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Border Patrol Agent’s Stunning Response When a Trucker Asks If Citizenship Matters

  • Docs357

    It used to and hopefully soon it will again real soon

  • CaptTurbo

    Enough to make you wanna barf. Is it time to hang the Muslim usurper in the public square yet?

    • Korny

      Five years ago.

  • Dug FmJamul

    Unfortunately the honesty of this BP Agent might get him fired!

    • Tony G.

      or a medal from Obama ……………………. the true hurts ………………

  • Black Knight

    And thanks to the idiot in the white house, he is right. The sooner we get that Obama removed from office, the better this country will be.

  • Pat Alexander

    Our government is selling our country away piece by piece! It is called “theft” by a tyrant corrupt government. Congress pretty much all traitors by now! Should be a time in history where the American people took back America. These criminals will be tried and sentenced for treason and other high crimes.

  • racindavid

    He should have said “No habla…” They’d probably hand him an EBT card, a phone and $500 cash.

  • Demon_Semen

    Wow, what a c@cksucker trucker.

    • darkcloud

      And the truth will set you free!

    • The Brigadier

      How many people should be allowed into the U.S. you idiot? 70, 000 this week 700,000 next month, 7,000,000 by this time next year? You are the Csucker.

      • Demon_Semen

        F!ck off douchebag. We’re talking about refugees, little kids fleeing violence. Do yourself a favor and eat a bag of cum.


      It’s IDIOTS like you Demon ( perfect name by the way), who are responsible for giving us SCUMBAG TRAITORS like OBAMA. Believe me IDIOT, you will suffer like the rest of us AMERICANS when all of this LAWLESNESS catches up to us. You just keep voting for people like the CSUCKER in the White House and it will happen faster than you think. Either you’re a COMMIE or just plain STUPID.

      • Demon_Semen

        Wow, you are really dumb. I wish I could shoot a load of donkey cum in your face, but I heard your husband is using it.

        • YOLADANE

          You have the intelligence of an ant and the class of a pig Demon_Semen. Decent people can not have a conversation with someone like you because common sense can’t penetrate your FILTHY MIND. You are PATHETIC.

    • Tina Anthony

      He wouldn’t do that because he wouldn’t want your job !

      • Demon_Semen

        What job? Shooing Satan’s cum all over your face?

    • C-Ann-C

      I wouldn’t put so much on that trucker as I would on that Border Patrol agent! If that is the consensus of those BP agents, then what the heck are we paying them to stay down there in the first place?! Hell, by the time CONgress reconvenes in Sept, the money that is needed to keep paying this moron agents will likely be gone and then the only thing they can do is to let them all go and then our borders will be OPEN FOR EVERY TERRORIST to come on in and destroy our country!!! So, in the words of a former Sec. of State, who didn’t care about the 4 brave men including one of our Ambassadors at Benghazi who died in a deadly TERRORIST attack (yes, it WAS!), “What DIFFERENCE does it make?!”!!!!! Obungo and his administration can go “F” themselves!!

      • BigGeezer

        so why are you upset with this agent? The front line agents care deeply about the illegal invaders that are flooding across our boarders. Like he said… unfortunately there isn’t much they can do because their liberal bosses and political hacks have hand cuffed them from enforcing the laws of our once great country. Want to be pissed… place the blame at obama and the liberal fools who are in charge … not just politically but bureaucratically.

  • Maria castro

    Does he has any choice? He would have been called raciiiiist and prosecuted. I should have brought up a funny bilingual talking “loro” that the coyotes offered me to pass for us$100.00. I could have taken him to my vet. I was responsible, and I didn’t want to hurt America…..Can you imagine the traffic with children? This has been going on for years.

  • homer1057

    tHIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU HAVE “diversity” and “DIVERSITY” always kills any nation! Just STUDY history and you will see that this is the case! The world, or rather, tthe Govt’s of the world, think we should be Diverse, and we should all be alike! That’s a crock of crap! GOD said to “Be Ye separate” 2 Cor 6:17 KJV! Race mixing and Integration and diversity is always a nation killer! I am NOT a part of this world, except I live here but I do NOT want to be a part of the people who hate Jesus Christ and who deny the same! i am just a stranger and I am just passing thru! This world is wicked and has the devil for its father, and i have God for mine! how about you??? 2 corinthians 4:4/.Ephesians 2:2 KJV!!


      I’m with you homer1057. Satan lives in the White House right now. We know in our hearts that GOD will win in the end and I feel that the end is very near. EVERYTHING is now upside down. Morals are almost gone totally. Truth is laughed at and mocked. Law breaking is the norm for this Administration and the more they break it the bolder they get. It will all end in HELL for them. I just pray for Gods protection for the believers.

      • Seldena

        the Demonrat Party is the EVIL Party and Satan is the father of them all. John 8: 44

        • Ray_Downen

          Obama now controls the Democrat Party, it seems. What a pity! My parents were staunch Democrats, having fallen in love with Franklin Roosevelt and supposing all Democrats were good like they thought Roosevelt was.

          • Seldena

            All my family loved FDR too! BUT, soon we all became Staunch Constituional Conservatives! We could not stand with KKK being a BIG part of the Democratic Party and what all they wanted to do to blacks. We are Christians and this was wrong then and still is!! They use the blacks for votes. They lie to everybody.

        • YOLADANE

          Right on Seldena but there is no more Democrat Party. It is now the COMMUNIST PARTY. We who have any common sense at all know this. Can’t believe how many blind fools are out there that have no idea.

