Ben Carson’s Wife Just Showed Why Some Are Calling Her ‘The Anti-Michelle Obama’

Popular syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin believes presidential candidate Ben Carson’s wife, Candy, would be the “anti-Michelle Obama,” if she were to become the next First Lady. Malkin recently sat down with the couple, who just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. The columnist noted that not much is known about Carson’s wife, who tends to stay out of the limelight, though she did play her violin with a gospel choir as “they performed a joyful, rousing rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner,” at the campaign kick-off in the spring. The columnist described the mother of the couple’s three sons, and grandmother of two, as a “confident ray of sunshine: down-to-earth, devoutly Christian and proudly patriotic.” Candy grew up in inner-city Detroit, the daughter of a teacher and a factory worker. She earned a scholarship to Yale University, where she met fellow Detroiter Ben Carson. At Yale, she triple-majored in music, psychology and pre-med and played the violin for the Yale Symphony. Malkin points out that Michelle Obama “regularly grumbles” about the burdens of being First Lady, while Candy has sought to count her blessings through the challenges of being the wife of a world-renowned physician. “The calling of a neurosurgeon isn’t easy to live out, and Ben has been required to go above and beyond the call of duty many times,” she writes in her upcoming memoir, A Doctor in the House. “The life of a neurosurgeon’s wife isn’t much easier. But it’s all been worth it. Together, we’ve been through poverty, tragedy, wealth, and joy, and I’ve come to love Ben more as each year has passed.”

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