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Barack Obama: Criminal or Incompetent?

  • vietnamvet1971

    Well we can NOT expect to much from The “Know Nothing” president after all he is a busy man Hunkered down in his Bunker Hiding from ALL his Scandals, Crimes & LIES!

    • John Cherish

      Hitler hid in a bunker too. How did that turn out for him. Mussolini tried to flee to Switzerland…they found him and hung him. Gaddafi hid also, may the same fate happen to Obama when the people finally get pissed enough

      • douber1

        so did mr O cousin SADAM

        • John Cherish

          I bet he was scolded good for killing Osama Bin Laden by his Mussie friends…oh wait he didn’t do that The navy Seals did and he had many of them murdered

      • llellc

        Obama will not hide in a bunker. He passed an order saying he and Moochele will have SS agents FOR LIFE!! You think he doesn’t know what he is doing? Then why would he order that protection? Plus, he has an enormous ego (only God knows why) and thinks he is above the fray…the one he started!! Jerk.

        • John Cherish

          Maybe his bodyguards will turn on him and hand him over or worse

          • llellc

            Did any of you see the movie Murder at 1600? It was a good look into some of the sneaky, bad-ass stuff that goes on in there. Like a snake pit. (Oh, did someone call Hillary?)

        • tlc11532

          And I heard his nominee Pritzker bought them a mansion in Hawaii, even though she failed to report $80 million to the IRS. A bunker isn’t good enough for the elite.These appointments are getting expensive, doncha think?

      • annarose13

        I believe they are there now.

      • Sunshine Kid

        It doesn’t matter how many bodyguards one has if a zealot wishes to do the deed. Saddam Hussein had the Republican Guard, and that did not stop his punishment.

    • 4USA2

      Or on vacations. Or throwing Hollywood parties. Or playing golf. Busy guy!

      • WHTEHEAT


        • 4USA2

          Thank you, you made my day! (:

    • areunuts?

      In Vegas with all his actor friends or should I say hangers on, most of which are actors and lie without a sweat.

  • John Cherish

    I would say he is CRIMINAL no one can be that stupid and not know anything of what is going on

    • douber1

      it is a wonder he does not plead the 5th

      • Master Po

        He Will

      • USACITIZEN97


      • icemancold

        He does not have enough working brain cells left to plead the fifth. Too much CHOOM when younger fried his brain.!!!


        Don’t worry he will plead the 5th!

    • annarose13

      He is that stupid, all his actions have proven that.

    • mathis1689

      Beg to differ with you. In my opinion he’s both highly incompetent AND highly criminal!

      • WHTEHEAT


        • TAM44

          That sissified BOY barack hussein obama would mess up the muster on a one man sub.

          • llellc

            Ha ha ha ha…love that comment!! (I was a Navy brat, and proud of it!!)

      • turn3

        absolutely correct,pls go to the front of the class

      • asoro

        I don’t think he is as incompetent as you may think, Every thing thats done is set up not to lead back to him. Thats was designed that way from the start, Because they know things are going to happen in hes process to change the Country. So he needs people Blocking for him. Nothing leads back to him. He is suppose to look like a caring President but deep down he is the one pulling the strings, They call it misdirection. The thing that is bad is the people of the US are for the most part IDIOTS…. the few of us that see whats really going on are not enough to make a difference, So we sit here yelling about the things he has done. The Republican Party is not strong enough or are cowards them self’s to do anything about all this crap. Sooner or later either we will have to step up or his time will run out and where he left the country will take a lif time to fix. Remember This week he signs the UN small arms treaty , It may not pass Congress but he will try to push it in. If he gets it we are screwed for sure, Than the hand cuffs are off, he will do what ever he wants and wont even have to hide it….. Mark my words…..

    • J Cole

      He is good at being a criminal, incompetent at being President.

    • Douglas Tiffany

      He is BOTH—-An ” incompetent criminal” and he has NO legal RIGHT to the OVAL OFFICE!!!!!!!~

      • Charles

        I totally agree he has no right to be there, but remember how he got there.
        By stupid uninformed voters.

        • WHTEHEAT


          • 5live5

            The United Stated has given welfare to a record number of people this year yet the SAME government has erected signs in the national parks telling you not to feed the animals because they might become dependant on people and not be able to naturally support themselves!!! Go figure!

