Ben Carson Draws Gasps From Crowd As He Takes Strong Anti-Abortion Stand on ‘The View’

Ben Carson became the latest presidential candidate to brave The View on Tuesday, sitting down with the daytime talk show hosts for two full segments that covered everything from last week’s mass shooting in Oregon to the theory of evolution. But it wasn’t until after a commercial break, when Whoopi Goldberg brought up Carson’s “war on what’s inside of women” comments that things really started to heat up. “We’re killing babies all over the place,” Carson explained, referring to abortion. Asked if he has any empathy for the women who are forced to make the difficult decision of whether to bring a child into the world or not, Carson said he’s “very empathetic” towards them. “What we need to do is make sure we provide adequate daycare centers for these mothers so that they can get their GED,” Carson said. At this point Goldberg interrupted him, saying, “You’re assuming that these are mothers who are not educated.” “I’m talking about most of them,” Carson said to groans from the show’s co-hosts and audience. He continued to discuss “young girls” who have babies “out of wedlock” and then stop their education and end up growing up in poverty. “We as a society have an obligation to do what’s necessary to stop that cycle from occurring,” he added, without allowing that abortion could be one tool in that arsenal.

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