    • C-Ann-C

      We’re with ya, homer1057, believe me. There are groups of us who still reverently respect and pray to the only God there ever was and his son, Jesus Christ, have already saved those of us who believe in him and trust him implicitly and as long as we repent our sins we will be saved and be granted access into his kingdom. We are on our “last days” and Christ WILL show his self to us up there in the clouds…it is inevitable, and it will happen. If it doesn’t in my lifetime, so be it, but I’d really would love to see him “up there in the air” to meet with him, other than that, I know my soul will reach up there to him as well. We must put all our trust in the Lord, for his truth “shall set us free”. We know who’s the destroyer and the evil one….don’t let that destroy you, nor that the world “is wicked” and perverse, we have to place all our trust and strengths into the one true God who has been watching all of this since time began. It is our faiths that will outshine those without it, just think about that.

  • Combatvet52

    We have to get our country back where it was and belongs this administration has to be thrown out into the sewers.

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Three points to consider together:

    1- Obama is encouraging people who might have TB or Ebola to come to the US.

    2- On July 31st, Obama signed an executive order giving himself authority through the Surgeon General’s office to arrest people with respiratory illnesses.

    3- The Affraudable Care Act includes a provision for the creation of an army euphemistically called a “Ready Reserve” under the same Surgeon General.

    Will this be used not to arrest the sick but as a ruse to arrest Obama’s perceived enemies? There are 2.4 billion dumdum and high velocity bullets waiting to know the answer.

    • C-Ann-C

      Point well taken, DoctorWCC, and I also read articles of why O’ has brought those 2 already diseased Ebola patients into Atlanta…and now I just read of 6 possible cases in NYC who are being tested for the Ebola virus! And we heard 2 days ago (on CBS — worse station to even trust!) that the Ebola virus “will not spread into the United States”!!!! Yeah, right!! That was from one of CBS’ medical staff people who don’t know JACK SQUAT about what’s going on! They are telling the public not to worry, when in fact they’d BETTER be IMMENSELY worried about this virus! And you are right that the reason he’s letting this virus in is to create his “army” — more like his “civilian army” (remember he said, “well, funded, well organized”…..blah, blah blah) —- and not only that, he’ll institute his “Marshal Law” as soon as this outbreak reports more people suspected of the Ebola AND as LONG as he wants WELL AFTER 2016!!!! Be prepared and BE WATCHING!!!! He does NOT want to GIVE UP HIS SEAT in the WH!!

      • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

        We have the most powerful most funded military in the world. Why would Obama want an internal security force as powerful as our military unless he has designs on taking over? It’s the only reason he would want such a force! Such a force is anathema to our form of government.

  • Orrie Froloff

    Bid farewell to America. There is no one left to stop our loss of her. She has been pillaged and raped by the very people who are suppose to protect her. The government is no longer abiding by the Constitution. If we want our country back there is only one way to do it.

    • Ray_Downen

      We can make a huge start if everyone votes straight Republican this November. If Obama continues control of the Senate, unusual steps will have to be taken.

  • John Beam

    Democrats have abandoned the importance of the citizen a long time ago. They’ve taken us completely for granted, and have placed all importance upon illegals and the entitled. When will people realize this, and stop lending their support to these cynical progressive criminals?

  • Brickshooter

    It’s got to be disheartening to come to work, go through the motions, and know you can’t do the job you’re paid to do because the man at the top has used his pen and his phone. IMPEACHMENT TIME!

  • Seldena

    How sad Americans! “Not anymore”. Well we do have a Constituion and laws and I for one know it does matter! Is this waht we weant our country to become? Wake Up Americans and stop this insanity!!! VOTE the Liberals,OUT!!

  • hagar2935

    Any time you vote for a RINo or a Liberal you are just supporting this position. TIME TO TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

    • C-Ann-C

      You hit that RIGHT ON, hagar! It’s not just the Democrats to be voted out, it’s ALSO the RINOs (Republican In Name Only) to GET OUT!! Like in my state, SC, we have “Grahamnasty” – Lindsey Graham, and we WANT HIM OUT NOW! But there are those, the LOW INFORMATION voters, the DUMBED DOWN voters, the voters who vote on Name Recognition only just because they know the name!! That is NO LONGER an excuse nor is it even voting RESPONSIBLY anymore! Just like it is to drive “responsibly”, you have to VOTE responsibly and if you do NOT know your candidates nor your Congressmen or Senators, then YOU ARE THE LOW-INFORMATION voter! We have to EDUCATE everyone in each state who the RINOs are — but its just UP to the PEOPLE to VOTE responsibly! That is the main crux of the entire election process!! The people who vote are the DUMMIES who DON’T DO THEIR HOMEWORK!! I do my homework, and I know who the RINOs are, who my representatives are and how they VOTE! I get emails on what they’re voting on ( has one you can sign up for, called “Megavotes”), and I’m actively involved in my county and I am a Precinct Executive Committeeman (EC), the most important part of being in the Precinct, the EC. This is the reason we get the same elected DORKS in Congress, because most of the people are NOT POLITICALLY involved! They don’t WANT to get involved, then they go out and VOTE for the RINO because they don’t know anything what they did!! It’s unnerving to watch these people who are SO IGNORANT of what is direly important that they are not being responsible when they vote. This year has to be the year that PEOPLE wake up to the REAL responsibilities that this country ENTRUSTS INTO THEM!! We cannot ENTRUST ourselves to these elected officials until WE are held responsible to be ENTRUSTED by this country! Just think on that a bit.

  • bayman61

    He did not even check his I. That truck could have been filled with drugs or cartel money. Do your job agent.

  • numorning2

    say a prayer for this border agent…he’s probably on the list now.

  • toongail

    Hope the agent does not lose his job for telling the truth.

  • Olaf the Hairy

    Thanks libs, thanks sincerely. I hope you got what you were seeking when you elected this guy and I am really sorry for those who even now still support them…….

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