Bill Maher & Anthony Weiner Team Up In Attempt To Defend Obamacare

Bill Maher and Anthony Weiner battled Real Time panelists GOPAC president David Avella and Victoria DeFransceco Soto over the media coverage of Obamacare and President Obama’s apology for the botched rollout, with Weiner and Maher charging that however bad the rollout may have been, the Republicans had effectively no plan to deal with the health care crisis in the first place. Whereas Maher thought the media’s been doing a crappy job not reporting the facts to people about the lower costs and better options of health care plans, Avella said they’re not doing their due diligence to report on the “hundreds of thousands of people who are losing their health care.” Weiner shot back that Obamacare came from Republicans in the first place, shouting “That’s your idea! Why don’t you like it now that we wrote it into law?!”

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