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Bob Beckel Explodes, Gets Bleeped During Fiery Response to ‘Unbelievable’ Obama Comment

The Five‘s Bob Beckel is known for being a little too colorful with his words. And in mid-rant today, it sounded like all the audio was muted, thus begging the question of what the hell must Beckel have said. Beckel was battling all the other Five hosts, who were arguing that President Obama puts political correctness before the security and safety of the country when it comes to fighting ISIS. As the others spoke, Beckel just put his head in his hands. Greg Gutfeld argued that Obama is more concerned about the U.S.’ reactions to external threats than he is about those threats. Dana Perino said Obama’s intentionally making the nation less safe. Beckel went on an angry rant, shouting “That is an unbelievable comment! I don’t…” before the audio suddenly muted and Beckel just ranted for a few seconds. The audio popped back in after Beckel was done. What did he say?!?! Lip-readers, get on it!

via Mediaite

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