        • angiedano

          I AGREE 200%!

      • angiedano

        I AGREE 150%.

    • JohnHD

      There is but one answer to the question, it is BOTH.

    • MANGO

      why do you ask?/do you remember what he said in 2007??
      “”we must fundamental change the united state””
      probabily in the communist state??this is his goal.

    • TAM44

      Well, obama is a criminal, and he is also not fit to run a lemonade stand. obama had blood on his hands and he’s all out to destroy America for his murdering muslim brotherhood.

  • Richard B

    Well, at least I now know for sure I’m not the only one hyped with indignance …

    • ron533


      IF you all really mean what you say why has only 73
      thousand sighed this petition to impeach him?

      Please go to the link below and sign it, lets get 76
      million or more then maybe Congress will listen, I sure hope you do, lets get
      his lying A—- out of that Billion dollar bunker. Then please sign this petition below, yoy may have to click twice its in red and hard to see.

      • BigJohn Unlisted

        Why post twice or more?

        • ron533


          Because I added some to it, and also I think its better to try to get him out by signing it, than only tallking about it, although both are imporant, the talking has not worked, hes stil in that big white house trying to get all of our heads cut off by his Muslim buddys. At least I am trying, it may not work eitherl,but like I said I am doing something. Did you go read the petition or sign it?

  • Proudamerican

    The term “incompetence” suggests that oblama at least “wants” to do something good. The truth is that he is truly gifted in the art of lying and deception. If you dont believe that, how many votes did he get? His true aim is to destroy the American economy and the weaken our military as much as he can. Page 261 in “the audacity of hope” clearly states he will stand with the muslims. What do the muslims want? Exactly what he is doing! A weakening of America! No he is not inept-he is pure evil!

    • llellc

      Hey, he can stand with the Muslims in this country. He’ll just be putting himself in the line of fire when that battle ensues. I hope it starts in Texas. I would love to see someone put a boot up his elitist ass!

    • Yutts

      Unfortunately, you hit the nail right on the head. Anyone that thinks Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing is just plain wrong and had better wake up. He is pure evil and he’s surrounded by those just as evil.

      • ron533


        IF you all really mean what you say why has only 73
        thousand sighed this petition to impeach him?

        Please go to the link below and sign it, lets get 76
        million or more then maybe Congress will listen, I sure hope you do, lets get
        his lying A—- out of that Billion dollar bunker.

      • 5live5

        the biggest problem with Obambam is he never left campaign mode! Course if he did he might do WORSE things!!!

    • 5live5

      this is why I don’t believe he wants the illegals as voters. They aren’t yet dead!!!

    • Sol_of_Texas

      NO … incompetence and intention are two completely different matters. How can it follow that someone who is incompetent is necessarily trying to do the right thing?

      I have worked with plenty of incompetent individuals whose intentions were clearly self-reward and self-aggrandizement … there never were rightful or righteous intentions!

      If you don’t believe me, I point you toward the financial industry. Phooey!

  • James Maxwell

    Personal opinion Is he is both and useless as teats on a wart hog also.

  • ajfrench

    Anyone who thinks he doesn’t know what’s going is naive.

  • don

    Barrack Obama is guilty of all forty counts but the top three are total Ignorance total criminal total incompetence and I could list so many more that prove he is the most incompetent President in the History of the United States of America.

    • John Cherish

      He is purposely incompetent, His aim is to destroy the US which he hates. It is the same aim as Satan to destroy truth and to use lies and deceit to do it

  • billyjshafer

    He is both.

  • Jeffro Bodine

    How can this be? He is ‘the smartest guy in the room’, isn’t he? I mean, he knows how much money is ‘enough’ for you and me to make, he knows what the people of this country ‘deserve’ in the way of healthcare, and, he was a constitutional scholar (he says) at some fancy school (he says) he attended….come to think of it, he says a LOT of stuff that just doesn’t add up – but Glenn Beck told us all about it 4 or 5 years ago….no surprises, really, aside from the gullibility of the electorate, the outright purchase and theft of votes, and the spineless squeaker of the House of Representatives…

