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Bill Maher Calls Out Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Over Obamacare: ‘Obama Clearly Lied’

Bill Maher has no qualms about saying that President Obama clearly lied about people being able to keep their health care plans if they liked them, and clashed with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz over exactly how significant that lie was to the health care debate and whether Obamacare would have been passed in the first place without it. Maher wondered if Obamacare had been passed in the first place if he was more honest about insurance plans. Wasserman-Schultz insisted “it was not a lie,” but Maher shot back: “Because of Obamacare, they are not able to keep [insurance plans]. To me, that is a lie.”

  • narcolepsy

    Welcome to billy mar’s anus convention….

  • hausman69

    The district in Florida with the dumbest constituents has to be the district that Debbie Wasserman, blabbermouth Schultz represents.

  • noweareman

    Who donated 1 MILLION dollars to Obama?

  • noweareman

    Now I know why they call Rob-MEATHEAD!

  • munkybiznus

    I was going to watch this vid cuz I needed a laugh, but as soon as I heard her speaking, breakfast came up

  • gwedem5995

    They can lie all they want. She is saying people who have these crappy plans, we will have to pay for them in the long run. However, with all the subsidies, we will still be paying. They can say all the crap they want but I am not buying it.

  • Macjamm

    It’s not minutiae it’s manure and a lot of it.
    And they are still saying people who don’t like Obama are racist.
    I am so sick of these people

    • edc

      She said that 85% of people had insurance before this mess, why didn’t they just legislate to make those 15% get insurance? Punish everyone for the few. (minority) Minorities is what it is all about. Getting more money to buy more votes and divide and conquer.

      • Macjamm

        Its because Obama care has nothing to do with health care
        Its really about command and control.
        So they must have as close too a 100% participation as they can.

  • Jim480

    This proves that one cannot argue with idiots; particularly a group of like-minded fools. They sit around and admire one another. The lies that they spin are sophisticated (sophistry) and convoluted, being based on an extreme ideology, other lies and rare exceptional examples.

    If it fails ten years from now? The economy will have been destroyed long before the 10 years have passed! Besides, one could argue it has already failed. Just look at the cost!

    • mallen11

      They don’t even make sense because they don’t know what they are talking about.

  • craig

    Of course it was a lie….what they are saying is..a lie that they think will potentially benefit others is a good thing…but a lie is a lie and the real facts about Obama care has not been realized but are not looking good….not to mention the further alienation of both parties and the loss of respect for our supposed leaders….nothing good can come from that type of persuasion

  • ste1021

    The vile Wasserman-Schultz has no use for the truth.

  • John Cherish

    There is no way in hell that me a 60 year old man is going to need maternity care insurance so why do I have to take a policy that covers that, my wife 50 isn’t going to have any more children and we don’t need that coverage so why is Obama Care forcing me to buy that? Please explain to me why I have to purchase this coverage I do not need?

    • Ron Brueske

      Because the One, the Leader of all, the Messiah has DECIDED that you will and you WILL like it. Bwahahaha.

    • Neal Avery

      You have to pay for something you don’t need so the Illegals can get it free. That is the way Leftwingism works. I don’t like it either.

    • mallen11

      Don’t even ask; they don’t know how to explain it. They did not use doctors to help them plan this disaster. Remember, Hellory Clinton pushed this same type of health care and it did not work so they had to wait until enough people were brainwashed with socialism so they could dupe the populace into thinking they are going to get good health coverage but are finding out they are not. We live in in times of crisis; we need to be prepared with the knowledge of God to live through it.

  • Ron

    I just can’t understand why people don’t seem to understand that Obama lied about keeping your insurance if you like it; and now, they are even admitting that he lied while trying to justify it! Totally amazing to me! Wasserman Schultz is giving Nancy Pelosi and Slapsy Maxey Waters a good run for dumbest broad in government for sure!

  • Tonto

    Fat guy lied like a rug…..the GOP has NEVER been able to get a word in edgewise on the healthcare bill….their help has always been REFUSED by the DEMS! There has been no GOP input in the healthcare law at all….start to finish….because the dems won’t allow it.

