As written and reported by Fox News. The Fox News Decision Team is moving Florida, the biggest prize among the battleground states, from Lean Democratic to Toss Up. The race is now neck-and-neck in the state with some polls showing Trump leading and some showing Clinton ahead. Florida is a must-win state for Trump and he now has a real shot at victory in the Sunshine State. Clinton’s support in the polls has held fairly constant, but Trump has added a couple of points to his average over the last week. It shouldn’t surprise anyone when we’re talking about a state that is so often hot, but the last week of this election season looks to have brought a dead-heat race for Florida and its 29 electoral votes.

We’re shifting Nevada from Lean Democrat to Toss Up. Some recent polling shows the state tightening as we enter the final days of the race. Clinton probably still maintains a slim edge in the Silver State, but the outcome is now more uncertain. About half a million Nevadans have already voted. Democrats currently have an eight-point advantage among those showing up to vote early and those who’ve mailed back their absentee ballots. Local political experts think it looks a lot like 2012 and that could be bad news for Trump – Obama won by almost seven points in 2012. But Republicans made up some ground yesterday in the early vote.  In the end, boosting Republican turnout is essential if Trump is to win big in Nevada.

North Carolina shifts from Toss Up to Lean Democratic. The polls have long been tight in North Carolina, but Clinton has led in 21 of the last 23 polls listed by RealClearPolitics.  Only one Republican pollster has shown Trump leading in the state since mid-September. Romney won here in 2012, but Clinton is seen as having the advantage this year, in part because of her superior ground organization. Trump isn’t giving up on North Carolina – it would be hard for him to win without its 15 electoral votes. Both Trump and Clinton are expected to appear in the state on Thursday. A number of high-profile surrogates from both sides will appear in North Carolina this week, but it’s difficult for Trump to compete with Clinton’s firepower on that front – both President Obama and Vice President Biden are headed to the state.


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