately, a person can be book smart and still have no common sense. I wish we could buy and island for them and move them and all their crazy friends there.

    • Millard Huff

      In california only morons vote can’t you see what kind of shape they are in now.Hell only a moron would let it get that way.

      • Hans

        Thanks to the Hollywood’s SUPER MORONS !!!!

      • treas54

        We patriots vote and try to hold our districts, but you have to fight for it. Waiting for that early retirement #, while we’re still young enough. We’ll grab our kids and grand kids, You have to have a plan, it’s going to get worse.

    • deejay02

      Not all of us in this state are morons. Some us keep trying to vote these idiots out but it does not seem to work.

      • umreb78

        deejay…apologies for my generalization. I DO know there are a few (relatively) intelligent, informed folks in CA and I truly sympathize with them…But, at the risk of being over-simplistic…Why not join Phil and get the hell outa there before they take you down with ’em….I’d suggest the Lone Star if you have any employable skills (and I am SURE you do). Condolensces and best of luck out there with the nuts…

        • deejay02

          We live in a beautiful part of the state and it is conservative. But we are in the process of moving. After 3 years of unemployment my husband got a job in AZ.

      • patriot2

        there you go apologizing,just get rid of the obama voting machines!

    • mallen11

      I am stuck out here in CA and have to endure the stupidity of the people who vote wrong. There are still those of us who vote correctly. Maybe the north vietnam chubby leader will nuke us out of existence as he says he is going to do. Will that be fine with you — of course with all us good people too?

    • Sniper

      Wonder what she’s been smoking?

    • Karen

      Hey, there are still a load of us Conservatives with brains who are trying to fight the good fight. Obviously, in CA, the fight is all uphill.

    • Clint

      Actually, you have to be a complete moran to be in Kalifornia these days.

    • Ralph Collier

      umreb78 I couldn’t agree with you more and I live in California, I’m sorry to say. When you review some of the comments that have come out of the mouth’s of politicians in the recent past, it would seem there should be a minimum IQ required before you can run for public office. It’s beyond comprehension how some of these people get elected to office…..until you realize the IQ of those voting for them……..truly sad.

    • kathi mcdermott

      They obviously come from the “I haven’t a brain institute”. WOW.

    • Irma

      Just curious: can I get drunk on an empty bottle of Scotch? do I get charged for an empty bag of groceries? and more important (sarcasm implied) will I be charged for carrying around an EMPTY 32-ounce container(!) and will it also be fattening???!!!

    • Goober

      Yes, Democrats do make stupid statements, just like the Republicans! And NO, you don’t have to be stupid enough to vote in California, the machines do the work for you! How do I know? I live in San Francisco! Voter I.D. doesn’t count or even matter and even Hitler voted in San Francisco last election, That’s right Hitler voted for obama, Who would have guessed? (I know a guy that submitted Hitler’s name on an absentee voting ballot) Yes they count all of the vote’s plus whatever is needed to keep people like fienstien, boxer and PIG-losi in office.

    • Melia Sese

      Not exactly, sir. There are many good conservatives in the Golden State (I was once among them until 1996), but I’m guessing you know that and are just in a venting mood. The councilwoman is something of an idiot, though.

    • rosech

      Live here and vote but not as a liberal nor Demo because I have brains, but the idiots continue to elect idiots! Must be a gene defect.

    • Show Me

      Either- or, probably. I’d say California probably has the highest rate of students getting degrees in Moron than any other state.They really work at it out there. And DC has the highest rate in residence at different times of the year, for Dr.’s of Moronics, than any other place on earth.(When congress is in session would be those times.) Thought I just might have to explain that in case any of them accidently found their way here and didn’t get it!!

    • Navy Vet

      A typical California “dumb ass.” No wonder so many companies are leaving that state.

    • BusyBee

      You said it.

  • Greg

    Guns must be the only tool that has psychic powers to make people use them improperly..

  • E Elaine Connelly

    It must be the peroxide leaching into her brain. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BE SHOT BY A GUN THAT ISN’T LOADED. She may be loaded, so be careful around her. She doesn’t appear to have the sense that God gave her.

    • Tiger716

      Obviously this politician (translate to MORON) has never taken a gun safety class and doesn’t know what th flip she’s talking about….which is pretty par for the idiots trying to ban guns

      • Skillet56

        Yeah it just doens’t hurt as bad. Kinda like the six year old kids walking around with loaded fingers playing cops and robbers. You go “bang, bang” and fall down. This councilmoron is the only thing loaded.

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          Yep, and they suspended a kid for doing that just recently !

    • lia watson

      too much legal pot

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      She’s from California, God gave her nothing, but I bet Satan holds her soul as collateral!

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      As the ole saying goes-“She couldn’t pour PEA OUT OF A BOOT with the instructions on the bottom “

    • Hans

      It could be BOTOX like PELOSI !!!!

    • 3 yr NRA college All American

      Hundreds of people are shot every year by “unloaded” guns. Shoot, the military regularly has soldiers shot by guns that were “unloaded” Treat every gun as loaded and stop the senseless accidental shootings. Proud NRA member, pistol expert, and shooting instructor.

      • Ort

        You know that liberal tool actually meant a completely unloaded weapon. They are that desperate to disparage those who hold the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment dear, they will say and do just about anything. Theirs lies are becoming more and more egregious.

  • jnell

    where in hell did she come from?????????????????????

    • lia watson

      Outer space, like all crazy Californians

    • PETER


    • kimjim4042

      And how many drinks has she consumed? Liberalism is truly a mental illness>>


    What is with these morons in California, Best if San Andreas fault would finally win..

    • ann bedard

      oh my god, you took the words out of my mouth

    • TactSeven

      Hey! You know as rare as we may be; their still some of “us” here too!

      • makrov

        I still have in laws there and their votes don’t count either.

  • Niles Wheeler

    She should have said thought to be unloaded gun. A word makes a big difference. I’m sure you could club someone to death with it of a multitude of other things….God bless

    • Su3mb

      No, she said that whether or not it is loaded, it is still a threat. Well, people get killed with
      hands, feet and knives, are we going to outlaw those too?

      • Niles Wheeler

        I never waste my time watching California politicians. I went by the lead line….God bless

    • Tiger716

      You’re absolutely correct BUT if she’d taken gun safety she would know, as anyone who has taken these safety courses knows, you never, ever, EVER point a gun at any living thing. You always remove the clip, check the chamber to make sure there isn’t a round in it, and you don’t have your friggin hand on the pull!

      • Niles Wheeler

        Never point at a living thing unless your intention is to shoot….God bless

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      You are obviously a liberal. Trying to bail out the sinking titanic with a childs beach pail. Don’t put words into politicians mouths that they DID NOT SAY! IT IS WRONG! They need to eat their own stupidity, and reap it’s consequences also!

    • Melia Sese

      The direct quote would be: “there have been a lot of people who have been shot by an unloaded gun.” (Replay the video) Of course, this was only a 20-second spot, so we can’t tell if anyone challenged this obviously daft statement. Perhaps the good councilperson would care to “revise and extend” her remarks? LOL … (jsyk… Sheedy represents Sacramento, not SF)

  • chuck


    • Daniel W. Cote

      These liberal morons want to get rid of term limits for President so they can keep the impostor in office forever. Liberalism is a disease that needs to be stamped out. The only way to fix the problem is Civil war and expelling all liberals from our shores.


        Daniel, sign me up1

      • Hans

        There is a lot of sandy space in KENYA, the home of “our MUSLIM Savior”!

    • GrizzMann

      Term limits occur every election. Use them or loose them.

      • Charles Durham

        That’s not a term limit, but a mandatory term is.

        • GrizzMann

          You Should not rely on a law to exempt your choice of whom to vote. Make the decision for yourself.

      • Daniel Murphy

        You could even lose them

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      Also TRY to teach people who to vote for with a BRAIN !!

  • R

    That should be her opposition’s main sound byte in the next election.

    • VeeDub57

      She’s in CA, they wouldn’t get it!

