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Bill O’Reilly Tears Into Prof. Who Said Dorner’s Rampage Was ‘Kind of Exciting’

  • Furious citizen pilot

    Why does Fox keep putting this Obama loving idiot on? He, in his position as a “professor” is some of what is wrong with this country.

    • TheBitterClinger1

      Indeed. OH! Really is a cartoon character for having a cartoon character such as Columbia “Professor?” Marc Lamont Hill waste airtime. The Factor w/OH! Really belongs on the Oprah Winfrey Hemorrhoids Network.

    • Karl

      Yes, you are correct. Fox is fair and balanced presenting both sides…the right and the wrong. The more they allow the left wing loons to expose their socialist, communist, progressive, and narcissistic sociopathic views, the more real Americans will see how dangerous they are!

  • sg

    Hill should be fired for his comments. If he represents the views shared at Columbia, then I believe every conservative student should refrain from attending their college. If this is how professors really think, then it explains a lot as to how our children are being programmed and brain washed by such ‘progressives’. I propose a new meaning for progressives: 21st century nazis.

  • Maranatha Mark

    So they can claim they are “Fair and balanced”

  • JuneUSA

    And this guy is a teacher. We are really digging to the bottom now. No wonder our young people are so screwed up.

    • Maranatha Mark

      Regretfully speaking, Hill’s attitude is pretty much the norm for college professors, with a few exceptions.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        Exactly!! There is our long term problem with misguided youth!! They are taught by sheeple who have NO IDEA how to make it in the real world! NO WONDER our young adults are so phookedd up! YOU OWE ME!! You ain’t owed jack sheeyat!!

  • Maranatha Mark

    I agree, Hill should be fired for acting a nut. His body language in his initial comments, told the whole story. He was enthusiactic over Dorner’s actions and the support he was receiving! Both his voice and body language denoted Hill’s approval of the supporters of Dorner and Dorner himself. He can try to back pedal all he wants, but the truth is, Hill would have been happy if the body count had been much higher.

  • Maranatha Mark

    Most of our State and big Private Universities are very liberal minded, for the most part. Liberal on most campi out number conservative professors by about 20 to 1.

    • Sol of Texas

      I agree with your statement, but isn’t the plural of campus, campuses? 😮

  • Maranatha Mark

    Remember, Obama was known to teach a college course himself!

    • panors77

      ……except his college records are sealed.

  • marineh2ominer

    I am so much more conservative than O,Reilly that to me he is a flaming liberal , however in this case I stand with Hill on the police integrity aspect because lately all cops seem to come across as special forces combat troops while dealing with innocent American civilians , and the VERY worse are federal government agents from the IRS , the BATF&E , the FBI , the EPA , and EVEN the FDA .

    • Paul Thomas

      My thoughts also!

  • Old Gal

    What was exciting? That two white cops got killed? How about the two people of color murdered just as they are starting their young life together? Is that exciting also? Hill is an idiot, only proving it once again. His university should be mortified and embarrassed that he is representing them, an example of their faculty.

  • Mort Leith

    THIS moron belongs on a Plantation ! !

    or a Russian or Chinese gulag

  • Ilene

    This guy has admitted in past to Hannity that he is socialist. What amazes me is left’s fascination with violence and death.

    • mallen11

      Yes, and -0 encourages it with his love for the muslims and playing one side against the other.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Liberals hate the “bad” murderer, and adore the “good” murderer. Only liberals can detect any difference.

  • mikeledo

    All three news networks covered this right up until the speech because it was boring and not newsworthy excitement.

