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Bob Woodward: ‘Rat’s Nest of Concealment & Lies’ Behind Obamacare Website Disaster

Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward said Sunday a huge “secret government” and a government on “automatic pilot” has led to many of the concerns now making headlines. “They need to review this secret world,” he said of the Obama administration on “Face the Nation” on CBS. “You get to a point where it’s what do you worry about? Secret government.” National Security Agency spying both domestic and abroad and the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act are the results, he said.

via Politico

  • Remag1

    Bob Shitter is a Flaming Closet Liberal.

    • jimbo124816

      By saying he’s a closet liberal implies that he is trying to hide it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. He is openly flaunting his liberalism. It’s out there for everyone to see.

      It’s like saying Barney Frank is a Closet Gay.

  • jimbo124816

    Hey Bob Woodward, Watergate was about 40 years ago. get over it. There is a much bigger more pervasive scandal going on now, with people being killed, and your news media are covering it up.

    It’s time for you and your co-conspirators to get to work, and find out the truth about this administration.

    There are enough Pulitzers waiting for the picking, for all of you. All it would take are a few well researched articles, and this house of cards would fall in a day.

    • Melia Sese

      And then the bodies would fall next. Don’t count on it …

      • Donald York

        Your posts are interesting and i will follow you.

        • Melia Sese

          Thank you … I comment on these topics from time and time. Over the years I have made friends (and enemies) on both the political left and right because I try to cut through all of the packaging and determine what really is going on. It should go without saying that no one with a large audience or with something (like a large financial fortune) serious to lose is going to touch any of this. I have studied these subjects for quite some time. With the 50th anno of the JFK execution coming up in a few weeks, there will be more opportunities to go into some of this …

  • Chief Redeagle

    The Obama administration is nothing but lies.He lied when he said he was an American citizen.but he had all his school papers sealed.He is using a phony Social Security card belonging to a man who was up in age when he died.He has a phony birth certificate.A phony selective service card.This whole Obama info is a phoney.If a caucasion had done what this yahoo has done he would be sitting in Ft Levenwort KS prison cell.This joker is using his color and affirmative action to get a free pass to do what he wants..We as Americans should raise all hell about this double standared.This reverse discrimination.Hell I don’t know about you but I never owned any slaves.And as for my kin they never had any slaves most were treated like slaves themselves.If we don’t grow some Bawls and put his skinny ass out of the WH hes gonna destroy America.

    • Melia Sese

      Don’t hold your breath … Barry will continue to do the bidding of his real masters and then Hillary is likely to pick up the baton next. The beat goes on, and there isn’t anything we can do about it. If anyone were to make a serious attempt, that person will be either bought off or he will simply be made to disappear. This is the real world. Forget all that red-white-and-blue-4th-of-July stuff, we live under a criminal operation that sees us as mere pawns to be used and thrown away. And this didn’t just start, it goes back to the very beginning of the US. The Constitution was created as a way to keep the merchant and slave-holding class (who were the powers in the 1700s) in power and prevent anyone from threatening it (read Federalist #10 to understand the logic they used).

      All of the arguments were merely about which gang would call the shots – such as the one between Adams and Jefferson. Even the economics was a rigged game based on the gold standard, which could be manipulated to screw the workingman again and again. Read about the panics/crashes of 1819, 1837, 1857, 1873, 1892, 1907 if you want to learn more about how they did it. Hamilton saw this coming and tried to set up the precursor to our current central bank, but he was taken out by Aaron Burr before he could become President and carry the plan out completely.

  • hausman69

    I am still amazed how people think that this Administration is full of lies, Marxists, corruption, etc. What do you expect with this Marxist President coming from Chicago the land of corrupt politicians. The only other place that I can think of being as corrupt as Chicago is the State of California.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Or possibly Venezuela.

      • Linda C. Dines


        • TheSunDidIt

          So, spell checkers aren’t useful? Yep, have to agree.

    • Melia Sese

      See my detailed post above for the Chicago connection, which goes back to JFK.

    • beebee

      Whoa! How do we know that the “great O” comes from Chicago? All his background and records have been sealed from Day One, so who knows anything about him? Even the info presented that his mother was American has never really been proven. Who is he? Where did he come from? Is he the real Barry Soetoro, or an imposter? And the bigger question I have is, what route did he take to get here? Just a few things that I have wondered about. He has not acted as a true American who loves this country should act, and he and “the mooch” both have stated publicly that they hate America! Until his sealed records are opened and proved to be true (or not) nobody will ever really know, except a handful who know the truth. Will we ever know the real truth? I doubt it………….