  • BlueViolets

    I’d like her to demonstrate just how that works.

  • dad666

    Yes and you can be electrocuted by a triple A battery. What a moron must be a feinstein appointee.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Orv wanna be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • llaw

    That is just absurd! All reason has just gone out of the window in CA…at least with this one!

  • noelle2013

    NO you moron council person! YOU CAN NOT BE SHOT BY AN UNLOADED GUN!


    • CincyMike

      like her f*kn head

    • GrizzMann

      Calling her a moron, gives her too much credit. She is a democrat.

  • treas54

    And you can’t put too many people on the island of Guam or it might tip over. Go smoke another big ole fat one and watch your MSLSD.

    • TactSeven

      I remember that! Now that was funny!!!!!

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      On Friday evenings in the 70’s at college, I would watch “MSLSD,” but hey, I turned out a Patriot, a long time combat serving veteran,and a gun loving conservative. I was made aware, not stupid like her!

    • Ariviste

      It was a Georgian that made that comment. We hang our head’s in shame when he’s around. Do you think we could get California to take him? He has all the qualifications to make it big there.

      • treas54

        Send him on over. Just a little longer and i’m leaving. We’re retiring to AZ. Don’t let the door hit him where the good lord split him – I don’t think he can take any more brain damage.

  • GDC97


    • Ginger

      And also a fool.


    Too much botanical in the drinking water.

  • dogwithoutslippers

    Maybe she is afraid of being pistol whipped!

    • VeeDub57

      Looks like she already has been!

    • Furious citizen pilot

      She needs to be.

  • tiredofpoliticos

    Ms. Sheedy…..and the moon is made of green cheese

  • Greg Harrod

    People who neither own, use, nor even have a modest working knowledge of firearms and their functions should have NO SAY in the regulation thereof! They should recuse themselves from any vote on the regulation of firearms until they have educated themselves on the subject matter.

    • Terri

      I understand your theory but have to disagree with you. I don’t own a gun or pretend to know anything about guns. However, I fully support those that do.What I do know and understand is the Constitution. Do you really want me to have “NO SAY” and just shut me up?

    • Hans

      Democrats don’t need to know anything in politics: Just look at OBAMA and the Clintons with an IQ 30% below body temperature, however, a habit of a liar!!!

  • Deborah G

    She’s from California they don’t have the same brains

  • Daniel W. Cote

    I wonder if maybe liberalism is contagious. I think we need to Quarantine liberals so they won’t infect anyone else.

  • Paul L.

    The woman Is a moron.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    She may, inadvertently, be on to something. I’ve always found that unloaded guns are the most dangerous kind.

  • Mari

    so that is not why my gun goes click, click when I run out of bullets?? Wow, imagine that, I still have imaginary bullets that will actually shoot someone…How did she get voted in?

  • theronald

    Life is hard – it’s even harder if you’re stupid. John Wayne

    • treas54

      Yes. And I love Judge Judy’s saying “Beauty fades but stupid is forever”, (She does look a little botoxy)

  • mud rat

    Don’t blame the idiot Councilwoman, blame the idiots that voted her in.

  • TheTexasCooke

    It’s amazing to me that she can scrape together enough IQ to string words into a sentence. Who voted for her?

    • MaryAnn33

      Illegals of course voted for her….That is why the border is open and bed bugs get in…

  • Ed Leary

    She must be one of those officlals who were elected by low-information voters.

  • Encycloman

    Too much granola. Not possible. You really, really need to put a BULLET in the gun. Or, nothing happens – just like Congress passing a budget.

  • usafvet47

    what the hell is she smoking? Impeach this buttehead. She makes Bevis look intelligent.

  • lia watson

    You have to be a complete moron to LIVE in California…this woman is typical left wing nut job!!!!

  • Cuz

    She looks just like she is a ding bat

    • Hans

      Isn’t Nancy Pelosi her cousin ????

  • Paul G. Burdette

    This woman is very STUPIDand someone this stupid should not be allowed to reproduce.

    • GrizzMann

      Glad you used stupid. Too many people use dumb, the inability to speak. Unfortunately, her ability to speak proves she is stupid.

  • TactSeven

    OK, look, I’m about as conservative as they come, but as an instructor I say the same the thing in every class. The statement is meant with “unloaded” in quotes; meaning the person “thought” it was unloaded… Granted, she could just be completely clueless and have actually meant unloaded, but let’s be bigger than the other side and give the benefit of the doubt unless we’re sure otherwise… Besides, the point is moot (this must be an old video); California not longer allows unloaded open carry…

    • Beedogs

      NO, I do NOT give her benefit of the doubt. The Kuunntt should clearly and rationally state her case, not be one more moron in the pool of moronic politicians. Bite my ass you appologetic sheep “instructor”.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Okay, where did she go wrong? Let’s count the ways! What an effin moron!!!! Hey you stupid moronic twit, I can kill you with a ball point pen! Are we going to ban them also. Hey, it’s out of ink and a hell of a lot more lethal than an empty gun! You are the epitome of stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Softball Umpire

    Her Medical marijuana card must be valid and used to excess.

    She does make one point, though I doubt she is aware of it. Every gun must be treats as one that is loaded, until the handler has personally examined it. She is definitely not save to be handling one, loaded or unloaded. She isn’t safe to drive a car.

  • Betsy Ross

    Oh, shut up!! Obviously, she meant people shot by guns they THOUGHT weren’t loaded. It’s just a mistake–so let it go!

    • Beedogs

      If the Kunntt cannot state clearly her position, then the kuunntt should remain silent.

    • Hans

      Quit making excuses for this MORON !!!!!!!!!

  • catloverdee

    What alien planet is she from? If you check to see if a gun is loaded then you will unload it if you don’t want it loaded. If you have personally and properly unloaded the gun the only way it’s going to hurt anyone is if you hit them with it or you drop it on your foot. I’m a Californian, and I have a lot of conservative friends who are probably asking where she’s from so they can work to get her voted out. She’s so stupid. A truly unloaded gun can’t shoot anyone until loaded.

  • Eric X Ericx
    • Retired MSGT USAF

      Loved the video I bet anyone in CA with a brain still intact would too Thanks LMAO

  • rikem9984

    So i guess this means you can be run over by a non-moving car or burned by an unlit match!

    • Dennis Campbell

      Or drown in am empty swimming pool.

  • icemancold

    WELL WELL:: Seems like for the past 40 years I have been wasting money on ammunition and time loading the weapon if an unloaded weapon will shoot and kill. I could have used the money I wasted on ammo for gasoline and done a lot more hunting. Where was this COMMIE-FORNIA COUNCIL WOMAN 40 Years ago she could have saved me a load of money.

  • ste1021

    There was a time when the mention of California created visions of a paradise with the best roads, best jobs, best schools, the best of everything. Now it just creates images of people like this idiot.

  • Beedogs

    The bimbo also thinks she can be made pregnant by the dildo she shoves up her own ass.

  • bserius

    you can’t spell DUNCE without D N C

  • rog363

    Yeah, and you can be run over by an un-started car but some of us are careful and use common sense, unlike politicians from California or should I say politicians in general. It amazes me how we tend to elect such incompetent people to office. I would guess that the more intelligent of us want nothing to do with trying to straighten out the mess they have created in the last 50 or so years!

  • Ginger

    She has the nerve to actually say such a stupid thing and people listen???? Lunacy has no bounds in lala land. I want her to prove it tome that an unloaded gun can shoot me…if it is unloaded, what is it projecting???//besides hot air like she is.

  • Gary

    Can We The People vote to kick California out of the U.S.? Or can we please give them incentives to secede? You have to be an absolute moron to be an elected official in California, honestly

  • the_punnisher

    I have it on a good authority that all intelligent life ( except the ” dumb ” animals ) left the Left Coast 20 years ago. That explains why Governor ” Moonbeam ” was elected to run Kalifornia and we have morons like Fineslime and Pelosi sticking the rest of us with their form of Communism.

