Boston Bomber To Be Buried at Arlington National Cemetery

…if Julie Frein has anything to say about it.

“Tamerlan Tsarnaev, aka: The Islamic jihadist scumbag, aka: the dead Boston Bomber will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery if one US Air Force Veteran has her way.
Yes, you heard that right. The murdering, older brother who killed three and maimed hundreds more innocent people at the Boston Marathon, including an eight-year-old blown to bits has been offered a National Cemetery burial plot by a USAF veteran named Julie Frein.”

via JoeForAmerica

Update: For clarification, the only way Frein is eligible for burial at Arlington is because her husband is a retiree from the Navy, otherwise, she’s not eligible, according to the regs. It appears that her gravesite isn’t something she can give away.

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