‘Burn This Bi**h Down!’: Mike Brown’s Step-Dad Caught on Video Inciting Violence

(Content Warning: Language)

Footage shot Monday night shows Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, calling for the crowd gathered to hear the outcome of a grand jury’s deliberations to “burn this b—- down.” Watch the video above to see Head’s comments and what people are saying about them. Before Head’s outburst over the decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson in Brown’s death, the teen’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, broke down in tears, saying “they took my baby.” The video clip circulated in social media, leading to criticism that Head’s words were a direct contradiction to the PSA released by Brown’s father last week calling for peaceful protests. At a Tuesday press conference, the Brown family’s attorney Benjamin Crump was asked about the video. “Raw emotion. Not appropriate at all,” replied Crump, who then added: “God forbid your child was killed, and somebody put a camera in your face. Don’t condemn them for being human.”:

via KSDK

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