  • VeeDub57

    Just more proof that the socialist/democrat party is full of mental midgets.

    But I have to ask, what does the socialist/democrat party have against good looking women??

    Most would have trouble getting picked up by a drunk sailor after six months at sea!!

  • Brad Gilbert

    The sad truth is that the councilwoman is right. This is possible, if the gun in question is the mentally unbalanced, sentient variety, that’s been known (we’re told) to suddenly grow little legs, leap out of its’ holster and go on a killing rampage. In no other case has the phenomenon been observed. The solution is clear; a complete, comprehensive mental health screening of every gun either currently extant, or produced at any future time.

  • Norma Williams

    Wish it was true…I wouldn’t have to buy ammo.

  • Bruce West

    There is an inordinate amount of fear towards firearms. However, I suspect she meant to say “unloaded” with quotes around it. I have my CCW and recognize the first rule is to treat every firearm as if it were loaded. Many accidents have happened with “unloaded” weapons. The more interesting ones are when people are cleaning their firearms and shoot themselves with what they swore were unloaded firearms. You’d think if they knew enough about how to clean a firearm they’d know to check for rounds in the chamber.

    We need to raise the level of safety education as citizens so we don’t get people shooting themselves or others with unloaded weapons as we pull them out of their cases at gun shows (3 this month). It’s embarrassing to the cause of our 2nd amendment rights.

  • Tomtom

    California strikes again !!!!

  • Daniel W. Cote

    Even if you could get rid of every single gun on this planet it won’t make a bit of difference. The genie has been let out of the bottle the knowledge to make weapons is there and if there is a demand for weapons which there will be someone will find a way to manufacture and supply the weapons. Just like this idiotic idea of a nuclear free world there is no way to guarantee that a rogue nation like North Korea or Iran for instance will in secret create nuclear missiles and then black mail the rest of the world into doing what they want or they will launch against someone. You have to remember in a tyrannic form of government doesn’t matter what their people think the rulers will do what they want to do. The fact that they are killing millions your everyday tyrant could care less. Good Examples were Hitler, Mao, Stalin. A constitution is of no use if the people can’t enforce it.

  • hamebone

    she is about as smart as a rock. if you are shot then the gun isn’t free of bullets.
    unloaded means that the gun has no bullets in it. therefore you can not be shot by an unloaded gun.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    And she got elected?

    I wonder if she think Guam will tip over too?

  • Play Righter

    I believe this lady meant to say “shot by a gun that somebody THOUGHT was unloaded.” Sadly, she promotes Nancy Pelosi’s standard of advocating for something before taking the time to fully examine it. America’s future will hinge on how well we dig for the details.

  • ron

    Sounds like the California congress woman has an unloaded head which is much more dangerous than an unloaded gun. She must be related to Jerry Brown

  • wdcraftr

    When did the 2nd Amendment get deleted from the Constitution?? It says, Right to Own and Bear Arms. Doesn’t say No fully automatic, no semi automatic, no 100 round magazine, no open carry, no concealed carry. IT Just says, RIGHT to Own and Bear! Fortunately In Az , I can carry both ways without Govt permission, but if I drive across a State Line, I can be Jailed Indefinitely for abiding by the Constitution. No wonder many States want to Secede from the Union. We are No Longer the United States, but Divided States. Each State has their Own Version of the Constitution, and the People Allowed it’s Changes without Due Process. The Constitution can only be Amended by a vote of ALL 50 States.. Treason, Tyranny going on all around us..

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      I understand where you are coming from . Let me tell you what it takes to amend the US Constitution. It takes a 2/3 vote of the House of Representaives and the Senate and 3/4 of the States Legislatures to amend. Not happing with any repeal of the 2nd Amendment. They all love the power of their offices way TOO much. But your assumptions are correct it is a treasonous act to violate the Oath she had to take when she was placed in her position of office.

  • davienne

    first of all … you never point a gun at someone unless you plan to use it…
    second .. yes they can if you are not responsible enough to check it first if not then maybe you shouldnt own a gun
    ..but most responsible gun owners know that you always check the chamber .. never assume that the gun is emty…

  • Joanne

    Are these people really elected into office?

  • el conejo

    i live in california..just because the fairys and hollywood deviates run the state, they dont run all of us..thank fdr, and the rest of america for the mess we are in..y’all wanna talk bad about cali, but WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO STOP THE NAZI-COMMIE-DEVIATE SATAN WORSHIPPING GOVERNMENT? takes more than a couple senators to get things done……..or does it?..

  • Susan Daniels

    What a moron. But if she is from CA, that explains it. There is a reason it is referred to as the “Land of the Fruits and Nuts.”

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Anybody know where I can buy one of these magic “ammo-less” “guns”? I’ll settle for a pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

  • Wrightclick

    A lot of people are shot by ray guns too. But so?

  • Russ V.

    I bet the wounds left by those unloaded guns were horrific. Lots of them, she says! Who knew? These are the people in charge of our country? She is as stupid as the California law that allows one to carry an unloaded gun. Of course, if you are a child who points a finger and says “bang” you must be expelled, which is understandable since lots of people have been killed by unloaded fingers. Pardon me while I puke!

  • Mike – California

    Man do I ever just love generalizations. One crappy politician (I’m not saying there aren’t a lot more) misspeaks and everyone in California is a moron. Great logic….

    I’m guessing that she meant to say people are shot by a gun that was thought to be unloaded.

    All that said, I think that anyone in any decision-making public position that threatens the Constitution, Bill of Rights or State Statutes should be forcibly removed from office immediately.

  • SadPatriot

    She might have been trying to say, “guns people THOUGHT were unloaded,” in which case, she needs to work on her command of the language. Then again, she might simply be an imbecile….yeah, probably that.

  • Nikita63

    To be elected in Californa, Massachusetts or Illinois it is required you be a complete incompetent with at least a Master’s degree from an IVY LEague School like Harvard, Yale or Princeton, be able to promise special interest groups the universe at the expense of the taxpayer and then deliver it, and be able to survive the cushy sentences at federal prisons designed to make their lives as comfortable as possible while incarcerated; AGAIN at taxpayer expense! Notice how they are evenly spread out in location and depravity across the country.Unfortunately, I am a resident of Massachusetts with an Obama clone for a governor, A former House Speaker of the state in Federal Prison, two State legislators in prison for taking bribes, a reputation for incompetence for the Massachsetts Pharmeceutical company instigated Meningitis outbreak from contaminated steroids and thousands of compromised Court cases because of evidentiary mishandling by two women state employee scientists, a Lt Governor who got caught lying about a drunk driving incident and the cover up by the State Police who wants to run for governor or the Senate, A Senator as a Secretary of State nominee with the recortd of a less than honest soldier and guilty of besmirching the reputations of ALL Vietnam Veterans and who destroyed his own credibility when he offered NO PROOF of any of his allegations but is lionized by the mentally deficient of this state , who are legion. I’d deny the virtues of the fools in the other two states but I am not as familiar with their incompetents. However Rod Blagoiavitch in Illinois and this fool in California will do to illustrate the truth of the contention. God Bless the USA and provide us all the help we need to get rid of these totally incompetent and parasitical effete elite!

  • Barry Levy

    wow, it doesn’t get any better than this poster child for absolute idiocy. Guess that is why legislatures are pushing for limits on bullets, because it doesn’t matter to them/her whether you have bullets or not, that gun is going to be able to shoot you and harm you.

  • John Bernett

    as much as i hate to sound like i might be agreeing with her…..many people are shot accidently by what is THOUGHT to be a unloaded weapon. dunno if that is what she meant…..prolly not

  • rivahmitch

    Obviously, she was shot in the head long ago and is brain-dead.

  • marineh2ominer

    It is SUPPOSED to present a threat , to ANYONE that threatens you .

  • kaline

    i knew she was an ignorant liberal before i looked it up…Man…how dumb can you get?

