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Biden: “There’s Never Been A Day In The Last Four Years I’ve Been Proud To Be His VP”

  • gwedem5995

    He gets funnier everyday but maybe this time he was actually speaking the truth.

    • BruceD

      During the debate he interrupted Ryan saying he says what he means. Ok.

  • Dealerdeb1

    I think he drinks

    • kaeuqs

      Biden is a nut job…hasn’t got all his marbles, to think he would have to fill in as president, would be very scary… Lets get these nuts out of office Tues….Go Romney/Ryan !

    • Lance

      No, he is Jeff Dunhams favorite puppet, Walter. Twins separated at birth, but both have a stick in their a–. LOL

  • Bruce Sims

    SOOOOOOOOO you mean you compromised ? Oh you mean you did it for the money! Why did you do it? What did you get out of it. Mr. Biden?

  • El_Love

    What a wonderful Freudian slip. Joe Biden – the gift that just keeps giving

  • joe

    I wouldn’t be either, MORON!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Incoherent, incompetent, arrogant. Three adjectives that describe this entire administration.

    • warriorsmom

      Just remember….there was a time when he attempted to run for president. Can you imagine? OMG….I don’t even want to think about it!! But I will say that for the first time in 4 years, I am proud to think about our next vice president. Romney/Ryan 2012! See ya at the polls.

      • Sunny

        you bet…FINALLY SOM,EONE WE ALL CAN BE PROUD OF !!!!!! a new team and a new pres…thats what this country needs !!!!! obama and beiden back to kentya!!!!

  • Richard Brophy

    Truly, Joe Biden is the gaffe king extraordinaire. King Obama must be so proud of him.

    • Gene Leone

      Actually, joe “hoof in mouth” biden is the village idiot’s village idiot.

    • The Truth

      The looney left crowd still cheered….tells you something about the intelligence level of those voting for obama.

      • Lance

        Yeah, isn’t that the proof in the pudding? The stupid gene is at work and very alive in the liberal world. Well said Truth. LOL

    • mystere

      Actually, Biden is a gaffe chicken.

    • Peggy Griffin

      I wouldn’t call him “King” Obama. Sometime kings are benevolent, and I don’t think that describes our wannabe marxist dictator.

  • Gene Leone

    Hey, joe “hoof in mouth”: Guess what? There has not been a single day WE have been proud to have you as the vice president. There. Now you should fee a whole lot better.

  • Garrey McVicker

    we are not proud to have eather obubber, or the joker as presd. or v/p time foe a real change, save this county vote romney, for real hope and change.

  • Keenan Fletcher

    To think he is one heartbeat from being president ,and the people that vote for him WOW!!

    • jude

      and he plans to run in 2016 probably with hillary

  • Gary

    This nut is only a heart beat away from being president. Obama’s greatest achievement having Joe Biden for his bullet proof vest. Obamacare for Obama

  • Take 2

    Nov 6 2012. is a “proud” day informed America kicked out the Communist “minded” dogmatic Party. Or at least cut’s it’s head off. To think Joe Biden is porentialy the next President of the United States of America is…

  • caskinner

    Wow….finally told the truth. Good job Crazy Uncle Joe!!!

  • StephenFR

    I believe that Barrack and Joe get their ideas on leading this country from “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” To paraphrase, it would be their responsibility to raise chaos in order to distract everyone from what the government is actually doing. Sound about right doesn’t it? Except we still keep noticing.

  • CB48

    has this been doctored? I think he’s a moron but this sounds like it has been messed with…is there a link to more of this speech?

  • Edward Riepe

    A heartbeat away from being our leader. Hmm…

  • larrylunts

    He actually said “I haven’t,” not “I’ve,” which renders your claim preposterous. Admittedly, he slurred his words a bit, which can happen after many long days on the stump. But given the context, his meaning is clear. Boy, the right wing is really getting desperate, to just be making stupid crap up out of thin air.

    • Marcelyn Sinclair


    • John P. Centonze

      Not only is your hearing defective but also your thought processes!

    • ves

      Nope!! You are incorrect….listened to this several times and HE Actually said it!

  • ExpertWitness

    One heartbeat away… Scary.

  • Nurse Diesel

    another freudian slip based on fact , thank you to whomever keeps giving biden the truth serum? boy obama and hillary could use several thousand milligrams daily, talk about a juxtaposition between these two people and truth.

  • Donald Nevins

    But, Biden always says what he means.

  • Samurai_Sam

    And just remember this! He always means what he says!
    But I’d like to add to this! Most of the thinking people of this country have never been proud to have him as president or you as vice president Joe! But if you’re fishing for the idiot vote you have to be an idiot.

    Thank you both for four of the most nightmarish years in the history of the country. Say goodnight Joe say goodnight Boo Boo! The dumb and dumber show is being cancelled, and will be replaced by sanity, professionalism, and leadership. Should your slapstick acts be continued the United States of America will be cancelled.

  • Dan Williams

    and the truth shall set you free…………….on November 6th, or maybe the 7th.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    This may be a single instance when Biden actually meant what he said.