    • John Cherish

      The ball-less wonder squeaker of the House John Boehner

    • Esther Egan

      Had people studied this man 9 years ago, and had Rush, Hannity and others listen to some that called into their radio programs. He would not have been voted president the first time. There were some of us awake years ago, but it has taken some others a longer time to wake and get out of bed. Remember when a lady confront John McCain and told him that Obama was a Muslim and homosexual. McCain told her he was not going there. There was information but those at the top just would not accept or find out to lead the sheep to vote for someone other then Obama, but then we had the people who would rather take from the government because they are to lazy to work themselves. Goes to show that the uniformed do not know what they do, and they need leaders. Rush and many others had a chance back in 2007 to dispute this man but instead said nothing. Many tired to educate Rush. Just like I tried to educate several religious leaders and it all fell on deaf ears. Maybe now, God’s people will get serious and humble themselves, confess their sins, and worship only God; so He can heal our land. In a way, I am angry with church pastors and leaders who should have been informed so they could teach their congregations, but the sad fact is they can’t say anything otherwise they loose their 501c3 status. I would rather go to church that is not a 501c3 church and get information then to attend one where all I got was milk. What happened to “fire and brimstone messages”? I know we can’t hurt anyone feelings so we must be politically correct. I am glad that God is not politically correct. With Him I know what is right and wrong, with liberals and RINO’s I do not know what is right or wrong. Where are the shepherds and leaders?

      • John Cherish

        In 2008 I voted against him also in 2012 there was only one reason It was because this man condoned and supported abortion. If he would murder babies he would do unspeakable acts against the people anyone who would condone the murder of babies in the womb the most helpless of all humans deserves his place in He!! and will never get a vote from me. It would mean that I condone it and I do not

  • llellc

    Whoa, I thought I got worked up over Obama! This guy is going to have a coronary if he doesn’t calm down. But, I do believe his message is right on. Enough is too much! Okay, that said, now what do we do? Go knock on the White House door and tell him to pack and get out? Call the WH every five minutes and demand he leaves? See, that’s the problem. He is not someone we can give a 3 day order to quit or pay rent. If anyone can find a way to physically get him out, and all of his laws he has screwed with, then let’s go do it !! Anybody?

    • John Cherish

      The only way to get him out is to have the navy seals do it. It will take armed intervention and force

      • llellc

        Really? We could do that? Who would give the military an order to do that? I don’t think we “the people” have those kinds of power. If so, Obama would have erased them the day he got into office. Seriously, who would be able to give the order? Not Biden the Buffoon. I would park a tank on the White House lawn if needed. But, what about the militia Obama gathered when he was asking them if they could fire on fellow Americans? You sound level headed and it gives me hope. Tell me more!

        • John Cherish

          Over the internet is a bad place to discuss any ways of getting him out. I would prefer he be arrested by congress. The Sargent of arms has the authority to carry out such an order to remove him by congress . Otherwise it may take an armed rebellion and that would shed a lot of blood. Many would die on both sides. There are consequences to any action it will take more than just me or you discussing it. I am really concerned that this might be the only way would you personally be willing to die for Freedom? For truth?

          • llellc

            Is being controlled by a corrupt government and being told how to handle every aspect of your life living?

          • John Cherish

            You and I will know what to do when the time comes there will be some spark to set it off, get prepared, make plans, have weapons available, and have a place and location to get away from the cities. The government will try to herd everyone into the cities on the grounds of for our safety. But this will be only until they can start shipping people off to the “Re-education camps” (Fema camps) some may never return from there

          • llellc

            Exactly what I’m afraid of! Maybe we can get Ted Turner to build a huge underground bunker the size of Montana! (Is Montana the state he practically owns? or is it Wyoming? Can’t remember)

    • Esther Egan

      Yes! That is what we should do. Maybe not, jail.

    • areunuts?

      I posted something on the internet and got a letter from Obummer telling me how well he is governing. HA, deleted it and blocked it.

  • RandyRose

    talk slower so we can understand what you are saying.

  • Flashbackjack

    President Obama is just the mouth piece. The problem is much bigger than just one man.

    • John Cherish

      We need to find the where a bouts of one George Soros. That commie needs to be in prison

  • Donald York

    I feel the same frustration as the man in the video! Obama is both. He is incompetent and criminal!!