  • Delores109

    Give me the name of that gun. I want to save on ammo. I do lots of shooting,
    Delores Smith

  • GrizzMann

    Shot with an empty gun? Or a thought to be empty gun? The NRA wants people to know the difference.
    Personally every weapon I have, or come in contact with, is treated as loaded. As for an empty gun gun being a threat. It depends on what (it) unloaded means?
    Her statement , is like saying an empty head is dangerous. In her case , she votes and make laws?

  • Danny

    No No Please …… don’t tell me she really said that……I think I have to go lay down and take a nap. but really what amazes me is that no one challenges these fools

  • pointdan

    If you voted for this woman, please do not have children.
    We have enough morons in the world.
    Molon Labe . . .

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Why do this people open their mouth to speak and make a total ass of them self. She is too old to be where she is. Her brain is asleep.

  • Fred_K

    I would like to have her on the opposing side, when I go to battle. She can use her unloaded gun to shoot at me, and I will use my loaded gun to shoot at her. May the best shot win.
    This person gives a new meaning to moron. I can hardly wait for her to get in a position of power. She probably will not allow her guards to have a big stick, or a large stone, for fear they might hurt themselves..

  • Samurai_Sam

    Californicator politicians are always a source for humor. And anytime one of them opens their mouths 200 million more people suddenly look a whole lot smarter.

  • dicksi

    If she truly believes this….her salary should be paid from a closed bank account.

  • Dennis Campbell

    It has been scientifically demonstrated that it is impossible to overestimate the stupidity of liberals.

  • kdauksch

    I live here in COMMIEFORNIA! These people are obviously the people who were let out of mental institutions when the budget took a crap! I Have been trying to move to Montana for more then a year now. These people are starting to scare me!

    • makrov

      Montana is a pretty place, Just like Idaho, and not many morons around here either

  • TexRancher

    Don’t look for logic from an anti-gun type who has no respect for the Constitution! Don’t look for any honesty either!
    BTW: What or who protects you from an abusive government?

  • Russ Fowler

    Hold on a second bad guy, I need to load my gun first.

  • marcella

    I live in CA. Pray for me.

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      You are in our prayers.

  • Graywolf12

    I have been hunting for 66 years and no one told me I did not need to buy bullets to kill a deer. At over $2.00 / bullet, thanks obama, I could have saved thousands of dollars if I knew I could shoot them with an empty gun. Do I have to say BANG for it to work? How will I get bullet holes in the target when I sight in before the season starts? Will it work if I use my fingers to make like a pistol and say BANG? Oh, they walk among us and they VOTE.

  • Samurai_Sam

    I think we just found Biden’s missing sister

    • makrov



    If she ever had any brains she left them home this day.

  • TAM44

    She’s what you call eleven eggs short of a dozen like all liberal a holes.

  • Dave L.

    Can a California councilwoman get pregnant by swallowing ??

  • skip

    I’d like to know how that works,being shot with nothing! obama followers really are brain dead Zombies,this woman is a poster child for that!!!

  • Chris Holley

    How stupid can you be, an unloaded gun is just that, a piece of metal. How is that dangerous? Now if you are trying to say you can’t be too sure if its unloaded. My dad always taught me that you treat all weapons, even unloaded, as they are loaded. But an unloaded gun cannot hurt anyone, unless you throw it at them? Maybe that is what she meant.

    I guess Mark Twain had it right, common sense isnt all that common, esp in California. Now, I understand why they raised their own taxes and liked it. Please don’t insult morons, they don’t know any better….well, maybe you are right after all…..

  • wmagg

    To Any one who knows anything about firearms safety “There is no such thing as an unloaded gun”
    what I want to know is what was with all the pictures of cops eating donuts while carrying weapons with clips in them. Does this mean that a cop without a donut is a mass murderer in waiting.

  • dhsurg

    Zombies ate her brain.

  • KJ


  • James McEnanly

    I can see an unloaded gun being used as a weapon in much the same way that a candlestick, monkey wrench or lead pipe could, but aside from Elmer Fudd or Wile E. Coyote, I don’t think anyone has ever by one.

  • An American War Veteran

    Where did this Knot Headed Political Buffoon come from? I challenge her to “Shoot Me with an Unloaded Gun” To an ex-combat veteran, the loudest noise you will hear is, “The CLICK” of your fireing pin hitting nothing in the chamber of your weapon! That noise can scare you (especially if your in a “Fire Fight”! I want her to prove to me that an “Unloaded” will kill!

  • Anone Amouse

    Of course. A liberal with an unloaded brain CAN get shot with an unloaded gun

  • Donald York

    Just when you think you have heard the dumbest thing from a liberal, another one trumps them out!

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Wait, what????

  • luangtom

    One certainly has to wonder what is in the water and the air out in Kalifornia. They truly are the land that heads up the United Socialist States of AmeriKa. Feinstein, Boxer and now this council-person. Wow!

    • Hans

      …you forgot NANCY PELOSI, the COMMIE from SAN FRAN…..

  • mustang

    She is an idiot and needs to be removed from office. Should be in an institution.

  • dranalog

    I didn’t think it was possible to be that stupid, but considering the present condition of California, there are no doubt more like her.

  • Linda O’Beirne Crawford

    Even though she is still a moron I think that what she meant was that lots of people are shot by what someone THOUGHT was an unloaded gun.

  • Doomed

    Stop I wanna get off this ride …

  • James Asbill

    Got to be a Demorat …..

    • makrov

      miss spelled “dumocrate”

  • Silver Haired Saint

    I think carrying an unloaded gun would be the dumbest thing one could do. If you are going to carry a gun it needs to be loaded. If one carries an unloaded gun that one could be shot and the shooter could claim that the shooting was in self-defense.

    I think what this councilwoman was referring to was gun safety rules which state that all guns should be treated as if they are loaded; and the news reports one hears where someone has been shot when cleaning or handling an “unloaded” gun

    • Hans

      This woman is too dumb to refer to anything that makes sense – PERIOD! No liberal excuses !!!!

    • makrov

      I checked all my guns last nite and they were all unloaded. I need to check them tonite to see if they got loaded overnite. I’d hate to be shot with my unloaded guns.

  • Christian Joe

    …and hammers drive in nails all by themselves. These things and more happen in the wonderful world of make believe, California. That Utopia where Feinstein and Pelosi support the brutal killing of children within their mother’s wombs through abortions, then calling it good by proclaiming that it is a woman’s right to murder their own children. Think about it, neither the citizen who lives in California, or the baby within their mother’s womb, can defend themselves from idiots such as these.

  • jwe

    ANother reason why California voters are nuts look who they elect some old crazy lady

  • Dale

    What kind of Idiots are we dealing with here? Unloaded guns can kill huh?

  • Donald G

    That is like saying a car is a dangers with No Gas in the tank. Better yet a water gun with no water.

  • bwana

    How do you spell MORON….Sheedy!!

  • Dale Tibbett

    As a libertarian living in L.A. I can tell you that I am surrounded by idiots.

  • Pizzed Off

    It must be possible, even though reason tells us it’s impossible. In way of explanation, if a brainless (or braindead- take your pick) California Councilwoman (not sure about that ‘woman’ bit, being as how it’s California and all) can speak, which all rational people know is impossible, then it must be that the impossible action of an unloaded gun firing, is possible. Got all that?
    To simplify things, consider the source and disregard it. After all, they STILL think, after losing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of their taxpaying residents and businesses, that increasing taxation increases business and therefore, revenue.
    Frankly, I would hope that everything in the San Francisco region would slide into the sea as warning that you really don’t want to f around with what is REALLY true.

  • Dustin

    The only threat here is if the woman has children that are as stupid as she is. What a moron.

  • Donald G

    I would like to see how an unloaded can kill some one. The one whit the unloaded gun may get shot if he tries to use it.

  • Chobe Hunter

    She makes a very solid case for birth control

  • JC

    Oh my God!
    ok, new rule…when people say something that stupid their F’ing heads should explode!

