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Bloomberg’s $50 Million Anti-Gun Campaign Is Trying to Scare You and Your Kids

Michael Bloomberg has pledged to pour 50 million dollars into his new gun control advocacy group, Everytown. The goal is to create a grass roots network of concerned mothers, mayors and Hollywood celebrities that can work to persuade Congress as effectively as the pro-gun lobby. The difference is while groups like the NRA want to protect the rights of responsible gun owners, Everytown wants to redefine them. They want to attack the 2nd Amendment by having gun owners register their firearms, ban ‘assault’ weapons, and make carrying guns on school, church and playground property illegal. The video above is their first advertising push, but would a responsible parent and gun owner leave their firearm in a shoebox in their bedroom closet, much less anywhere that their kids could get to it?

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  • TheTexasCooke

    “….shall not be infringed.”
    You can only spend a dollar once….so when he finishes spending his $50 mil and looses… will be money well spent.

  • Don

    Bloomberg shows jest how ignorant he is by spending so much to support more rich people and Lobbyist’s. He wants to buy his way into heaven he should take that Fifty Million dollars and spend it on the poor in his State and that might jest be the way to buy his way into heaven. Bloomberg’s ignorance jest shows how he thinks about making another rich man or men richer jest so he can be seen on TV. If he did spend his money to help the poor he would get a larger audience.

    • Steve Ahle

      Let the guy spend his money the way he wants….Being an idiot is the path this old, miserable soul chooses…If he wants to buy his pain he’s caused back, cool beans, it won’t do him a bit of good…just bad, like his politics and policies have proven to be time and time again.

  • jmac67

    The only thing that scares me would be if Bloomberg succeeds.

    • monacall

      It will only succeed if we let it. You got to be willing to fight for your god given rights. So are you? I am.

      • jmac67

        We will succeed because the gun grabbers will always under estimate the will of those of us who oppose them. They think that money and apathy will win for them where we understand that self preservation must take priority.

        • monacall

          I think its called survival of the fittest…. or the smartest….

          • stonemike

            Americans are famous for “trying to defend against oppression by lawful means”, but now that our struggle has come down SURVIVAL , we will eventually see “fine, compassionate Americans” strike down the enemies of freedom with “ruthless indignation” ! GOVT IS INHERENTLY EVIL !

  • toongail

    As a Christian, I know you cannot work or buy your way into heaven – only Christ’s righteousness can cover our sin nature.

  • standtallall

    I am all in favor of not carrying a gun…as long as I can borrow his cadre of gunslingers who protect his sorry rich rear!

  • Goldmouse

    Any one who ones a Gun Knows a Shoe Box is not proper Storage. Liberals are only ones stupid enough to even think of it. My Father Was a Police Officer. He taught I and my brothers proper gun Safety and even took us to the Range by the time we were 6yrs old. We knew Hands off his Firearms which all had a trigger lock on them. By the time I and my brothers were old enough we Kept our own hunting rifle in our rooms properly stored and secured. This short film goes to show how close mined liberals are and how stupid they think American children are. Time to shed light on Liberal Stupidity !

    • TAM44

      Myself and my sisters grew up in a house full of guns, we also knew what a whipping was too. We never touch my father’s stuff which included his guns as he taught us right from wrong, that’s something liberals cannot do as everything they teach is wrong.

      Got dad’s guns now and I keep them out of sight, only I and my wife know where they are and my children are grown now and I have grand children and great grand children. I love my guns and the second Amendment.

  • rivahmitch

    Dumbberg does scare me but it’s totalitarian outlook rather than anything to do with guns.

  • teamglock

    Phuque Bloomberg and the rest of his Nazi buddies . . .

  • Pat De ESposito

    Wow! I’m so scared I’m shaking (and it’s interfering with my aim)!


    And Bloomberg thinks that he can buy his way to Heaven. Well, Heaven is not for sale! It’s free but he must go thru the Lord Jesus Christ by becoming “born again” first and then follow God’s ways. But unless Bloomberg repent and receive Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior, he will be on his way to the other side where Satan resides. He can”t use his 50 Million Dollars to cool down Hell but would burn with him in the pit.

  • monacall

    Bloomberg how many hired guns do you have?

    • stonemike

      If Americans are forced to revolt (and Im sure they will be) , I believe these “deranged marxists” like bloomberg should be hunted and targeted like the “oppressive aggressors ” they are! bloomberg seeks to use the billions of dollars he has amassed , thanks to capitalism, to destroy both capitalism and our Constitutional Republic ! GOVT IS EVIL !

