Billion Dollar Babies & American Jihad

If you find it difficult to name one current Obama/Democrat policy that is actually generating positive results… you’re not alone. While I am no fan of the republican party…. it would appear that the Democrat Party is intentionally sabotaging America. I think we now know what Obama meant when he said he would ‘fundamentally transform’ the United States of America.

The Boston Bombers were on both the government’s Terror Watch List… AND on Welfare?

A planned parenthood freak testifies before congress… and well, it is as mind boggling—as it is sickening.

And ‘frozen in politically correct paralysis… Janet Napolitano cannot even define the word ‘muslim’—yet she knows that profiling them is “against the law and just doesn’t work.”

I actually started to name this one “Billion Dollar Babies and other Taxpayer-Funded Jihad’—but alas, once again I find myself ‘too wordy’

Our favorite Democrat Congressman & Mental Patient, Hank Johnson returns…. Tunage from The Cars, Rossington-Collins, Aerosmith, Henry Mancini, The Beatles, and Roy Clark demonstrates why he’s one of the best guitar players.

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