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BENGHAZI SCANDAL! (Featuring Andrew Klavan)

  • jenjen

    College students don’t know anything about Benghazi because the school’s are operated by Liberals!!

    • BigJohn Unlisted

      And, don’t forget union slime teachers.

    • joepotato

      They’re not just liberals any more… They’re pretty much full fledged Marxist Communists.
      Indoctrination is the agenda… Tell a lie… Make it big… And Repeat… soon the citizens/idiots will believe… paraphrased statement from Adolph (I’m # 1) Hitler…

    • missnellie

      Our college as well as high school students are ill-informed, inept, incorrigible, incredulous…just plain ignorant products of our lax public school system. They cannot read above a fifth grade level, can not calculate in their own minds, cannot spell, speak or use the English language properly….OH HECK, the greatest fear is they are our future. When my family saw their lack of education and self responsibility we took on extra work and put them in private schools….so sad…but so necessary!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jollygreen

        I teach and my students are aware of today’s news. I let them decide for themselves.

        • jenjen

          You are an exception!

        • missnellie

          Really?????????? What do you teach or expose them to because I find you a rare breed of teacher. THEY CANNOT DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES…that is why they are IN SCHOOL. They MUST be taught, learn and remember….they cannot be selective…OR…once in the real world they will not be able to compete or socialize at a level higher that grammar school. Seriously, there is no way any one can convince me children are not taught adequately today. Ex: setting: college campus; question: what is Benghazi; answer: never heard of it. I rest my case!!!!!

    • Paul Brown

      This is why these uninformed little children voted for this no nothing muslim pig.


    Bill Ayers is writing the curriculum…for the minds of mush!

  • Claudia Lee Johnson

    General Patraeus needs to be suphoenied. He initially was telling the truth and they dug out the dirt on him and punished him and shut him up.

    SEPT 2, 2012 – General Petraeus, head of CIA, arrives in Turkey on September 2nd and meets with Turkey’s President and top Turkish government officials.
    SEPT 6, 2012 – On September 6th, a ship carrying 400 tons of cargo (much of it being arms), arrives from Libya. The ship is secured by Muslim Brotherhood operatives, due to connections with Turkish government. Other Syrian insurgent groups are furious and want control of the weapons.
    SEPT 10, 2012 – Ambassador Stevens arrives in Benghazi, has meetings with CIA, the shipping company and a government official from Turkey.

    From what we can tell, the attacks on the compound where Stevens was located began around an hour after the meeting with a Turkish official ended. On September 11th, 2012, Stevens was killed (very early morning hours).

  • gwedem5995

    the liberal media is complicit on this coverup The 4 reasons why this does matter is the 4 dead Americans that didn’t have to die by this incompetent adm.

  • gamal

    Just because college students don’t know anything about it doesn’t mean the press is covering it up, on the other hand the press was covering it up. My point is even if they hadn’t been college students wouldn’t know anything about it. I remember being a college student, and trying to keep up with my courses. I didn’t have time to read the papers. My courses had nothing to do with current events. College is a sheltered cocoon from the world or it was. Now we are importing radical students from the Middle East to campuses that are making that comfortable cocoon very uncomfortable.

  • Richard Diaz, Sr.

    If the nation ever learns the real truth concerning Benghazi, I would really be shocked and surprised. What we have in the White House and in his outrageous Secretary of State, will do everything in their power to blind-side the American people because if the truth be told, their political careers would be in serious jeopardy.

  • Babsan

    Common core has doen a “good” job on the American students.All brainwashed in a Communist way

    • Lily Darcey

      They are preparing them for the dumocrapic slave plantation.

  • southie55

    Really hope that I am proven wrong but the fact of the matter is Barry and Hillary and the rest of the thugs involved in the Benghazi cover-up won’t be held accountable. When You have a useless media and for the most part a don’t have a clue country the end result will be BS as usual from these losers.

    • Berry

      I truly believe both will be held accountable, in the end, by the judge of judges. And may he show NO mercy on their pathetic souls.

      • southie55

        From Your mouth to GODS EAR.