  • annarose13

    Krauthammer says it like it is & I agree w/ him. We have a a president that
    is a fraud, always was. Never ran anything & he is running the greatest
    nation in the world? Along w/ all the other disasters from this administration,
    tax time is here, Are all the Obama voters are happy.

    • areunuts?

      he’s not running the nation he is walking backwards as fast as his lying legs will take him and all of his cronies, leaving the idiots in Washington to feel the wrath of those who fight to overtake us.

  • 32eagle

    how about I do an obama and not exactly answer that but instead say half of the patients in mental institutions here in our USA are light years ahead of BORAX in smarts and half of our worst criminals have done far less crimes and most of the thugs have USA citizenship-why doesn’t obama moron have smarts,citizenship,or morals?because he is an illegal alien muslim terrorist

  • CQQL33

    No, he is NOT incompetent. The Puppet is doing exactly what he is instructed to do. The ultimate goal is to ruin the United States of America and he is following the correct procedure to do exactly that, destroy our once great country. Kill the economy, reduce the military strength, divide the people and take away all weapons……It worked for Hitler in the 1930’s and it looks like it is working here in America right now….

  • Chuck

    Both. He is not near as smart as he was made out to be by the Democrats. He has demonstrated no leadership skills except he knows how to create chaos and intimidate people. He is without ethics, or morals, and most assuredly hates the U.S. except for using our Treasuery to support his Muslim thieves and thugs around the world.

    • Barbaree

      I’d like to know exactly what it is that makes the libs think he’s so smart. I’ve never seen evidence of it. In the few press conferences he gives, he just runs out the clock and talks in circles. He is both totally incompetent and a total puppet to whatever marxist/muslim group is pulling the strings on everything he does and says.

      • Chuck

        They sold the U.S. a bill of goods. He is quite simply an Ivy League Affirmative Action black man that looked good on their advertising. How could a drunk substance abuser have learned anything in Hawaii? He admits to flunking out of Occidental College because of drugs. In NYC, he was a street whore and bonged out most of the time. A very large donation from the Middle East got him into Harvard Law School and the bestowing of a JD degree. The man is a disgrace to the country and the office he holds, but 60,000,000 idiots voted to reelect him and will push him to run for a third term. That assumes that he dosen’t pass the office to Hillary.

  • 4USA2


  • Morgan23


  • dad666

    Either way he should be in jail and not taking up space in the white house and living off of our hard earned taxes.

  • Burt Fisher


  • CQQL33

    Doesn’t anyone in our current government see this ? Does everyone in government think they will be survivors if America is brought down to it’s knees ?? They must be stupid as can be,, to believe only they will survive, because there will not be enough room at the top for them any longer, should the country fall to pieces.

    • John Cherish

      The people in government always survive because they will sell out to whatever government takes over even if it is tyranny, How many sold out to what Hitler was doing and does Germany still exist? It exists free right now because of the US, who will come to our aid to oppose this tyranny. We may have only one hope and that is the intervention of God

      • llellc

        John, that is true. But with God upholding us and our beliefs, who can defeat us? Right now, it sure looks like the Sleazocrats.

        • John Cherish

          Pray for the intervention of God seek him out, But know you may be put to death for believing in the one true God. but which is worse death eternal of physical death

      • WHTEHEAT




  • rennyangel2


  • George Wentzel

    Both and many other’s that cannot be mentioned unless your a Lib Democrap

  • fiftysevenchevy

    ALL of the above!!!!!!

  • Traci

    Both, but criminal first. He is a gangster from the word go!

  • gwedem5995

    This guy expresses my outrage to a tee.

  • Carlos

    Whoa dude….. Cut back on the caffeine

  • Al Chemist

    Both. He has been trying to destroy this country since 2009, and he is only part-way there.

  • Scott E

    Crinimal or incompetant? How about both.? As wel as evil, sadistic, coldblooded, inmature, socialpath, socialist, etc. etc.

