Bill Maher, Chris Matthews Get in Epic Brawl with GOP Guests Over Obamacare

(Content Warning: Strong Language)

Bill Maher opened his panel Friday night going right after the GOP for sticking to their guns, even with historically low poll numbers. He and Chris Matthews battled Republican James Glassman over Obamacare and the debt, with Matthews mockingly telling Glassman his idea for spending is too “stupid” to be taken seriously. Glassman said he sympathizes with the defund Obamacare cause, but knew it was a failure from the start pushed by party “radicals.” Carol Roth argued the GOP should have let Obamacare go into effect and become a “hot mess” all on its own, but Matthews disputed the “glitches” talking point, and went off on the GOP, culminating in saying that they keep asking “When can we lynch him?”

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