  • William Davis

    One time, my sons and I were within 6 miles of California, I asked them,”Want to visit California ?” They asked Why ??? We have never been there. Could not think of any good reason to do so, since everyone seems to be fleeing from there. “Go Buckeyes”


    Non Morons have left California

    • Dustin

      Hey now…Im stuck here.

      • Retired MSGT USAF

        I’m so sorry Dustin.

  • Herkpilot

    These are the people making decisions on our behalf? Forest said it best, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  • Ms MoomMist

    God Bless this woman! Holy smokes these are the people we really need to be afraid of, not the ones who have carry permits or the law abiding American citizens. This is a mentally distrubed person and in desperate need of institutional help.

  • stick

    She is from California home of the brain dead libs.

  • kimjim4042

    Is that similar to dead people can vote?

  • Bob Marshall

    I am more concerned about the mentality of those who voted for a councilwoman like this.

    • Endthedivision

      even more, the senators, and congresspeople they sent to DC

  • US Native

    Makes sense, in Kalifornia you can shoot off your mouth with an empty head…

  • mclantiere

    We are FREAKIN’ DOOMED when people as STUPID as this woman can actually be elected as a representative of The People!!

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    Look at her- I would shoot myself if I was married to that ! I think she has been sitting on her brain too long and it lacks blood flow to think ? Hope she never needs protection from someone with a GUN ?Another OBAMA PUPPET !

  • Dave

    A firearm loaded or unloaded does not present a treat! The individual holding the firearm is the threat! I am not threatened by a firearm, loaded or unloaded lying on a table, Put the same firearm in the hands of the wrong individual and said individual becomes the threat. Firearms are not the problem! But, firearms getting into the hands of the wrong individuals is the real problem!!!

  • cbj

    Lets be fair. Many of us vote like a human should, but unfortunately, those with only an almost complete brain out nunber us and they usually win elections.

  • Americangram


  • yachtnutz

    Was this a loaded question or maybe I just don’t get it get loaded HA HA

  • David

    I don’t know about this Ding-Bat, but I have never heard of anyone being shot with an UNLOADED gun. I would not want to rely on an UNLOADED gun to protect my life. I HAVE heard of people getting shot with a gun the handler “THOUGHT was UNLOADED”. There is quite a differense in the two!!

  • DocJimmy

    I can see it now. We are off to war, but; in order to save ammunition, you must unload your guns – they will be just as good and don’t forget to empty your fire extinguishers because they are also effective. Has anyone fitted this dweeb for a straight jacket???

  • rightwingedliberal

    Not only is she ugly but stupid too

  • GhostriderAZ

    OMG, these fools can’t help themselves! She must be taking the same purple pill like her buddy,Nancy! I am sure rich Liberals have a full security team with “Big Guns”.

  • Kevin B

    Who elected this Knob to the Council? See, this is what happens when you elect ignorant narcissist progressive liberals to office. Idiots !!!

    Spread the lies and misinformation. It’s the only way you’ll get what you want!!

  • notalib

    I’m from Ca. and this dunce is so typical of the politicians we elect it is astounding. I’ve been shooting for a very long time and I’ve never heard an empty gun go bang. I’ve never seen a loaded one get up and shoot someone by itself. A human had to pull a trigger. Pray for Ca. We can’t get the intelligent ones elected. Too many freebies and takers in the state.

  • gapatriot

    AH, Californica, the land of fruits and nuts. I thank the lord everyday that I don’t live in Ca.,IL.,NY, or DC.
    It’s really pathetic that these idiots are trying to dictate what happens in the rest of the country.

  • starcitygal

    I know what she meant. She is just VERY inarticulate.
    A shooter, after accidently discharging a gun, will invariably say, “but, it was unloaded!”

    But if she’s for gun control, she’s still a moron.

  • InspGadget

    The most charitable thing I can say about this woman is that she muc=st have heard somewhere to “treat all guns as if they arer Loaded” and that “More people are killed by “Unloaded” guns ( but obviously doesnt know enoough about the subject she is pontificatiin on to know that the “Unloaded” gun I spoke of was In Fact LOADED>>>>>>I am sooooo glad I dont live in CA anymore… (Naturalized Texan)

  • InspGadget

    sorry for the typos.

  • Dario

    Those folks in California really should stay out of the sun. It seems to be frying their brains.

  • Cincinnatius

    This is proof that Plato was spot on when he said; “Either become involved with politics or be ruled by your inferiors.” Or put another way, have morons make rules for you to live under.

  • Dr. Evil

    Now I’ve heard everything! That is so stupid it is hard to believe. I hope somebody sends a link to these comments to this idiot so she knows what we all think of her.

  • Sharon Brooks

    oh and a car or truck with the engine turned off can still be driven? An airhead with mouth moving can still say stupid assinine things…maybe she should cut back on the hairspray or the botox!

  • David Fetter

    OMG!!! These MORONS actualy think you can get shot by an EMPTY GUN!… Lord Help Us from these stupid morons.

  • GeoInSD

    I am a California native and I constantly wonder who is voting for fools like this councilwoman, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, and Jerry Brown. The state has been running many billion dollar deficits yet Brown volunteers for more financial liability by signing in a DREAM act. I think I heard we had three municipalities declare bankruptcy last year. Give us time, the state will too. I actually hope that California will need to go into bankruptcy, then maybe the rest of the country will wake up and repent.

  • 3 yr NRA College All American

    First let me say that I am an NRA member, gun owner, and expert shot, but whether she knew what she was saying or not, she is absolutely right. Most people who are shot accidentally are shot with guns that someone was absolutely certain was unloaded. Gun safety people, always treat every gun as if it were loaded, ALWAYS, and maybe we can cut down on the number of stupid accidental shootings.

  • dasbunker

    You Sea hagg, are the only threat I see.

  • Anthony Soro

    Who the hell would want to live in CA. anymore anyway,? They do have some strange people there though,,,

  • Babsan

    No wonder California is going downCompletely stupids running it plus all way out on a “Moonbeam”

  • junkmailbin

    my cousin is living in Chicago, we try to top each others asinine politician stories. Currently, it is neck and neck

  • Wayne R

    I just tried it with my gun. Do you have to say bang or something, because it didn’t work. Or maybe it’s just Kalifornia firearms that work without bullets. Makes sense since you can’t seem to buy bullets in Kalifornia without a signed permission slip from the local powers anyway.

  • jd1958

    Magic Bullets. People have been shot by them for years. Little boys playing Cowboys and Indians. Since there are no more “Indians” it’s time to play “Cowboys and Muslims.” Since little boys are no longer allowed to play with guns fake or not. Just let us Grown Men can play that last game.

  • LabRat

    Liberalism has got to be a disease. No one group of people can be this stupid unless it is a mental condition.

  • Henry Bowman

    This is the level of intellect that gun 0wners have to contend with. This woman has the I.Q. of a turnip, albeit perhaps a not-quite-ripe turnip. I wonder if she worries about speeders flying down the freeway at 90MPH on an empty tank of gas.
    How do we go about training the 18-25 year-old voters so that they give two or three minutes consideration before marking up their ballot?

  • peterm

    Friggin’ Democrat obummerites. This country isn’t long for this world. Time to leave….maybe to uh, gee, I don’t know, the whole world is pretty F’d up! :{

  • Robert Rios

    Is that the same as; “I’m from the govt. and I’m here to help” or “What difference does it make”!

  • Liberal this!

    Wow! I dont need to leave a comment. You all know already. What a D-bag. Just give a country an insane Dregg and all the lowlife Dreggs will float to the surface. Good bye to the once great nation that I loved!

  • Harold

    According to this idea, when my car runs out of gas, it will still run. This has to be the mentality that is Washington ,D.C. When the treasurery is broke we just spend more. With people like this running the country, we don’t need morons or imbecils, or village idiots. And these are supposed to be people who are smart enough to at least tie their own shoes. But I guess not!

  • Julian DH

    Pardon, did this woman flush her intelligence down the toilet that day? Really, she displays the unique lack of knowledge only a liberal can have. Of course people in Kalifornia deserve this person. Hey, the Demorats control a bankrupt state that is controlled by government unions and fools.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    An unloaded gun is a paperweight, or an expensive club. No rounds in any gun renders it almost completely useless, really, it does. You just can’t get shot with an unloaded gun, it is a proven fact.