  • HongryHawg

    The hoer cannot find anyone who will accept a bj from her.

  • willhen50

    The thing these people keep forgetting to say is, Obama said if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan (period) that has a finality, there was no quantifier, no caveat, he said period. Now these libs are demonizing the people who had the healthcare insurance they wanted and liked as incompetent; because they had a crappy plan. Obama did not say if you had a crappy plan you couldn’t keep it, I reiterate he said you can keep it period. Instead of making available healthcare insurance for 15%, now an additional 60% will be forced into obamacare. That seemed to be the plan after all.

    • aRareSaneOne

      How do I give 100 votes up?! You hit the nail square on!

  • RU14ME2C

    He asked a simple “yes or no” type question to three supposedly educated people (ok, 2 flamin bleeding-heart liberals, but I was indeed shocked by Tyson’s idealogy), and NONE of them could truthfully answer the question. All they had to offer was a spin to other questions & effects that had nothing to do with the simple question they were being asked. It’s mindboggling how hypocritical Liberals can be ….

  • Ron Brueske
  • Joseph111

    this is hilarious!
    you can’t make up comedy like this – I mean, these idiots actually believe the nonsense spewing out of their pie holes!
    as they say, you can’t fix stupid!

  • mallen11

    Why can’t demoRats accept the fact that -0 lied? They think the same way he does and they flat do not believe he is lying. There is no way the new health care would have passed if Americans knew they would not be able to keep their doctors or policy even if they liked. They live in a dream world. They think they are helping people but they are enabling people to depend on the government. They made sure in the -0Care that people would have to use the government plan and not private insurance because they want to control our lives. Welcome to socialistic America. Our only hope is God and if we put Him first in our lives through the study of His Word and applying it, He will change our land back to where we want it. (1 Chron. 7:14)

  • rangers53

    What a collection of “Geniuses”. If ONLY they had come forward and had this debate before Obamacare was passed, then I’m sure those of us who are furious about this piece of garbage would have accepted it. NOT! I’m one embarrassed United State citizen who has to acknowledge that these idiots comments are broadcast throughout the world and not just to their audience. It also baffles my mind to think that Maher even has an audience. having lived in LA for six years and being aware of how these idiots shows are run, it’s clear to me that if people had to pay to attend these shows, then there is NO doubt that the chairs would be empty.

  • rceschi

    When did maher call out shultz…what a joke, this was a Pinko Commie Love Fest between Debbie “Blabermouth” shultz, rob “THE MEATHEAD” riener and bill “THE PUNK” maher…


    Finally a liberal that is speaking the truth about his president. This government is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

  • ufosrreal

    Yeah, 85% of the country were insured until Obamacare kicked in destroying everyone’s insurance plan and the whole health care system (assuming this is what will happen when government takes over and incompetence reigns) in order to insure the uninsured 15%, even though 15% or more will become uninsured. And, Meathead wants to blame the republicans? Clearly, democrats believe that reality is optional. I ignore Debbie Wasserman Shultz because everything she says is a lie. And, I couldn’t understand the scientist because he seems incapable of giving a direct answer. Yes, Obama lied, he lied repeatedly, he continues to lie constantly, and he will always be a liar. The public has been played and made into fools. Sorry, the truth hurts doesn’t it?

  • TAM44

    DEMONCRATS are the sons and dauthers of Satan and are as evil as evil can be.

  • Frank J. Austin

    Wasserman-Schultz. Hmmm, she can’t decide what her surname is ??? Isn’t that like wearing suspenders AND a belt ? I never could trust someone who can’t commit to one surname, or decide between Belt, or suspenders ?

  • Mr T

    I think that’s the first original thought Maher has ever had!!

  • randydutton

    Robin Hood is stealing from the youth.

    Not one of the three will answer Bill’s question about whether Obama lied, and Maher let’s it go.

  • Kimcalaho

    Debbie Wasserman? Some births should of been stillborn.

  • Donald York

    A sterling reputation for honesty?? Come back to planet Earth Maher!

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