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Blood on the White House

  • Hiram Holiday

    So poisonous was the reign of Obama that nature turned on itself, and people turned on each other. The land died, and with it… hope.
    Paraphrase from “Snow White and the Huntsman”.
    The Coward of Benghazi has stolen the spirit of this country.
    We have the Constitution, but criminals don’t follow the law.

    • Taskmasterendgame

      With Obama the Issue is not the Issue. The Issue is the Revolution.
      Folks we are in a real Revolution with Obama and his minions,
      This country and all it stands for is on the edge of falling off the cliff.
      The USA fighting Obama’s Left wing Revolutionaries

      Read: “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution the Alinskey Model ”
      By David Horowitz

  • bitemehardleft

    Its time for a good old fashion proper treason hanging….

    • Dennis Pollard

      Amen to that.

  • TW

    So who are these guys at Boston marathon that were willing to participate in the crimes there? Military sellouts that have become mercenaries for hire.

  • 820 REDHORSE

    First ,Thank you Wild Bill for posting your videos. And how deep this will go is anyones guess, but I agree with WB, The poser administration has picked a fight with the wrong bunch!! The Special ops troops know how to follow a trail and track information, not the kind of people you want to crap on or try to decieve. God bless’em and support them!!

  • LLinLa

    The BEST 2 minutes always on YouTube or Conservative Videos (actually a little over three this time!) because Wild Bill speaks more truth in one minute than the MSM or Obama Administration in . . . well, okay, I’m limited in time. Let’s just say eternity. If ever even then . . .

  • gwander53

    I have a 21 year old son. I’m doing everything I can to discourage him from joining the military while these people are in power. I consider myself a patriotic American. Under different circumstances I would be proud to have my only son fighting for our country. But I will not sacrifice my only son in service under such criminal and dishonorable political leadership. Maybe there should be a Benghazi style attack at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    • emjay98

      I can’t say I disagree with you. If I had a family member old enough to join, I, too, would try to discourage him or her not to join until these current idiots in charge, are gone. They apparently have no regard for the military, and their reason for not sending help to those in Benghazi should be a matter for impeachment or criminal charges. What a disgusting display of cowardice and simply a matter of not having a patriotic bone in their bodies.

    • blessed

      I’m with you…I have 2…But I have discussed with them how this adminstration is not for our military and is doing all they can to leavethem stranded with no weapons, no means to protect themselves not to mention their christian rights are not allowed in this military as well as their pay, schooling, perks (so to speak) are at is not worth standing in for THIS administration…they, thankfully are in agreement with me…they are needed HERE not elsewhere..

  • heididav

    want a semi automatic weapon, because I can thats why FREEDOMS!

  • Persuasive

    Sir, you are in the fore of the effort to awaken a sleeping giant in those Americans who will bring to the battles that lay ahead. Please go to for my book I’d Much Rather Laugh! How You Can Save America from Ridicule and Ruin because this is No laughing matter. Quite the contrary. Picture a Hillary Clinton as your next president. Impossible, well she waltzed into NY State and did this east coast state and did many, if not most of us wrong. Can’t happen on the national level. Think again people, recall your history these fifty years. Keep up the tempo Sir. I’ll do what part I am able as well.

  • Phaenius

    Wow, somebody in the patriot movements that actually has confidence in our moms, dads, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters in the armed forces to remain with the people. I do not believe when our government is discovered at being in a state of war with the people, that it is the police or the soldiers that need shooting…but the ones that place our people as a buffer to the wrath of the people against tyranny should be the ones to be shot when such an event, similar to that at the begining of what is called our “revolution” that made us seperate from Great Britain, occurs. Remember that the mentor of our founders, John Locke, the one giving Jefferson whole cloth his philosophy found on the Declaration docutment, says that the people are NOT in rebellion when by force they try to return their government back to the origianl protections found in their constitutions, but the government that tries to use the force of the community to tyrannize the people.

  • WhiteFalcon

    I think that charges should be filed against old lady Clinton and then make her defend hersekf in open court. There is enough evidence to put up a credible prosecution and that would force her to either put up a better defence and maybe even tell the truth or spend time in Federal Prison after being convicted of whatever charges were brought against her. I believe that the truth will also involve Ovomit which would criminalize him and he could be thrown out of office. Dumbo Biden is , without doubt, involved as well and could go down on the same ship.

  • iweejane

    O.k., everyone…lots of talk, now what do we DO? Do we wait until this illegitimate administration controls our beloved country COMPLETELY, as they’ve planned to do? They’ve already done many things to our freedoms that we should never have accepted and our representatives should have never allowed. Do we wait until we become another Socialist/Marxist?Communist cess-pool? They slope is rapidly becoming steeper and slipperier.

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