  • Ort

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I have taken an 8 hour course on handgun
    safety and that is absolutely impossible. Pull the clip, rack the weapon multiple times, peer up through the grips and you will see no bullet. Therefore, you can’t possibly get shot by an unloaded weapon.
    Maybe if she hires a tractor to help pull her head out of her b utt, she would get the vital oxygen she has been missing these last 239 years.
    Man, she looks like hell on a stick!!

  • Old Curmudgeon

    California: The land of fruits and nuts!!!! What an idiot!! Is there something in the water out there that makes all the politicians crazy?

  • Tonto

    She’s living proof that big city folks should stick to the cesspools they created and leave the rest of the country to itself. These idiots are just plain too stupid to live and interact anywhere else. Actually, they should all disarm themselves and their phlalaxs of bodyguards and die like the rats they are.

  • richterscale77

    Just so you all know… 45% of us in CA have no say in what happens in CA votes… with some exception for Orange County.. but then it is only local voting. So then, this is about 15 million people whose voices are unheard… These “intellectually disabled” politicians are forced upon us by our intellectually disabled neighbors.

  • June Winnop-Steiger


  • Protechcpa

    The only “threat” I see here is this dingbat from Kalifornia.

  • Jim480

    Public funds are used to pay this ignorant lawmaker. There should be a law against using public funds for such incompetence.

  • Guest


  • Nellie CA

    These are the people who voted for Obama! I am ready to move out of CA but I am not sure if any state has anyone better. How do these people get elected?

  • Loosgravel

    The reat of us– non Californians that is, must pass laws preventing them frim immigrating to other states. They flee California’s mess, move to other states and work to pass the same laws thatnscewed up the Golden state.

  • noitaint

    only if you wave it around in front of the cops….

  • TheSunDidIt

    First, I basically agree with the premise that lots of folks have been shot by (what they thought was) an unloaded gun. However, that said, it seems to me that isn’t what this crazy lady is saying. I think she ACTUALLY BELIEVES YOU CAN BE SHOT BY AN UNLOADED GUN. That being the case, this is grounds to remove her from office for crazy. That IS grounds for removal from office. Crazy is as crazy does and this lady fits the bill.

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      Call the State Hospital…oh that’s right they closed most of them down in CA.

  • Sinatra98

    We have many stupid law makers that don’t know what their talking about, you like the number one idiot Pelosi lets pass it so we can see what it’s all about, all complete morons.

  • Herbert

    This is almost as reasonable as the Obama Administration seeking to ban .223’s because the round is too small to be effective and urging through VP Joe Biden that everyone use 65 Cal (12 gauge) rounds to make certain they make big holes in their target–Obama Officials are tired of tiny holes.

  • Mort Leith

    Is THIS howRetarded they grow up in the Goofy State ? ? ?

  • vet

    It must really hurt to be that smart.This is what happens when you send your kids to college.This is why I left kalifornia 20 years ago and wont go back.These people make policy.

  • Bill

    Her wording is totally incorrect. You can not be shot by a unloaded gun. You can be shot by one someone fail to check, and thought it was unloaded.

  • Anon

    Kids, smoking crack is whack. If you don’t want to be a moron like Sandy Sheedy, please don’t smoke crack.

  • momoftwo

    Wow, how many of those shot with the UNLOADED weapons have died?

    • Mike Grunewald

      good lord this woman is dumb

  • David E Burbee

    Three folks are sitting on the curb without enough money to get into the Olympics. A Republican, a tea party, and a Democrat. The Republican takes the lead and rips the antenna off a Buick…”Republican, javelin” he tells the gate attendant…They let him in. Tea party follows the lead and removes the hubcap from the same Buick…”Tea party, discus”…They let him in. The Democrat disappears for 30 minutes and returns wrapped from head to toe in barbed wire, bleeding like a stuck pig…”Democrat, fencing”…

    There is little to no hope with an elected Congress Women that dumb!

  • Roger Long

    As soon as I seen her picture, I knew she had to be a democrat.They all seem to have that stupid look about them. Somebody please give her an empty weapon and let her shoot herself.

    • Mike Grunewald

      love your post I have one for her but I have a secret chamber

  • Joseph Hyde

    Oh my oh my…

    Let’s be ‘gracious’ here and suppose that the lady just didn’t put it the way

    that she might have mean to say it… At least until you get to the end of

    the Video and then you would demand that all legislators take a mandatory

    IQ Test before running for office.

    She says “People have been shot with unloaded guns…” and that “…loaded

    or unloaded guns are still a danger…”

    You would think that she meant that ‘people have been shot by guns that they

    ‘thought’ or ‘assumed’ were unloaded and that would be correct but she just

    compounds one error with another.

    Apparently she thinks that if there were a pile of guns somewhere a mile high

    but no ammunition for them in the whole wide world that “…they still would

    be a threat…”.

    What to say what to say…

    I would really like to see the statistics on that of how many people were

    shot by unloaded weapons in California and then point out to here that with all of the ‘other

    unloaded weapons’ that exist in California that it is truly remarkable that more people

    have not been shot! and that she should think about that before banning unloaded

    hand guns and rifles and such…!

  • Ronald Christopher

    You have to be a complete moron to be a democrat.

  • jvb1980808

    She represents the PARTY OF INTELLECTUALS.

  • jvb1980808

    Well, remember Obama was eager to hit all 60 states “57 down and three to go….”. There you have another example of just how mighty powerful these liberal thinkers are….

  • BobM001


  • pysco

    These are the kind of people that get voted into office in California, I have no idea how many retards vote in the elections out here, its a bunch. Family ties keep me here otherwise i’d be gone.

  • Doc

    Amazinglythis is true. You hear all the time when there is a firearm accident, “I thought it was unloaded”

  • Wolf-Talker 1

    This Councilwoman is absolutely correct with the shoot happy Leo’s out there just carrying an unloaded gun can get you shot. Most of them (the Leos) believe in shoot first ask questions later. And yes it is still an ASAULT WEAPON for you can beat someone to death with the unloaded gun!

  • BD Katt

    Dumber than a rock!

  • BD Katt

    The incendiary device on the tip is a tracer,it does not seek heat.The round heats & starts glowing at about 150 ft after clearing the barrel to create a visual path for sight adjustment by the weapon operator.

  • Ron

    Without question, liberalism is definitely a mental disorder!

  • har82

    Hmmm, yet another californika lune off in – la la – land some where. The only thing an – unloaded – ,,, gun is good for is using it as a hammer.. Other than that, it’s no threat to anyone.

    It seems – logic – of any kind completely – escapes – most cali politicians .. If they seriously had a half a pee brain they really would be dangerous…

  • enubus

    To give the brain stem the benefit of the doubt, perhaps as inarticulate as she is, she was taking about a gun that the person who was holding thinking it unloaded, and it was not! Other then that, put her away in an institution immediately.

  • caskinner

    Pelosi’s cojoined twin. When they separated them the Dr. threw the brain away.

    • Johnnygard

      The doctor threw BOTH brains away.

      • caskinner

        They were sharing a very small brain.

  • Ron

    To paraphase Mark Twain, “Let’s suppose you were an idiot; now, suppose you lived in California; but, I repeat myself!”

  • truthbetold

    After that brilliant statement… is it no wonder California is in the disasterous shape it is????
    She must be someone’s sister or aunt that desperatly needed a job and being a California Repersentative was the only thing she qualified for. She certainly is not bright enough to even flip burgers at McDonald’s and the only thing left was politics!

