BET founder, a Democrat, says Trump not racist, and stocks are right to rally post-election [Video]

Media mogul and founder of BET Bob Johnson tells CNBC that Trump wants to work with African-Americans and all Americans.

“To me, I never thought Donald Trump, and I still don’t believe it today, was a racist. I don’t believe that he’s anti-African-American,” said Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Cos. “For too long, the African-American community has been ignored by the Republicans because they thought we were always locked with the Democrats.”

Trump is not in either camp, Johnson said: “Certainly not an establishment Republican [and] he’s not a Democrat, he was open. And he’s a business guy. And business guys tend to look at where’s the opportunity for a benefit.”

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BET founder says Trump is not a racist, and stocks are right to rally post-election

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