  • chvietvet

    Colleges and universities in the United States have been dumbing down the country for decades. Not only do they take the families of students for everything they have and then some, they enrich themselves to a large extent on money from the federal government as federal contractors. While doing this, they discriminate against veterans of the Vietnam War and subsequent conflicts, which is supposed to disqualify them from federal contracts. The U.S. Department of Labor is obligated by law to do something about this, but it has done absolutely nothing since 1974 except pay enormous salaries to its useless employees. Bill O’Reilly keeps all of the sleaze and corruption of our government secret on his shows, so I do not think much of him either. The whole matter with Dorner could have been avoided if our country respected whistleblowers and indicted felons employed by our government. Dorner reported that a training officer had kicked a helpless, mentally deficient man in the head while arresting him. The officer got off scot free, while Dorner was fired. The judge who rejected Dorner’s petition for reinstatement was the same judge who imprisoned a California prosecutor illegally because he was going after corrupt government officials. O’Reilly might have done some good by exposing the whole story instead of sounding off about an idiot professor. Why does O’Reilly invite such idiots on his show instead of focusing on the important issues? O’Reilly is another example of a draft dodger made good.

  • Carol

    If this man wants to put himself out there like he is a know-it-all about this case let him do it because it only makes him look very badly in the eyes of law biding citizens all over the USA.

  • djw663

    Bill hit the nail right on the head, the prof. got caught, he got called on it now he is trying to spin his words. He should have let Jay Carney go on the Factor for him.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    The mind sets of many people today in this country is very disturbing indeed. Yet, when you have a sitting leader that thinks anything he does is fine even if it is breaking our constitution and amendments to it, then are we really surprised by the mind sets of others that think killing cops is like being a super hero…. I think we are not surprised, but we are all saddened that our country has started crawling into a toliet that severely needs flushing to rid the USA of the stinch of certain sitting __________ in certain positions in society that can unduly influence the weak minded, the young minded, and the greedy minded, and those that have not had a proper education since the first day of school.

  • ff_emt

    “he had a mission and a plan.” What a fool. Sure, there’s a lot of – uh, black folks? young anarchists?- who might see dorner as a “superhero”. And would they also see someone who saved the USA from øvømit as a “superhero? Yeah,didn’t think so. One doesn’t go murdering co-workers and their family members because of a few. dorner IS a “crazy madman”.

  • George Vieto

    Professor Hill calling the cop killer a hero is like saying Rush Limbaugh is skinny.





  • mallen11

    I have never been able to understand why this liberal professor that has always said everything contrary to conservative views when he appeared on O’Reilly is invited so much except to get the other viewpoint that I don’t need. I started turning him off when comes on including Juan Williams who use to be tolerable with his comments. Even when FOX news says they are fair and balance, the left doesn’t believe it. We just need to hear the news; not someone’s viewpoint. We can think for ourselves.
    Read Isaiah 5:16-25 to see what the Bible says about liberals. Very interesting.

  • dave

    Why didn,t you keep your pie hole shut. Are you related to obama?

  • Kelly Kafir

    WOW! And Hitler was just cleansing Germany… SHEESH!

  • Kelly Kafir

    What’s up with the Columbia professors??? Wasn’t Big O one there too? What a cess pool

  • poptoy1949

    Just because you have a PH.D. does not make you a teacher. Teachers are taught to teach not just talk. This guy talks way too much in a foolish manner.

  • CalIdaGirl

    Well, Dr. Abba-Dabba shows his intelligence once again. Even if Dorner had been used and abused by the LAPD, he had all kinds of remedies through the Equal Opportunity Commission, a civil suit and the best of all a phone call to Sharpton & Jackson who would of gladly promenaded n the LAPDS front steps. Nope, Dorner was a loser who could not take responsibility for himself or his actions. I wouldn’t be surprized if an investigation reveals that Dorner was a constant pain in the neck. Lying in any police department is the surest weigh to get fired. No if’s ands or but’s about it.

  • Charlene Grinder

    Hill, another sub-human.

  • VeeDub57

    Hill is, was and always will be, a racist loon. He talks a thousand miles a minute to get his crap out there before you can correct him and prove him wrong. The faster he talks the more bogus points he makes that you didn’t get a chance to challenge. He is so typical of his ilk.

  • Shane

    Why does O’Reilly have this left wing radical on his show? I change the channel whenever Hill comes on.

