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Black CNN Host Supports O’Reilly’s Race Comments, Is Then Criticized By White Guest

CNN anchor Don Lemon came to the defense of Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Saturday regarding O’Reilly’s heavily-criticized take regarding crime in the African-American community.

“In my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough,” Lemon said in a commentary, before going on to list five tips for Black Americans to improve their living situation, starting with an entreaty to young African-American men to stop letting their pants sag as a fashion choice.

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  • chamuiel

    These liberals, if not so pathetic would be funny.

    • Shane

      It takes a lot of guts for a black guy on CNN to say this. I hope more Americans speak out about the lowering of our culture.

  • Solis

    Amazingly well balanced presentation.

  • Randolph Rivers

    The white guy and the senator were not worth listening to. The tv and radio host both understand the issue. This will never be solved as long as we have stupid white people and worthless senators. ( most of the senate and congress D&R are worthless liars. ) I’m a 50 white teacher who sees this issue everyday. The students who do their work, dress appropriately, and participate in sports/school activities come from working families. What I mean by working family is married and together. It doesn’t matter what the color or race. It starts with a real family not the new norm we see on the stupid box.

    • boone1

      The white guy and the black woman Rep.are the problem in this country they think most blacks do no wrong when they do 80 to 95% of the crime in this country.Boy it must be nice to be stupid and liberal at the same time.

    • Rick

      That makes a lot od sense Randolph. I don’t envy you your job.

  • Mort Leith

    O’Reilly had it right ON ! ! !

    Liberals and BLACKS REFUSE to accept responsibility ! ! !

    They are TOTALLY accountable for their own condition ! !!
    Single BLACK women continue to breed 7+ chilRENs in order to NEVER work EVER ! ! !

    Young kids KNOW when they are nothing more than a Welfare PAYCHECK ! ! !
    and KNOW when there is NO parental or legal accountability !

    • squeak

      It is a viscous circle… single parent with 7 children , the more children , the more funds she receives, when those children grow up they will follow in the footsteps of the parents, It just continues… Liberal Government love it, they supply them of their wants & needs in exchange for their support & votes… It all starts with our Government in Washington !

      • Rick

        Absolutely no clue as to how black people in this country will ever return a sense of dignity to their lives. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as king obozo throws them some crumbs.

      • PeaverBogart

        Exactly, I was in Memphis and stopped at a Churches Fried Chicken to get some chicken. There was a black man in front of me in line and another black man came in and said to the one in front of me “Hey man watcha been doin’ and the man in front of me says “I been makin’ babies, da mo babies I makes, da mo money I gets.

        • squeak

          I believe it, they brag about it… he probably was saying that for your benefit, rubbing your nose in it… I do not mind those that are in temporary need, but NOT a life time need, that is what really irritates me… time for a HUGE CHANGE, OUR WAY !

  • Ron

    A lot of whites should pay attention to this guy also.

  • ARMYOF69

    I feel sorry for the few, educated and intelligent conservative blacks. I do know a few.

    • Beedogs

      “Most” blacks and “almost all” liberals in general” attempt to destroy conservative blacks. They attempt to drive them back into group think and back onto the democrat planation by calling them things like Oreo, Uncle Tom, and worse. Barack Obama the Community Agitator was famous for this tactic before election to POTUS. Now he as the pulpit to divide the entire country by race, class, religion, and politics.

  • Jeff Scism

    O’Reilly and this guy are both correct. The Black Community is on a path of glorifying failure. Government policies and the Welfare State are complicit, but the onus is on the Black Community to grab the reins and ride their way out of this spiral. One of the FIRST things they need to do is to stop supporting the Race Pimps. The Race card is a crutch that denies responsibility, and always pushes it off on outside factors. If you can not see your own part in your situation, then you can not fix it. The race card and all of its ramifications are controlling how The World looks upon American Blacks. (Not “Black-Americans”). The American Black community needs to be less race focused and more accomplishment focused. IF the perception is that things are happening “just” because someone is black, then that needs to be seriously dealt with, but to assign racism to anyone who disagrees with you, on any subject, is in itself racism. Society in general has a structure which empowers success, that is a RULES structure which if the individual adheres to it, opens pathways to progress and success financially. The Black community seems to bash this pathway, and fight against any of its members who follow it. The community needs to define its own culture, BUT it also needs to assimilate into the culture which leads out of poverty. It REALLY needs to escape racial genocide, promoted by targeted birth control, and the non-responsibility for fatherhood. One out of five black households has a resident father. That is a BASIC breakdown of the first economic line of stability. There is no financial teamwork to fall back on.

    MOM needs help, from Dad, and if he isn’t there….. Then the future is bleak.