  • gertie

    What a crowd- Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Schummer, Napolitano, the new supreme court judge Kragen- and then you can add in Obama’s mentors- all communist and marxist- his wife’s statements about never being proud of America until 2008- These people are all horrors to the American way of life-

  • Incredulous_one

    And this clown is ONE heartbeat away … too scary to think about.

  • Incredulous_one

    Sorry everyone … guess I should have just read the 30 comments before mine and liked them all. Would’ve saved my redundant comment.

  • Nikita63

    One is arrogant, narcissistic and incompetent, the other foolish, transparent to a fault and a laughingstock of his own making and they are the one two punch destroying America and Americans and
    all reasonable quality of life in this country while eradicating individual liberties and Choice. REMEMBER THAT! . It is all you need to realize to know we cannot tolerate four more years of fiscal insanity and tyrannical legislation ignored by a criminally complicit congress that fails in it’s obligation to act as a check and balance on the power of the Executive branch.

  • Kalev

    What’s with the text in the comments? Can’t read ’em.

  • John P. Centonze

    Finally Joe utters something sensible!


    Sorry, but if you listen closely (over and over again) you can tell he did what a lot of people from the Delaware upper Maryland area do…kind of slur the pronoun with the declarative verb. I believe he said “There hasn’t been a day in the last four years that I’edt been proud…” which translated into sober English is “I Haven’t”; making the sentence “There hasn’t been a day in the last four years that I haven’t been proud…”.

    I agree that Biden is a gaffe machine, and somewhat senile, but in this case I have to give him a pass.

    • warriorsmom

      Well….that’s mighty nice of you, pilgrim. But I just can’t be so benevolent. It seems that the people who represent the United States as Pres. and Vice Pres. ought to speak clearly, distinctly, and intelligently. Me thinks the world has been laughing at us looooong enough. Can hardly wait until Tuesday….3 more days, and the world can stop laughing. Romney/Ryan 2012.

      • VNEVET

        Agreed, and our next President and Vice President are intelligent and well spoken. They will have a job of cleaning up what Obama and Biden have fouled, but they will get it done.

        But I do try and be fair and objective, unlike my liberal-progressive counterparts.

    • Becky Day

      I listened to this with my volume up really high, several times, and there’s a CHANCE that his remark wouldn’t have used the word “I’ve” but instead a slur of “I’d” (I had). Listen carefully again and again, and you will see what I mean. Because, like you, I would like to give everyone the benefit of a doubt. Trouble is, either way, the truth does come out.

  • GWY

    That’s Biden for you. HIs mouth is always in motion without putting his brain in gear.

  • govtrumbull

    My Border Collie has more common sense than our Vice President, and he’s better looking as well! Where do these liberal Democrats come from?

  • cspanjunkie1

    wow, he says what he means and he means what he says!!! (a quote from him on the debate!) anyway, wow-

  • dontcair

    With all of the executive orders Resident obummer has passed, his first should have been that the VP wasn’t allowed to speak in public. Or maybe obummer is just taking his ugly friend to the bar with him to make himself look better by comparison??

  • Rich Knoch

    A classical Freudian Slip . . . or simply more from our favorite ‘Village Idiot’, who happens to be one heartbeat away from the presidency!

    One guy is totally ignorant and arrogant and ‘Plugs’ is just a sad joke on America, who has a track record of being wrong, somewhere around 80%+ of the time . . . . on his strong suit; i.e., International Relations.

    Is the Left finally coming out of their Kool-aide-induced stupor and seeing what they elected?

  • Ed

    He says what he means and means what he says

  • del

    What an ahole….only 1 worse and that one is squatting in our white house!

  • WhiteFalcon

    If I were in Joe Biden’s place, that comment would certainly be true for me.

  • Sunny

    between the two on them i wonder who will hit the loony bin first!!! wow…didn’t even know he made a mistake…the hidden vp…obama doesn’t know he exists!!!!!!

  • HonestEarl

    That video HAS OBVIOUSLY BEEN EDITED. Only an idiot would believe that he said that.

    Look, I have absolutely no good feelings toward our present administration, and I am doing everything that I can to see that Obama/Biden never see the inside of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave again after this election.

    But, I really hate when groups that I SUPPORT uses the same political tactics that the Liberals always use.
    Don’t reduce the Conservative Movement down to that level, it is insulting to those of us that seek honesty in politics.

  • turn 3

    earth to jokin joe,,,,,,,,come back and take barry with u

  • Who


  • Jenn Fluck Sanders

    As much as I truly dislike any of these Obama idiots it was plain that this specific idiot said something before the comment on the video – what else did he say!?

  • Wolfman Thomas

    our voting system is very sloppy and full of fraud and you can’t discount all the section 8 folks who will auto vote for Obama and there are more every day soon America be a 3rd world country Obamas pay back to America for allowing slavery and other social injustices the fix is in

  • bluefighter

    I was wondering what would Jester Biden say on November 7th before Nor’easter storm come to New England States?

  • cae973

    Biden needs to retire quickly as that would be the best thing he could do for our country. Plus how come no one ever brings up that he charges the men we the taxpayers pay to guard him rent when they stay at his residence?

