Bill O’Reilly Loses It During Explosive Debate: ‘Most Americans Are Not Racist…They’re Not!’

Kirsten Powers and Bill O’Reilly got into an intense shouting match tonight about racism in America. O’Reilly contended that America-haters are trying to demonize the U.S. as a fundamentally racist nation, but Powers had no idea what he was talking about. Powers said that racism may no longer be an epidemic in America, but it’s still an issue. She said, “I’m living in the real world where you can actually defend America and people don’t attack you. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” As Monica Crowley talked about how liberals see America, O’Reilly jumped in to lecture Powers about “snorting” while Crowley was speaking. He told her to “knock it off.” They continued to fight over confronting race in America, and as O’Reilly continued to insist that racism is down to the fringes, Powers just came right out and asked, “How many black friends do you have, Bill?!”

via Mediaite

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