Beckel Threatens Jason Mattera Over Lois Lerner Video: “Bring A Knife, Punk”

On The Five, Bob Beckel reacted to conservative activist Jason Mattera’s attempt to interview Lois Lerner by confronting the former IRS official while she was walking her dogs. “Let me now move to Mr. Jason, let me give a very special comment to him. You’re twice as young as I am, you’re a punk, you’re a coward. My name is Bob Beckel. I would like you to call me anytime, anyplace, and let you and I discuss it because you’re a coward. You’re a [inaudible]. You pick on people and you deserve to have your ass kicked and I want to do it. So get in touch with me,” Beckel said on FOX. “Bring a knife, punk,” he finished.

via RealClearPolitics

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