  • joepotato

    This entire Z-man/ Trayvon fiasco has been a welcome distraction for the O’Soetorobama regime… Bill O has been forbidden or he’s too F-n stupid to realize that our real problem begins with the Indonesian candidate and his “phony ID’s” (LFBC etc) that is the coverup of the decade. Everything else pales in comparison to having a foreign Marxist Muslim acting as a legit POTUS and Commander (dictator) in Chief. How can these people live with their lies? OK, maybe the body count incurred by the usurper being covered up is worth some major scrutiny too ….

  • Susan

    Sodomites are debasing the Black males and destroy Virtue (Excellence)—-since Margaret Sanger—she wanted Blacks sterilized and eliminated. Since Dewey–a Socialist–destroyed curricula in public schools to remove Knowledge and Wisdom and Virtue—-their illiteracy rate dropped from 90% (yes—during Jim Crow) and it is below what now??????? It descends so fast I couldn’t tell you now. Government destroyed the American Indian family too–same reason……they want dysfunctional slaves—a mobocracy to use them when they are needed.

    Sodomites debase women, vulgarizes, degrades women so they will destroy the minds of any children they “care” for—all homosexual cultures hate women and prefer boys for sex. They want the boys saggin’ their pants.

    Virtue is necessary for Freedom. When you have no Virtue—you have no family/loyal people who you can count on. You are a slave of the state for everything and destroy everything.

    Look at the evil white guy—who wants Blacks to stay in the sewers/plantations and wreak havoc so the Marxists can impose total slavery on everyone.

    The Fix—get government OUT of education. It is designed to make slaves for the State. Homeschool or get one of your relatives to “teach” your kids.

    As Socrates stated—-the ONLY reason for education is to teach Virtue. (Virtue is Justice, Wisdom, Courage, Temperance). Think about it—Great Men throughout the ages have had all these Virtues. ALL OF THEM since Virtue is Excellence. Reason elevates Man about the emotions of the animal…..Marxism (central education) reduces man to animal—just instincts devoid of Knowledge/Wisdom/Virtue. Public Schools blur Good and Evil unlike the Classics did—they tell little kids to take “Pride” in anal sex and destroy Reason and Logic and Virtue with one evil sick concept.

    Sex Ed (Lukacs/Adorno) was invented to corrupt and warp children’s sexual identity formation which demands INNOCENCE—-Black families destroy the innocence of their children which removes Virtue (excellence). Many don’t understand Rousseau and how it warps all perceptions of Reality and removes Reason.

  • harleydavidson

    Don Lemon, you are such a breath of fresh air. Please keep up the message. I am sure a LOT of people are with you on this one. The ones who disagree with you simply have an agenda. And yes, we have an agenda too…our agenda is to get the Blacks off this proverbial wagon of they can’t do anything without handouts. I applaud your courage to speak up.

  • randolph.poole

    You see, Whites are equal opportunity douche bags, as the quest shows!

  • darlingrats

    Go ahead white sympathizer, keep feeling your ” white guilt “. Dont you even get it that BLACK pastors are flat telling their congregations the truth? keep feeling your ‘white guilt”. I however as a white woman have nothing to feel guilty for. Just so pathetic.

    • boogieboo

      what in the world is darlingrats talking about?

  • LLinLa

    Maybe there is hope at CNN with Mr. Lemon on the staff! That is about the most fair and balanced piece I’ve heard from the MSM IN MY LIFE! I’m a Conservative and it is refreshing to hear Truth from our Black community. I just hope Mr. Lemon can weather the storm of Truth being told.

  • Joeblk

    Ahhhhhh,,,the Left is left with eating its own…

  • libssukkalot

    Thank you Don Lemon it’s so good to finally hear someone who’s Black and in your position speak the truth with common sense again on this issue. I don’t know who Skolnik is but while watching this I really wanted to slap the crap out of him…I guess he’s one of those Democrat leaders who likes to keep em on the Plantation as they say. It’s the likes of him and the Congresswoman who turn a blind eye or deflect with something other than what’s being talked about that keeps the problems perpetuated…I guess they, like Al Sharpton and Jessie, have to though…it’s how they make their living!

  • Don

    It is so refreshing to see and hear blacks acknowledge that there is a problem in the black “culture”. The first phase of recovery with any problem, is the acknowledgement that there is a problem. As long as “anyone” is in denial, the problem will not be addressed.
    Obama says he wants to have a dialogue, and O’Reily and the CNN anchor, Don Lemon laid out the problems very well. The question or challenge now is, “What is the black leaders plan to address the issues as laid out?

    No one can correct the problems in the black community other than the blacks themselves. The continual blaming of “whitey”, which has been allowed to occur by the race baiters Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and even Obama himself, as well as other black leaders does nothing to solve the problems, but only tries to shift the blame rather than teach and take personal responsibility for their actions..
    Personally, I feel sorry for the blacks who have taken the steps required to rise above it all and made successes of their lives, only to be lumped back into the black problem as a whole. That is not at all fair to these individuals

    I notice the first thing the black Congresswoman did was attempt to spin it back to the white community in referring to the few mentally disturbed whites who have committed mass murders. That in itself is a shame, and I believe their targets were in general members of te white race, but is not indicative of the white race’s actions as a whole.