    • kaeuqs

      He has been in office for about 32 years… too long…we need term limits…they get too comfortable & start losing their marbles as Biden has !< : }

  • ECwashr

    I feel the same way Biden, there hasn’t been a day in the last four years I havn’t felt embarressed that this muslim usurper, pathological LIAR traitor criminal was our president.

  • Patricia O. Joppien

    drunk again… one heartbeat from being President…. sickening

  • A Veteran

    GOOD BYE Bidensan. Leave the USA forever!

  • Lindy

    Remember during the debate when Ryan talked about misspoken statements and Biden said, he never said anything he didn’t mean. I guess he means exactly what he said then, he has never been proud to serve as Obama’s VP.

  • Teasip

    I’ll bet that Joe didn’t even have to use a shoe spoon to get both feet in h is mouth. Someone told me that when God was passing out brains, Joe was in the line for mashed potatoes. Just a rumor, you understand

  • Richard Allan Sims

    Joe, I think if you had a brain, you’d take it out and play with it. You are such an embarrassment to the American political system that I think that the best part of you ran down your daddy’s leg. Go home to that miserable state of Delaware you call home, dig a nice deep hole and crawl into it. I’d like to come behind you and cover you up.

    • Becky Day

      Richard, I’m still rolling with laughter at your first sentence!! LOL!

  • Jack Ackworth

    But Joe always means what he says, you heard him say it himself!!!!

  • dennis.

    Can you believe that Biden holds the vice presidents job.What a loser.

  • Silver Haired Saint

    That’s the one and only thing I’m going to miss, Joe’s Flubs. What really makes me laugh is that he never seems to catch on to what he said. I guess I can still love him when he’s out of work!!! Keep those flubs coming, and start packing, bye Joe! Geez, one heartbeat away. Yikes!

  • djw663

    There is not one single that I have been proud to have O sit in the White House either Joe and that also goes for you too.

  • R and R 2012

    out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks….Was this a gaffe, I dont thinks so. This is probably the real feelings of biden.

  • ves

    HEY!!! Finally a true statement from someone in obama’s administration!

  • ves

    HEY!!!! FINALLY a FACTUAL TRUE Statement from someone in obama’s administration!!!

  • billwhit1357

    Lol, I like Joe! If nothing else, he can always go to work as a Rodeo or Circus Clown, he certainly has the qualifications.

  • Wildshot

    This Quotation is really misquoted. He said here the opposite that this post made it sound like he said. He makes enough gaffs that we don’t need to make a quotation a misquote. That is the tricks that the Media and Democrats have played. We should be above that.

  • Jaclyn Barnes

    Joe,I always thought that you adored Dictator Obama!Wanted to follow in his foot steps,I assumed that the two.Of you were best buddies drinking beer together!Slapping each other on the back!
    Now you say everything that you said about him.Did with him was all an act and a bunch of lies!!
    I’m not the least bit surprised!I guess it’s all for the good of the party!

  • Jerry Miller

    There’s a psychological term for this kind of parsing, it called a Freudian slip. One means to say one thing, but the truth rears its ugly head and comes out instead.

  • ThrowTheBumsOut

    Just one of the morons in Obama’s administration. Pink slips will be handed out to Obama and all of his cronies on 11-06-12. They can all go back to wherever they crawled out of and will definitely not be missed.

  • CaptTurbo

    Such a moron! Let’s fix this Nov 6.

  • granny

    Does anyone remember what BOZO said when he chose Bidenimcompoop? There had to be a reason. I never heard the Biden name before he became VP.

  • Lance

    He means what he says, he said so himself during the debtate. LOL
    Dumbest SOB I have ever seen, but boy is he entertaining. What a fool.

  • Ladyko

    Time to put adults back in the white house. Vote for Romney/Ryan on Nov. 6, 201.

  • cat

    Biden finally spoke the truth.. I also say, there’s never been a day in the last four years that I’ve called Odummer president. Hopefully, next Tuesday, there will be a man in office worthy of that title because that duffus in office now, is no President.

  • xoxozo

    Just think if Obama gets re elected and then gets in trouble for Bengazi….we’ll have JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jong

    I guess he finally got it right. And after Nov 6th he will take his show on the road with Obama. The way the demoncrats have treated the blacks a minstrel show done by both of them seems the right thing to do after all they have four years of practice.

  • Guest

    True, but what a moron!

  • TrueAmerican

    Lol OMG he’s such a moron! He’s the perfect example of what u get when the crazies are runnin the crazy house lol

  • Qualified to opine

    This guy is a clown, and EXTREMELY amusing! I can not stop laughing!

  • REID

    what a Moron who knows if he even realized what he said ??

  • 32eagle

    I believe joe is telling the truth he would rather obama boy shine his shoes and be his “yes” alien

  • Red

    Biden is the world’s biggest buffon. He must be hitting the bottle extra hard now that he is faced with not being on the government payroll for the first time in his adult life. Good riddance!

  • Jeff Maehr

    How sad… the populace is THAT brain dead… we need to supply more Koolaid so we can send them on to their liberal lala land… and maybe save some element of this republic…

  • Marlin

    There has not been a single day in the last four years when I was pleased with either one ot them.

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