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Bowhunting National Guard Soldier Is Competing For Miss America Crown

The Miss America Pageant won’t know what hit it when it lays eyes on Miss Kansas, Sgt. Theresa Vail. Once the competition’s preliminaries begin in Atlantic City, N.J., on Tuesday, Sept. 10, Vail will be the second contestant in the military to compete (Miss Utah 2007 was a combat medic in the Army National Guard). But when she struts down Boardwalk Hall in her bikini, she’ll be breaking a long-standing taboo with her two giant tattoos – the insignia for the U.S. Army Dental Corps on her left shoulder and the Serenity Prayer running down her right side. “Why am I choosing to bear my tattoos?” Vail says. “My whole platform is empowering women to overcome stereotypes and break barriers. What a hypocrite I would be if I covered my ink. How can I tell other women to be fearless and true to themselves if I can’t do the same? I am who I am, tattoos and all.”

  • Elle

    Impressive, but hypocritical. Why didn’t she have the balls to show “her ink” at the state pageant/Miss Kansas? For that reason alone, she deserves to make the top-50 at Miss A on September 15. Just sayin’ . . .

    • fiftysevenchevy

      Have you ever seen a woman with Balls? Well……….there is One exception that I know of. Cher’s daughter Chasity who became Chad! I don’t think Theresa had that surgery!

  • RalphMalph

    Nice looking … obviously took her vitamins … well spoken and a vocabulary … proud of her State + Country.

    The only things telling the tale of her being ‘ Todays Child ‘ …. tattoos, sadly … but then, I’m Old School. Me and my Boy Scout Manual sure seem to be a thing of the past.

    • Lady Pagan

      I am not fond of tattoos either, being traditionalist. The only kind I would possibly be all right with are the permanent makeup kind for ladies. That being said, the subject matters of her body ink are not in the least offensive, or inappropriate. One speaks of courage, service and sacrifice. The other speaks of Faith, serving, and humility. If anything, I think that those are worth “inscribing into the temple walls”.

  • Rodney

    Too bad she is a bowhunter. That means she kills for pleasure. What a pervert!

    • DrSique

      Really, asshat??!!!! It takes a lot more skill to hunt with a bow than looking through a rifle scope. Go back to HuffPo.

    • Centurian2010

      Unlike you liberals who promote more than 3,000 murders a day through abortion. Get lost.

      • fiftysevenchevy

        Right on Centurian, That was one of the dumbest post I’ve read in a Long time! Only a Liberal DUMOCRAP could post something like that!

    • philwynk

      Self-righteousness, but without moral sense or intellectual force. How… pleasant.

      Are you certain that the pleasure of bow hunting comes from killing? Positive? No other possibilities? Are you certain that enjoying hunting requires perversion? Perversion of what? According to what standard? What makes that standard authoritative?

      I don’t expect a reply. Candidly, I don’t think you’re capable of an intelligent answer. If you were, you likely would never have said something so self-righteous in the first place.

    • GinoV

      Whats your name Rodney DUMB the guy below said it all this girl has talent brains and she is beautiful and she loves her state and her country…….she got my vote.
      Their are many who shoot guns and are bow shooters as well di you ever hear about just target shooting only.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Just like you annoy for fun, Rodney. You’re no better; in fact, you are MUCH worse.

    • Lady Pagan

      Excuse me, but I beg to differ. Bow hunting requires skill and stamina, and gives the animal a chance. It also gives the soul weight because you are taking a life. Whereas guns, though requiring equal but different skill, trivializes the game. Guns are an equalizer that give the weaker a chance against the stronger. I admire her for using a bow and arrow. I also admire those who hunt for food. As a sport, I prefer gymnastics.
      As to being a “pervert”, what proof do you have? Do you even understand the definition of a word you sling so carelessly about? Please take the time to invest in a dictionary that the liberal leaders have not “perverted” in the past 50+years. Then you can put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

      • chamuiel

        “Bow hunting requires skill and stamina, and gives the animal a chance.
        It also gives the soul weight because you are taking a life.”

        Do you seriously think that gives the animal consolation as they lay dying? Hey you gave my soul weight.

        You are not only a pagan, but are loony tunes!

    • fiftysevenchevy

      How do YOU know she kills for pleasure??? Have you ever hunted with her? Did she tell you that? I highly suggest you keep your big Jibs shut unless you know for sure what you’re talking about!!!!!! What an idiot!

    • Barbara John Anderson

      Rodney Are You A Meat EATER IF SO Shut UP————–JOHN

  • Jack Laurie

    She is beautiful, smart, and an overall good person…I hope she wins

  • sandman

    What a very nice young woman! and I wish her the most luck! sadly however she will be a sacrifice and bypassed on the altar if political correctness which in itself is a oxymoron!

  • Dave

    Beautiful…outdoors type…tough…military background…I’m definitely rooting for Miss Kansas.

  • bless2live

    It’s a deal! I will vote for you!

  • TJefferson

    That’s our girl! #Kansas


    She’s go my vote!

  • Jerry McMasters

    Easiest vote I ever cast…go girl.

    • glop

      So sad you have b.o.’s picture as your post.

  • JKC

    Miss Utah Jill Stevens UTNG soldier competed a couple years ago.

  • Sunshine Kid

    I’m a sixty six year old man; spent 25 years in the USAF and sport a clean skin – NO tattoos, just a few scars, but had no choice in getting those).

    • Lady Pagan

      Thank you sir, for your service. As the youngest child of, and youngest sister of Asian immigrants (I’m the only one that was born here in the US), I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As to the body ink, what can I say, but that it’s a new generation. They will continue to make the same mistakes we did in a different environment, and learn that we are all ultimately human. Good luck to her!

  • chamuiel

    She would have been much more impressive with out the tattoos.

    The fact that she is a SGT in the Army, and a Bowhunter makes her stand out.

    The tattoos offer no enhancement to that.

  • Mileaway

    I have no knocks for this beautiful American. However, I kept finding myself thinking of Steve Martin at times.

  • ItalianScallion

    Make babies and get back in the kitchen.

  • bamissfa

    came here thinking this was another homosexual or transexual or transgender article.
    so much of that it’s expected.
    A soldier WOMAN

  • W_R_Monger

    My daughter had learned to shoot a bow at seven and loves it. I’m an Army vet of 17 yrs so I can definitely say that Theresa Vail has certainly accomplished a lot in her life. Although I don’t wish for my daughter to join the Army I can hope that she turns out as well as Theresa. Go get em’ girl and HOOAH!

  • John Varner

    She is very pretty; but, I wish she would quit bragging. Serve your country, and get on with your life. Goodbye, and good luck.

  • mickey

    “BARBIE” should fashion a special addition doll after her as she seems like a great example…but I doubt if they ever would. BTW did she win Miss America?

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