  • KathyL

    It is such a tragic situation that Christopher Dorner killed innocent people to draw attention to the injustice he claimed that he experienced by the LAPD. My daughter attended Cypress High School with Christopher and remembers him as a tall young man who was always smiling. I pray that the truth comes out about his claims that a mentally ill person was kicked repeatedly while he was handcuffed and that those who were involved in this abuse and cover-up will be brought to justice. You have to ask why would he file such a report if it were not true. What would he gain by filing a false report? How sad that his rage escalated to the point that he would unjustly murder innocent people. He was absolutely wrong to do this and paid the price for these horrible acts by losing his life. My heart goes out to the loved ones of the victims and to Christopher’s family.

    • SniperMom

      He didn’t lose his life, he took his life. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • Janet

    Just ONE more idiot just like his president. I’m so very glad he has NOTHING to do with my children in a classroom or anywhere else. BOTTOM LINE!!!!

  • usmc1063

    This is just another story of avenging anothers actions and creating a right when a wrong was commited. Making a Robin Hood in this case only incites others to do the same. The ugly part of this paints a picture of racial injustice with out defined proof or merit. What then happens you create a martyr that someone else will want to avenge. With that comes chaos and that creates and even deadlier scenario. In other words no-one wins and no real wrong is ever righted. Since the begining of Obama’s adminstration racism has become rampent it’s fires are fueled with greed and envy. He and the Democratic party have become the chosen representatives of a select few not the entire nation. Soon like a dog thats being beat it will bite them in the end. There are many that can’t wait for that to happen.

  • Davy2010

    Wonder who made this very shallow thinker a professor ? If students under his tutelage are America’s future ,we can expect more people embracing violence. One can have an education but that does not mean one is educated .

  • Floridarooster

    More crap from blacks about how unfair the system is to them, and how criminal behavior is justified because of this perceived injustice. This guy is a PhD and teaches at an Ivy League School? No wonder the graduates of those univeristies are so out of touch with reality.

  • Rule

    Thank you Bill for holding this Dr. Accountable for the insensitive spew of diabolical words that he allowed to flow from his own mouth. What is immediately apparent here is that he is trying to diminish the true character of this former police officer and protect him getting the negative publicity that he deserves.

  • Eagle90229

    O’Reilly is a left wing panderer and allows this guy on his show every chance he gets, and if for nothing else to continually spew his vitrial. He can apologize all he wants…then say’s “but” and “if” and then says he’s not wrong. All Bill allowed him to do was to poke the families in the eyes once again on a tv program that they would probably be watching. So Hill and Bill should be fired and start a new show on Gore’s Al Jazeera channel. Just saying. The spin stops here! Bill!

  • Mike Young

    Normally, I totally disagree with Mr. (Dr.) Mark Lamont Hill, but in this particular case I totally agree with at least one of his statements that you can’ have an honest Investigation of Police Brutality or Corruption among the ranks of other police officers by using Police Officers investigating the wrongdoing of other Police Officers especially of Police Officers within their own Department and actually expect an honest assessment or an honest Investigation of Corruption or Police Brutality.

    It is a Silent Code Police Officers have Not to inform on one or more of their own “Brothers in Blue”, so the corruption and Police Brutality continues against civilians, and possible even other Police Officers.

    What would or could change all of that would be to have all Internal Affairs investigators made up of Not Police Officers but Civilian Private Investigators who have “no skin in the game” ,so to speak of protecting one of their own from criticism or criminal charges filed against them. In this respect I totally agree with Mr. Hill.

  • Prisonkeeper

    And there is a curiosity as to why there is a racist problem in America. Did I think that the Rodney King beating was cool? No! Reginald Denny? They were motivated by racism. I don’t like all blacks I meet, nor whites. How to fix it? Stop fricken telling me that the ignorance of the blacks is my fault. Stop fricken telling me that white Americans are entitled to all their stuff for free. No and No. Get off your lazy asses, stop blaming everyone else for your laziness, stop pointing fingers. It is as bad as making fun of the poor little kid that has a physical abnormality. Grow up people. Earn your own way and keep your mouth shut.

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