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Bill O’Reilly Hammers Obama’s Economy, Al Sharpton For Alliance With ‘Harmful’ Black Culture

Bill O’Reilly tore into President Obama’s economic speech on Wednesday for continually talking about inequality without actually talking about the reasons inequality exists, as well as taking Al Sharpton to task for not doing enough to address problems in the black community. And not only this, but O’Reilly was disturbed by Sharpton’s ties to people like artist Lil Wayne, who O’Reilly said is a particularly bad role model for young black men.

  • yogi

    Spot on! Someone in the media has guts enough to say it. As a Christian you should Have compassion for all God’s chills me to the bone inside to see how children are turning out today.I pray everyday that a true leader will step up and do what is right for the people of this country not because he’s black or white but because it’s the right thing to do for all the brothers and sisters.I just hope that God has not answered my prayer but we Aborted them.

  • Iron15

    The truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it???

    • missnellie

      It certainly does….and thank you, Bill, for yet once again speaking the truth…even when it puts your reputation at risk. You have spoken the honest truth and put it out there. I, for one, appreciate you and pray you continue to tackle issues that most other commentators won’t touch.

  • barry1817

    about time Bill got angry and used his bully platform to help stop this nonsense and to educate his viewers to the PC BS that runs amok.

  • joepotato

    Bill O wont say squat about Soetorobama’s fake ID’s (LFBC etc) so what’s so great about some hack that gives you “PART” of the story?

  • The happy warrior

    Go Bill. If some lib black says you are white and have not right to speak out to blacks, simple say to please stop calling me a racist and I will stop speaking out. The accused has a right to speak in America.

  • StephenFR

    Amazing that the man who spend more on vacations at the taxpayers expense than most CEO’s make in a year and does it almost monthly has the nerve to say that the CEO’s make too much money. Maybe he should take his next vacation at home like most Americans are doing now.

  • Gary Calhoun

    ALL that needs to be done IS for the N****RS to STOP BREAKING the LAW, STOP COMMITTING CRIMES, STOP RAPING, ROBBING, ASSAULTING and MURDERING and behave like a CIVILIZED human instead of the SAVAGES they ARE!!!!


  • Rue E. Mccain

    Keep on hammering, Bill.. maybe people will listen and we can somehow get rid of this communist in our White House. He is the single worst president ver. and a disgusting man!

  • victorbarney

    BILL, BILL, BILL! WOMEN, AS Sharpton, Islam, & MOST MARXISTS, & GATHERER’S ARE WHITE MEN HATERS! WATCH, it’s even going get better this fall! I call it the final completion of the FIRST, first-born blood covenant of DEATH made 6,000 years ago, that got u.s. THROWN-OUT of the garden of Eden! Now we’re working to get thrown off the planet! WATCH!

  • Donald York

    IMHO Bill, you should save your breath. This tragedy didn’t go to waste. Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton are apparently tone deaf and blind. All that the blacks are putting forward is a diversion from our country’s real problem, and that is Obama himself.

  • Stan Parrish

    Obama and Sharpton have no interest in improving the lives of the black community. Their power base in the black community rests on 2 pillars.
    1. Having the black community hold themselves as separate from the rest of us.
    2. Insuring that economic/social conditions in the black community do not change.
    As long as they can continue to play the blame game conditions in the black community will not change. As long as they do not change, the black community will continue to hold themselves separate and the liberals will get to keep their power base.

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