  • LittleMoose

    Here is a liberal black commentator trying to have an honest discussion on the black environment and all he gets from the liberal black congresswomen and a liberal white businessman is grief. I’m convinced that all liberals want is to keep the black community depressed for their own liberal power. God forbid that they should really help them.

    • jenjen

      The far left is doing the only thing they know how: refuse to face the facts, and the evidence, and blame someone or something else. It’s all about refusing to be accountable for your own self. A society that refuses to be held accountable will surely continue to go down hill. It is self-destructive! (Look at Detroit, California, etc.)

  • Fred_K

    The commentator was set up by the liberals to be chastised for telling the truth, and not race baiting like the rest of the leftist. I agree with him wholeheartedly and would like to see the black youth act civilized, instead of like animals, or two year olds.

  • 1228wt

    The white leftist through their media has been beating the drum of hate for a long time.Some people spoke out but the white leftist media painted them as racists, both blacks and whites. It’s the white leftist liberal that fans the flames of hate. They did just that with the Zimmerman case, riling up blacks and then organizing the black haters to march in the streets and giving them signs for a photo op. Like in the past the liberal haters are given a pass by politicians, conservative media and the American people. If anyone does speak up its meek and then on to something else. The leftist media and the leftist politicians are the cause of black hate and black as well as white failure but Americans are low toned about it at best. The leftist are the cause but we have allowed it through our silence. This is about division of Americans while the socialist takes our country. It’s obvious to most people but they talk themselves out of it so they have an excuse not to act. We have become cowards.

  • 1228wt

    I’ve been reading the many comments about agreeing and keep it up and it’s about time somebody like Lemon said this. How about us. Is it about time we the people did something. We are always looking for someone else to do something. I hear God will do it. Or we need the blacks to speak up. I seem to remember when the American people said, where are the Muslims on all the killing? Well the Muslims in Egypt showed you where they are. Where the hell are we? The bs coming from the Americans is making the people who lived in the home of the brave turn over in their grave. If you are looking to God, he has left, just look around you. Start by quitting the useless republican party and the tea party who has done what during all these scandals. Pass it on and hope everyone will start putting enough pressure to get rid of the so call heads. Speak up for Rush Limbaugh instead of saying he’s too right. You can never be too right but you can be too left. Talking about brave, Rush needs to be given the medal of honor.

  • danE DanE

    When is everyone going to recognize that this type of crap is not going to STOP, but only get worse. The last days will be full of violene. Jesus is coming, bottom line.

  • Ruby_Con

    Skolnick is no different than a slave era plantation owner that doesn’t want anyone or anything coming between him and his exploitation of uneducated and ignorant blacks, so as to further enrich himself to their detriment.

  • Stan Parrish

    It’s not often I hear common sense coming from anywhere near CNN. Don Lemon did have a lot of things right. But he did not address the culture of separation that is rife in the black community. They act as if they are separate from us rather than a part of us. Immigrants assimilate into the American culture better than blacks because of that culture of separation.
    On a side note blacks should never use the word n_gger when speaking. No matter what their intent is when using that word, the practical effect is that it is made part of the lexicon. People have a hard time with a proposition that says it’s okay for you but not for me. So kill the word and speak like everybody else. That is a big step in being treated like everybody else.

  • bamissfa

    not really a fan of Don Lemon.

    but. most educated people like him understand what BR meant. WORKERS understand what BR meant. Self respect comes from WORK. There is dignity in WORK legal moral work.

    I’d rather work as a garbage collector than deal drug or deal in human trafficking or be on the government welfare and food stamp programs.

    if people understood the value of work, they would demand the fed gov put limits on the handouts. Fed handouts have destroyed the black family unit.

    • bamissfa

      stop paying per person in household or per child rates for food stamps and welfare. THIS is the main thing that causes women to not care about having out of wedlock babies

  • bamissfa

    don lemon needs to come on board with Fox. He gets it. So he’s not really a liberal.

  • Donald York

    This Jay-z character is a worker for corruption. Our President holds these kinds in high esteem. What does that tell you? Don Lemon was exactly right in his analysis of the culture of hip-hop. Another promoter of corruption is Lil’ Wayne. This man is an alley cat, probably kicked around all his life,now, he is going to the extremes to make his money, just like a lot, and i mean a lot of the Hollywood white entertainers. People like Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, Justin Beiber, they know no extremes.

  • BusyBee

    Black people should stop segregate themselves and pretend they are victims of white society… Schools are open for them, just choice to get education and make up your lives the right way. If you don’t respect yourselves, how come you expect to be respected??? Cut the vicious circle and be ambitious, your nothing different than others, you are Human Beings, so behave like the one.

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