  • Lloyd

    As indicated in most of the comments, it is common sense that ypu cannot be shot by an unloaded weapon. The way that this ”womans” statement can be held as truthful is with the fact that so many have been shot with a weapon that was thought to be absolutely empty. But the only person that can be absolutely sure a gun is empty, is the one that assembled it and inserteda empty magazine that he/she also assembled. Even then it should always behandled as if it was loaded. Her statement was too definitive, so she is absolutely wrong, She left no room for if” ands, or but”s, so she is obviously extremely paranoid, or she is a complete idiot. But she is a council woman, a politician, so she must be right. Sorry, I just couldn’t help the sarcasm..

  • Brian Paszczykowski

    Am I to assume that this councilwoman would agree to be protected with unloaded guns since there as effective as loaded ones?

  • GrizzlyIX

    Just how bloody STUPID can you BE in front of a CAMERA? ! ? ! ? !

  • Vince

    Oh yes another brain surgeon this is like real life dumb and dumber know wonder the liberals r so afraid if everything and require so much gov protection it just gets better and better each day hey liberals BOO now go get that word banned

  • J.R.Richardson

    another blonde airhead statement from an elected official that is totally ignorant.NO weapon that was unloaded ever shot anyone only weapons that were thought to be unloaded have caused injury.How do people like this make it into office but then again feinstein’s gun bill is at odds with the health care reform act and the amendment in the bill that forbids keeping a record of gun ownership or the use of such a list. Guess they should have read it before they passed it huuh

  • Frank J. Austin

    A person CANNOT be shot at all with a firearm, loaded or unloaded, if proper firearm safety procedures are adhered to.

  • DT

    What do you expect from any Californian politician, common sense? Any intelligence? Liberals like her..make that all liberals need to shut the hell up and die

  • Azlecitizen

    I feel for the average California voter. They seem to have a plethora of “brain dead” females as representatives at every level of government!

  • EBlake

    Morons of the world unite! And the really scarry part of this is the people that vote for stupid people like this.

    • Johnnygard

      The morons have already united. They are running California. Then some of them get promoted to Washington DC.

  • ActualConundrum

    Someone this stupid should not be allowed to run around without a keeper.

  • leithel1

    And these idiots vote. No bullet in chamber, not loaded, no shot, no brains.



  • BobH

    How can she speak with a head that is not loaded with a brain?

  • GrizzlyIX

    It’s not called ‘Dizzyland for NOTHING! ! ! !

  • Bradley Jones

    and by that logic an airplane with no engine in it can fly

  • leithel1

    She is in good company with the congressman from Georgia that said that if you put more troops on Guam it will tip over and they will drown.

  • Bat-Guitar

    Yes, you can get shot by an unloaded gun!!! The only difference is it doesn’t hurt or draw blood…

  • American

    News for her, she is the friken threat to society.

  • edmoore12345

    Not the Sharpest tool in the toolbox!

    “Remember kiddies, It’s the gun that kills people. Not the person holding the gun and pulling the triger.”

  • edmoore12345

    She looks like she is about 196 yo. She should retire soon before she kicks the bucket. what do you think?

  • Art Zacher

    If I am going to be shot by a gun, this is my preferred method.

  • Kevin D McPherson

    so i guess the words bang bang while looking at a gun hurts!! Stupidity of these ass kissers that bend over and let o nasty and his queer nation of liberal followers just can’t be believed!! No wonder country’s going to hell!!

  • Ed Olsen

    First of all , who with half a mind is going to be carrying a unloaded gun ?? Maybe a Liberal !!!

  • Longrange

    it seems to me you have to be brain dead, to be elected to an Office in California.

    • Douglas Gillard

      Not all of California; just the big cities along the coast. Before I moved to Georgia, my congressman was Buck McKeon-R in the Antelope Valley area of Los Angeles county. We wanted to have our own county to get away from those liberals south of the San Gabriel mountains.

  • MarkG

    And this is why I moved from Ca to ID

  • Libertarian58

    Just how much more proof do you need that liberalism is a mental disorder??

  • Wayne Graff

    This is the definition of a moron. All guns are to be considered loaded until proven otherwise. No proven unloaded gun has ever killed anyone.

  • Paul Brown

    This woman has got to be the most ignorant politician ever. I never knew you could be shot with an empty gun, and I’ve been wasting money buying bullets when you don’t even need them, just point and shoot and it doesn’t even make a sound. We should stop trying to buy bullets and just use our empty guns. Yeah Right!!!!

  • stupidamerkin

    and she is on the city council? OMG

  • Retired MSGT USAF

    I’m so glad I did not go back to California after I retired. This goes to show what happens when someones (edumication) is thought up by someone else. Did she ever go to school at all, or was she just drunk and high when the good Lord gave out brains?

  • Junart Sodoy

    City Council Member Despot Gets Owned! – Tries Throwing Out War Vet With CCW Permit

    councilman baldy had to run away from the big bad gun. i have to say im very impressed that the motion was voted down and with the mayor’s words of apology and reaffirmation of the oath he and the other members took to UPHOLD the constitution. even the attorney made a good showing. maybe the first encouraging display i have seen on the boards with regards to the whole gun control issue

  • Endgame

    Hahahaha! This dingbat completely misconstrued the meaning of an old cliche that someone told her. The ACTUAL saying is “the most dangerous gun is an empty gun”, meaning – whenever you handle a firearm, NEVER “assume” that it is not loaded, and ALWAYS check to make sure that it is completely unloaded before handling it, lest you accidentally shoot yourself (or someone else) out of stupidity. What a complete airhead this woman is! And we’re supposed to trust our lives and the lives of our families based on the senseless logic of morons like this? Yeah. Right.

  • panors77

    This woman is a prime candidate for cult membership, LOL.

  • Meg

    We see kids expelled for making guns with their fingers or drawing pictures of guns. A possible analogy might be a deeply religious person seeing their child looking at porn. It is simply seeing such things which is evil. I assume the idea is that seeing a gun will lead to thoughts of violence and then to violent actions.

    So this is the tangential consequence of being afraid of the sight of a gun. You don’t watch Law and Order, CSI, or Dirty Harry movies. “Do you feel lucky?” meant Do you think the gun is empty? Would have gone right over her empty head.

  • Adam Diran

    Anyone who has ever actually been to a range knows that rule 1 (or 2 depending on the range) is “There is no such thing an an unloaded gun”. I doubt the council woman has ever been to a range herself, but the sentiment, while wrong, is not “crazy”.

    • SickofPoliticks

      While knowledgeable gun owners understand “There is no such thing as an unloaded gun,” we also understand that you CANNOT be shot with an unloaded gun. So, while you may be willing to give her a pass on this, I’m not and most anyone with firearms training probably won’t either. Are you a liberal?

  • librtyship

    California is indeed the world’s largest outdoor insane asylum, a place to be avoided at all costs, rankend as havig the worst state government two years in a row

  • streetcat9

    Shot by an “unloaded” gun? You can also be run over by crossing a street before looking.

  • Traci

    Good God… is this woman brain dead!

  • Kelly Kafir

    What freaking planet do these RETARDS live on? SHEESH!!!

  • Ernie Kaputnik

    Just more proof that liberals, progressives, feminists, negros, wetbacks and women are idiots.

  • disharted

    I always knew California was full of fruitcakes look at their politicians, but an unloaded gun can kill but only if used as a club. the statement is as crazy as saying a person can get fat by not eating boy as Americans we all need to have our heads examined by putting these people in places of authority

  • Jim28thReg

    This is so nice to know-now I won’t have to buy all that heavy ammo. I can just keep my gun in my pocket and go walking around Idiot-fornia and watch all them dummies fall over. Would anyone like to go with me ? We could get rich going through their pockets -maybe.

  • raccman

    Hopefully, her family will get her the psychiatric care she so obviously needs ! WOW !

  • Boyd Timothy Babcock

    This woman has to be one of the most uneducated people on guns I have ever listened to. A gun that is unloaded is about as dangerous as any lump of metal that can be thrown. gun – bullets = lump of metal. These people who want to act as if they are in the know should at least take a few moments to under stand what they are talking about so they do not look so stupid on tape. PEOPLE YOU ARE BEING RECORDED!!!

