Black Woman Unleashes Blistering Tirade Against Sharpton, Obama & De Blasio!

(Content Warning: Language)

This video was posted on Monday after the police shootings in New York City on Saturday. This woman goes off on Al Sharpton, Bill De Blasio and Barack Obama over their public rantings about race.

“Again, at some point you people are going to have to realize we need to take back our own street. We need to stand up to these thugs, these criminals. We need to do what we need to do because the politicians are just making it worse. We are heading for a war that no one is prepared for. You have all these people posting pictures of themselves and video of themselves online talking about “Ooh, you are Mike Brown” with guns and automatic weapons. I hope to God all these videos are collected and they gather up all you a$$holes and Guantanamo Bay each and every last one of you.”

via gatewaypundit

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