  • Melia Sese

    They wanted to take out Castro in 1959 after he took over Cuba because the Mafia ran the casinos down there and he wouldn’t play ball. This was a “bipartisan” effort, started under Eisenhower (run by Nixon) and continued under JFK. Of course, the plotting led to the failed Bay of Pigs operation in 1961, after which JFK decided to drop the plan. This is one reason why some suspect that some of the operatives in Bay of Pigs (and their Florida mob boss Santo Traficante) had something to do with his assassination in 1963. Interestingly, some of the same folks involved also turn up nine years later in Watergate, like James McCord, E. Howard Hunt, and Frank (Fiorini) Sturgis. If one has any kind of a functional mind, s/he can easily connect the dots and see that our USA government has always been a criminal operation – and still is.

    Bob Woodward knows this fully well, and will take to his grave the true identity of “Deep Throat” – none other than Washington Post publisher Katherine (Meyer) Graham, who was the daughter of another (Jewish) mobster, former Federal Reserve Chairman (1930-33) Eugene Meyer. It is suspected he was in on the 1929 crash aftermath with Joseph P. Kennedy when the latter cleaned up by buying depressed assets. This is the same Joe Kennedy that ran booze across the Canadian border during the 1920s (Prohibition era) and got into a little trouble with the Jewish gang that ran Detroit mafia ops at the time. It was left to Chicago “Outfit” enforcer Sam “Mooney” Giancana to smooth things over and get Joe out of a serious jam. In the 1950s, by then head of the Chicago mob (he also controlled the Florida operation via Traficante), Giancana reminded Kennedy that he owed him big time. Once his son became President, he was expected to pay them back, but unfortunately, old Joe had a stroke which left him speechless and unable to control sons Jack and Bobby. They saw no reason why they had to honor their father’s deal and thus they turned on the mob – which is another group who wanted to get even. Add the CIA (angry over the termination of the Castro assassination plot) into the mix and you get a perfect storm that struck 50 years ago in Dallas. There is reason to believe the actual trigger man was Chicago capo John Roselli – who reportedly was paid $400,000 for the head shot on JFK – as part of a “triangulation” set up to ensure that at least one shooter would be successful. (Ironically the same set up was used some 31 years later to rub out a candidate for President of Mexico – was this the inspiration for that Mafia gang?)

    The criminals who run this whole operation don’t want you to know about these details and are content that future generations will believe the “lone nut” cover story on JFK, just like we were supposed to believe the same about the Oklahoma City 1995 bombing (and many other plots since JFK) … I could go into much greater detail about some of this but perhaps not such a great idea these days what with the NSA spy operations (btw, these started under George H.W. Bush – a former CIA director and also younger associate to the Warren Commission cover up in 1964).

    People want to know who Barack Obama actually is and who he’s really working for. I believe he is simply an operative of the same gang that gave us the Bushes and the Clintons (who were surrogates to George H.W. Bush). Bush the elder was also effectively President after Reagan’s second term began and Ronnie began to suffer from Alzheimer’s. It was Bush lieutenant William Barr (who served in the CIA when Bush was director during the 1970s, and later become US Attorney General) who told Bill Clinton in 1986 that he was on the short list to become President after Bush would step down in 1992. Apparently they appreciated the way Clinton kept the Arkansas cocaine smuggling operations under wraps while he was governor – the CIA has been involved in drug running and money laundering ever since the Viet Nam War. The primary purpose of that war was to keep the Communists from gaining control over the lucrative Saigon opium smuggling (back to Marseilles, France) operation. When the French had to pull out, the US took over (see Air America and the Phoenix Project for some details) and the profits had to be laundered somehow. Thus a network of shadow corporations was established in Australia and New Zealand during the 1970s for this purpose. The whole operation was coordinated by something called the Nugan-Hand bank and there is also some connection to my homeland of the Philippines and its corrupt leader Ferdinand Marcos (who was paid off with CIA drug profits in return for keeping US Air Force and Navy bases in the Philippines).

  • Stan Parrish

    A rats nest of concealment and lies.
    That just about sums up the Obama administration.


    Mr. Bob Woodward, Obama makes Watergate look like passing gas in the wind. Besides, congress did something about it. You’re losing all credibility by not calling Obama’s actions for what it is. This guy is making mobsters look mild. Obama is a man that only a mother could love and an extremely staunch and dedicated democrat would blindly vote for. Let the media itself be the prime example.

  • WardMD

    Hey Bob…
    It’s NOT JUST the Website!
    Care to name ONE example where Mr. Obama has been HONEST with the American People?

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