  • Sgt. York

    Another candidate for the HA HA Hotel

  • Rich Knoch

    She’s just one more reason to leave California . . . . . posthaste!

  • brabbie2002

    I betcha the council , congress and senate meetings are so filled with Mary Jane smoke, cocaine dust, and meth fumes that none of these people have any brain cells left at all. and why do they all look like they have been hit face first by a Mack truck? What? Are only the rich and uglies allowed to hold office in that so-called state?

  • Wilber

    California used to be just the land of fruits and nuts. At least as far as it’s politicians go, it has become the State of Erratic Morons! The majority of the people are still fruits and nuts though because they keep selling their lives to these Morans by re-electing them! Perhaps some day the people will wake up out of their ‘social drug addict’ stupor and start over but I think it is already too late for them!

  • johnfromtexas

    Maybe we should give California back to Mexico.

  • Stealth

    What’s wrong with our country is that these IDIOTS get voted in by IDIOTS…..

  • eric

    All i can say is that this woman is a total idiot.

  • SickofPoliticks

    Typical California liberal. Take gun safety (Always consider a gun, even if empty, to be loaded) and twist it to suit their purpose. Of course, anyone that has learned to handle firearms correctly knows she has her head up her liberal butt. But the other stupid ones that don’t know anything about firearms would probably believe what she says and not realize she’s just stupid.


    Words of wisdom from a DEM O RAT! I wounder if obozos S.S. people have unloaded fire arms to defend the king and dictator.

  • ‘John Beam

    If you can simply kill with an unloaded gun, then what’s the point of even buying BULLETS? Get the gun, pull the trigger, and PRESTO—instant mayhem! Just like everything else from collectivists, there is an element of magic involved with everything that their saying.

  • CaptTurbo

    That liberal twat’s face presents a threat.

  • Melia Sese

    This woman – Sandy Sheedy – seems a bit daft. What type of “threat” is she referring to? Perhaps hitting someone upside the head with a pistol butt. My guess is she is referring to the provocative nature of publicly wearing a gun in plain sight – unloaded or not (because who else will know if it’s loaded). Still, this woman is a perfect example of liberal hysteria on the general subject of firearms and personal protection, on which she shows little understanding.

  • tjeptalley

    Amazing women in California, Peloski, Feinstein and also all of the Ca Rep praising Hilary for her service in preparation of her presidential run. nothing said about her total failure in Lybia.

  • rosech

    I live in CA and this woman is dumber than dirt. No bullet, no killing. Wow, and she was elected to a Council. Those citizens must be as stupid as she! Problem is CA is full of too many liberals and Demos who really are the fruits/nuts/berries and this state is now down the tubes and many of us are leaving due to laws, regulations, taxes and idiots!

  • pcsrocky

    If it is unloaded, it won’t fire! If someone only tought they unloaded it, then yes it can fire. I am afraid there are people around the country who believe a gun kills, loaded or not. I did not say they were the brightest people in the world, at least where guns are concerned!

    If you know nothing, say nothing, you will appear much smarter!

  • Robert

    I thank someones Village is missing there idiot. I hope they come and get her soon.

  • Ruby_Con

    Wow!, and to think there is no mental competency test to hold elected office. Astonishing!. This is almost as insane as that of the mentally defective congressman, hank johnson, who thought Guam could capsize due to an increased troop presence. I don’t imagine you could make up stuff like this even in an LSD hallucination.

  • catman

    This broad even looks like an idiot………

  • CARL

    I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • retvet

    They always say, load that gun because unloaded guns kill people. I’ve heard that saying all my life, and I just turned 80. I guess it’s how you say it.

  • retvet

    GOD not GOG. sorry, I’ll do better next time around.

  • pipcrusher

    shes as stupid as the black congressman from georgia……he was afraid that putting 5,000 more troops on the island of guam, that it might CAPSIZE!!!!!…total !@#$%$ morons

  • DockyWocky

    It depends on how hard you throw the gun.

  • Herman L. McCloud

    What a bunch a braindead idiots, If ya take the guns away from people then only the
    crooks and bad guys will have the guns to threaten and rob and kill, just how are the
    people suppose to protect themselves in a self defense situation, I can only speak for
    myself when I say, If ya want my gun’s “Honarable California Councilwoman” then come
    and get them yourself, I personally invite you yo do just that. !

  • 1JBRice1

    Where is her brain? Oh, I forgot, she’s from California, she doesn’t have one.

  • tagdogs

    Somehow she must be related to the dumbass congressman from Georgia who thinks the island of Guam will tip over if too many Marines are sent there.These liberals are really mentally defective.

  • QuisPercusit

    That woman is more of a threat than any holstered gun loaded or not , she is certifyably insane if she actually believes what she said and if she doesn’t believe what she said she is criminally insane.

  • Hedley Lamar

    “They walk among us”
    No…. it’s more like you can be shot by a criminal or an idiot.

  • Jose Renato

    You have to be a complete moron to even think of being a liberal democrat in this or any other society.Wait and see,I am sure that this lying piece of crap will be the first woman president for this country and whats left of this country, after this ass—e turns it over to her will be thoroughly destroyed. I’m so glad that I’m in my last years on earth so I won’t have to see whats left after these next eight years.What a shame that our great country has to go to hell because of all the liberal crap-heads there are here.

  • Jose Renato

    What makes you think you have to be a moron to be elected to political office in california alone? Just look at what we have in the house now. If he had any guts at all, he would have taken the ball from The Sherrif of Arizona and followed it through to the justifiable end,and by now, we would have had our country back to normal. He’s too damned scared of people like Reid,Pelosi and the rest of the Libs to do whats right. We need him like we need another a–h—.

  • jim

    Why does the democRats in Mexifornia put so many women in congress? There arent any Men with Cajones as big as the women. Feinstein, Boxer and the loser above. These females are complete Idiots. Mexifornia, you deserve these cowards. Male democRats are are far and few in that place. Mexifornia is better then Illinois? Now there’s a bragging point.

  • Sam Kokenos

    Is it really possible that anyone could be this STUPID to believe that you can be shot with NO BULLET in a gun? Really? Are we really that DUMB? get your head out of your ass.

  • John Brinar

    Is this imbecile related to Hank Johnson of Georgia??? They both sound equally stupid….. Or do they share the same crack pipe???

  • John

    Can you say “Congresswoman, you are more of a threat than any gun.” Ever play Russian Roulette?? Chambers that are unloaded do not seem to have the same effect as those that are…

  • Jerry Harmon

    Just like Obama, If she say’s it enough people will believe it

  • headhunter

    sorry, but i’m not a moron and i vote in Ca. there are a lot of non-ultra liberal people in Ca., but there aren’t as many of us as there are ultra liberals who live on the coast. you know of course the other Ca.

  • Dave Miller

    This “party member” makes Forrest Gump look like Einstine

  • djw663

    Unloaded? I guess if they throw it at you! This woman is a moron, if the weapon is not properly cleared it still poses a threat not if it is unloaded.

  • Henry

    A council woman without a brain is a threat to society!

  • libertygeek

    Whaaaaa??? That’s quite possibly the stupidist thing I’ve ever heard anyone say.
    — NEWS FLASH —
    This just in,14 people were run over today by a parked car.

  • mrrick99

    I should wish that big earthquake would happen and wash all those California A–holes away!

  • alaanile

    What makes you think you have to be a moron to be elected to political office in california alone? Just look at what we have in the house now. If he had any guts at all, he would have taken the ball from The Sherrif of Arizona and followed it through to the justifiable end,and by now, we would have had our country back to normal. He’s too damned scared of people like Reid,Pelosi and the rest of the Libs to do whats right. We need him like we need another a–h—.

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  • alaanile

    What makes you think you have to be a moron to be elected to political office in california alone? Just look at what we have in the house now. If he had any guts at all, he would have taken the ball from The Sherrif of Arizona and followed it through to the justifiable end,and by now, we would have had our country back to normal. He’s too damned scared of people like Reid,Pelosi and the rest of the Libs to do whats right. We need him like we need another a–h—.



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