      • monacall

        He won’t be the only one hunted.

        • stonemike

          Of course not , the country will be a “target rich environment”, especially the east coast and parts of COMMIEFORNIA!

  • JimBob

    Just another socialist/liberal/democratic gun grabber. How dumb can voters be when they keep electing Bloomberg, Pelosi, Reid and all others who refuse uphold our constitution????

  • Willie Dowg

    Molon Labe.

  • disqus_zF6L9ZoyCy

    Hey Mike Blueberg your full of S–T I hope you piss away your whole bankroll that you stole from all the New Yorkers, we still won’t give our right to own a firearm you have to deal with 100 million plus gun owners, you and that other turd Cuomo will lose. BTW how many armed guards do you have protecting your fat azz.

  • SheriffJon

    This is why the NRAs Eddy Eagle program needs to be in every school in the country as a standard part of the curriculum. Using scare tactics like this is just plain dishonest. The Eddy Eagle program, along with parental involvement has instructed kids on the dangers of playing with firearms and the right thing to do when discovering a gun. Parents should be allowed to attend the program with their kids as this is a parent problem, not a kid problem and certainly not a gun problem.

  • bob machaffy

    And she would have used it on a burglar to save her life

  • Down to Earth Prepper.comFaceb

    Good propaganda film ?

  • Sunshine Kid

    Frankly, I hope he goes broke, spending money foolishly like that. The man is an idiot, the same as most liberals. It is not the legal gun owner that commits most crimes, it is the criminal with the stolen weapon or weapon bought from illegal sources that commits crimes. After all, criminals don’t care about laws, as laws are meant to be broken, according to them.

  • Bob

    Mr Bloomberg you did a very good job the first two terms, the third was un called for but now I wish you were back instead of the Communist party. Your knew venture will do nothing than polarize people that don’t care nor know anything about Gun Control. I owned a shot gun as far back as 15 years old and used to hunt, in later years I used it for trap shooting, the gun is still used by my son who trap shoots on occasion. I never belonged to the NRA but they will need support against your millions so I just applied for memership, and I would suggest anyone who believes in the 2nd ammendment do the same, it is inexpensive and is what America stands for. Seems to me the last few mass murders in schools Knives were used what are we going to do ban knives and forks. Come on get real.

  • Tom K.

    Legal Fire Arms in the Hands of Patriotic Americans at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada stopped Government Tyranny in its tracks. Bloomberg AND Harry Reid are NOT Freedom Loving Americans – they are CONTROLLERS / Anti-Freedom / destroyers of All that is good in America. And the score is: Cowboys 1 – Tyrants 0. As for this propaganda video – teach your children gun safety and remain armed against deadly threats from criminals from the street OR from the Government.

  • danhspoonhourdc

    The liberal left never gets tired of beating dead horses do they! They are a thorn in the side of clear thinking Americans who know better!

    • stonemike

      Americans will finally realize you cannot defeat “lawless aggressors” like “militant progressives” by limiting yourself to the very “laws” that they do not defer to! Eventually we will have to defeat “marxism” by actions that are RIGHT and UNAVOIDABLE, not necessarily LEGAL !

      • danhspoonhourdc

        Well, you know the old saying…”All’s fair in love and war!” We can be as sneaky as they can!

  • RayfromNY

    And if something like this happened, who would be at fault? I have had a firearm in my home for more than 40 years with 3 children from the time they were born. It is the parent’s fault!!!! Not the firearm. This has nothing to do with gun violence, this is all about gun control.
    We had an agent ( Law enforcement) who came home one night and sat on the living room sofa just for a few moments. He fell asleep. His weapon slipped out of his waist band. He awoke and went to bed. The next morning his three year old son found that weapon. (You know how he pulled the trigger.)
    Again, who is at fault? It is not the weapon.

  • RayfromNY

    PS. This video is disgusting. And though I have supported many of Bloomberg’s proposals, he is clearly wrong here. No matter what good he does, he can never “earn heaven”. No one can!

  • stonemike

    The “marxist midget” can try all he wants, we Americans are omnipotent, we will not be subjugated by oppressive govt, they have pushed us about as far as they can ! We will rise against “tyranny” and when we do, obammi and many , many other politicians in BOTH PARTIES should be tried and executed!

  • Rham

    Another clown who thinks he can do anything with money. He can spend all the money he wants and still will not make a difference. The guns are here to stay.

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