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Bomb Explodes Right Near Anderson Cooper During Live Report From Gaza

Anderson Cooper was reporting live from Gaza on Sunday night, when he had a close call with the conflict that’s escalating in the region. In the midst of his report, a large explosion went off nearby.

Cooper instinctively ducked, remarking, “That was a rather large explosion” a few seconds later. “That was probably the largest explosion that we’ve heard just in the past, really in the past hour,” he added. “There have been a number explosions in the last hour or two.”

Without skipping a beat, Cooper continued to offer information on the situation.

  • megamo

    c’mon hammas! dial it in a little better, you’ll hit Anderson next time!

  • pat

    close! Not close enough, but close

  • SallyE

    It missed. Better luck next time.

    • WilliamSpires

      Good point, SallyE, I was thinking the same thing. This is perfect because the media just made a big deal about the pesky rockets not really causing much damage. Well if they made their mark in this particular case with the self-important Cooper they would have been right, not much of a loss.

  • deadhead

    Couldn’t have pulled a needle out of his ass with a tractor on that one……..

  • Fred Garvin

    Andy Vanderbilt looked like he was bobbing down as if he saw a stiff pud in front of him!!

  • Jonathan

    I bet he wet his panties.

  • Lee

    The booming sound was coming from behind him… Like he’s never heard that before…

  • Mort Leith

    How could they miss such a loud-mouthed libTard buttpak like him ! ! ?

  • junkmailbin

    most likely the shooter bumped the setting while smacking his wife

  • StephenFR

    Actually that is the first time I have heard him reporting on something that he did not feel the need to interject his own opinion on. Of course we did not get to hear the full report.

  • Jack Parker

    It didn’t explode anywhere near close enough!

  • George Vieto

    Oops. Better luck next time hitting the target. Maybe Anderson will get a wake up call to get his facts straight in reporting the news next time.

  • Stephanie

    Used to respect his coverage but now I see he’s as big a sham as his charlatan in office. Where was all this concern and professional journalism in Benghazi? We’d better not just let this Benghazi cover-up go away like Obama, Hillary and the media are trying to accomplish or I will completely give up any hopes. This is way to important for ANYONE to back down and not hold the slime in charge off the hook. Let them fry like those four Americans did as they were begging for help, and ignored while our supposed commander went to sleep and then off to Vegas, without a care. They’re pathetic.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Too bad he didn’t have a lump of coal in his buttcheeks; he would have squeezed out a diamond.

  • cordwinder

    If Hamas finds out cooper is gay, the bomb may be his best option

  • gypsy314

    To bad it would have been one less liberal main street media liar to battle in the civil war that is coming.

  • gwedem5995

    Of course this lib would be in Gaza and not in Israel and makes it look like the fault lies with Israel.

  • William Henry

    Cavorting with the enemy can be hazardous to your health.

  • Gringo Infidel

    Not close enough. Why is this gossip trying to portray himself as a ‘journalist?’

    That train left the station years ago.

  • ed

    he paid to have it planted so he could be famous

    • kellys

      Reminds me of Geraldo and the AK incident.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Not fond of the press but, at least he’s providing a legitimate target; THE CAMERA LIGHTS.

  • kellys

    This isnt set up is it, like Geraldo and the AK?

  • CK

    First time is not a charm in this case. I am sure those towel heads can do a better job than that!

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