Bill O’Reilly Defends…Hillary Clinton?

If you tuned into The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News tonight, you may have heard the word “nasty” repeated roughly half a dozen times to describe Daily Surge’s own Jason Mattera…and that was all before the segment in question had even begun. Bill O’Reilly was referring to Mattera’s confrontation with Hillary Clinton last week, in which he asked the former Secretary of State to inscribe a copy of her “Hard Choices” memoir to the late Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The all-seeing, all-knowing, all-wise Factor Man was absolutely incensed by the notion that Mattera would do such a thing. It’s “ambush journalism,” decried O’Reilly’s lap dog guest Martha MacCallum. “Cheap stuff,” added Bill. This twosome seemed angrier at Jason’s brand of journalism than they were at the fact that it was Hillary Clinton who was largely responsible for the death of her own friend in Benghazi. I guess “ambush journalism” is perfectly acceptable if you spend most of your time embarrassing sexy college coeds for “Factor” ratings or track down Obama’s illegal immigrant uncle in a liquor store, but if you do the same to a political figure essentially running for president, shame on you.

Here is Mattera’s whole video:

via DailySurge

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