  • texan texan

    How come 60 dead at consulate/embassy attacks doesn’t and didn’t matter. They died. They were attacked. Bush did nothing to prevent. What’s the differ ce. Oh. Dems just want to blame him. Impeach Obama on their mind. Initial report said failure of leadership and incompetence. Spelled it out. Hillary took responsibility. Obviously not good enough for Obama hunters

    • Lily Darcey

      The difference is, Bush did not have an innocent person arrested and imprisoned for an indefinite time, and he took accountability. The man currently in prison is nothing more than a scape goat for this administrations lies, especially Ovomits. The video, which the prisoner made about Mohamed came out in June of 2012, and there were no protests. The Benghazi terrorist attacks were just that, terrorist attacks, and not the flaming lies from this administration saying it was a protest by muslims for some video which insulted the pedophile and mass murderer Moohamed. Curses be upon his soul for all eternity!!!

    • dagriz

      You must have eaten alphabet soup and put the by-products on paper

    • Rick Johnson

      Have some more koolade, the first glass didna work

    • Baf

      How many of the 60 deaths were American? The answer = 0. You got your information from liberal media websites? These were random killings. No one was specifically targeted. These killings occur everyday in these various places. Just because they happen around embassies and consulates buildings, how is the Bush administration responsible for these murders…… oh, that’s right, he’s not. Neither is Obama for the killings and the bombings that are occurring as we speak, around the world at the embassies and consulates everywhere. You are an idiot for trying to blame Bush that had no control over what happens in another country. These 60 deaths weren’t begging for security for 6 months prior to the attack.

    • fliteking

      You really are stupid .

      “They were attacked. Bush did nothing to prevent. ”

      These attacks happened in an active war zone.

      What an idiot. You have the reasoning ability of a 3rd grader.

    • Observant_One

      Are you sure you are from Texas? You sound too ignorant to be from Texas.

  • MysticInvestigations

    This is the Teflon President who owns the media, and even the Republicans in Congress. Nothing will come of this.

    • dagriz

      The “normal” lap dogs today started growling (WH reporters),,, Maybe they’ve heard the outrage of WE THE PEOPLE

  • areunuts?

    WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THE LIBERAL MEDIA, THE LIAR IN CHIEF AND ALL HIS CRONIES THAT LIE SWO MUCH THEY BELIEVE IT TO BE THE TRUTH. I HOPE THIS IS WHAT WILL finally be his undoing, and the media finally sees what a fraud of a president they have elected to ruin our country. It has given all the Islamic countries the ability to continue to escalate their activities as they know POTUS won’t do anything as he might upset his Muslim brothers. When are the Demorats going to wake up and stop blaming all this on the republicans?

  • areunuts?

    WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THE LIBERAL MEDIA, THE LIAR IN CHIEF AND ALL HIS CRONIES THAT LIE SWO MUCH THEY BELIEVE IT TO BE THE TRUTH. I HOPE THIS IS WHAT WILL finally be his undoing, and the media finally sees what a fraud of a president they have elected to ruin our country. It has given all the Islamic countries the ability to continue to escalate their activities as they know POTUS won’t do anything.

  • don

    The Colleges are not only Liberals but the Professors only have to be in one category to be tenure as a Professor and the Qualification is be a Murderer know how to build Bombs Bomb peoples homes bomb Police Stations and I do know that be a Card Carrying Communist fits in there but they do not have to admit to that. Barrack Obama does fit into these category’s maybe not all of them but he is a Communist and was mentored by what some people call his real father and a card carrying Communist and was proud of it. Truth is who knows which one of the forty or fifty Africans may be his real Father. One thing that is well known is the card carrying Communist was a Pedophile and did deal in child porn so you could call him another Aerial Castro that taught Obama everything he knows.

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    First, a thought: Looking at the photo of Hitlery on “frame 1” of this video I suddenly felt pity in my heart for Bill Clitnon and a better understanding of why he pursued his serial dalliances. Could you imagine having to listen to and look at Hitlery for years on end?
    The ignorance of today’s youth never ceases to amaze me–it’s like the entire generation is disconnected. (Can’t say as I blame them all that much.)

  • Frankie Altsman

    I just learned that the Governor of Colorado recently signed into law the teaching of homosexual life styles in Colorado schools. I’ve also heard that every student must take this class in order to graduate. What is happening in our nation? Who is doing all of this immoral stuff?

    • jenjen

      Colorado is clearly becoming radical Liberals! I wouldn’t even VISIT Colorado!

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