  • govtrumbull

    Barry “Obama” isn’t incompetent. He knows exactly what he is doing and has a plan to destroy America as we know it. Every day he signs some new Executive Order (E.O.), or pushes for another United Nations Treaty designed to obliterate another part of our constitution. He is cunning, calculating and destructive, but incompetent he isn’t.
    The two most recent attacks on our nation include the United Nations’ Gun Control Treaty that would effectively destroy the Second Amendment, and yesterday’s bright idea to purchase thirty new Hind, (Mi1) Helicopters fro Russia for the Afghan Air Force at a cost to the taxpayers of $700 Million.
    The liberal establishment also is pushing to change the constitution to allow Barry to seek a third term and beyond. Then we have the four big scandals over the past few months, the “Fast & Furious” gun running debacle last year, “Obamacare” which has been described as a “train wreck” by a number of Democrats, as well as the sixteen point five Trillion Dollar debt acquired under Obama. And that isn’t the end of his shenanigans. Every day he publishes at least one new Executive Order of some sort, with an average of four a day. Not all of them are designed to nullify constitutional supremacy, but many of them have been published in the Federal Register with the idea of subverting the constitution in some way. The list is too long to begin to mention.
    No one can make as many mistakes, or know so little about what is going on in his own Administration; and the world; without those acts being both covert and overt acts to eliminate the rule of law as set forth in our constitution. He knows what he is doing, and so do Biden, Holder and every other top appointed bureaucrat in his Administration.
    Obama is a socialist and his policies are more in line with communism, fascism, and Islam than any of America’s founding principles. Obama has us almost totally locked into a coming dictatorship and a merging into a U.N. One World Government. We are nearly locked into it, and the death knell will be the emergence of the Amero to replace the Dollar and the U.N. Gun Treaty that will force confiscation of our right to keep and bare arms, should this Senate be stupid enough to sign onto it. It is a one-hundred percent certainty that Obama will sign to make it law if the treaty is passed by the Senate.
    America, our freedoms, liberties and constitutional rights are in greater danger than any time during the founding of our nation. Every time Obama signs an E.O.pushes some new program, or demands that some new treaty be passed in the Senate, they are done expressly to replace the constitution with some form of totalitarian government. At this time in History, Barry “Obama” is the single greatest menace to not only the existence of the United States, but to every other nation on the face of the Earth. When it comes to the destruction of America< Obama does not make mistakes.

  • lgillooly

    You need valium fast… First check your facts. The conservative groups asking for tax exempt status DID get it approved.
    Also, the GOP was going nuts last yr claiming leaks were coming from the WH and demanded investigations. Then when the DOJ does investigate (not illegal) they are attacked
    It was a terrible loss in Benghazi and 4 Americans did die. Did you even know there were 13 embassy/consulate attacks during the Bush yrs? Probably not. Because when he was President they were NOT investigated and all over the media. It was considered UNPATRIOTIC to go after the President during War time. Some of those attacks were at the SAME place only months later. Funny how the supposed :liberal” press missed all 13 of those.
    These faux scandals are out there to keep Americans unfocused on the real crimes going on, the GOP abuse of filibuster,the GOP doing NOTHING about jobs, letting banks get bigger and out of control again, screwing the middle class and letting big industries pay little to no taxes, THOSE ARE THE REAL SCANDALS

    • GinoV

      Are you telling me you agree with Obama two things he did Obama care which is a train wreck and the cost of guns went sky high that certain people can’t afford the tax on the item…..what else did he do that makes this country great OOOOOO

      • lgillooly

        Hey Gino…hate to break it to you, but guns are sky high because the manufacturers are ripping Americans off due to demand. Why? because the corporate media is telling us to be afraid. Also, I prefer single payer or a public option, but I am very glad that insurance companies can no longer screw hard working people by kicking them off when they get sick or capping benefits. All they do is suck billions of dollars out of the healthcare system and provide nothing. I have been in medicine for 30 yrs. A public option would be the best idea and I would jump on it in a heartbeat. Too any Americans have lost everything due to medical bills. That is wrong.

    • GinoV

      Also criminal and incompetent

    • joepotato

      I hope O’Soebama’s tax exempt fund raising (money laundering) org. is paying you well to spew BS. PS the Republitards are controlled opposition in this Kabuki Theater show to destroy America. This entire production is scripted to end badly…

    • John Cherish

      “You need valium fast… First check your facts. The conservative groups asking for tax exempt status DID get it approved.”

      FACT; the ACLJ is suing the IRS for ongoing targeting as we speak it is still occurring so your fact that they all got approved is incorrect.

      Fact ; some of these leaks are coming from the White house as an attorney for the administration released the information as a leaked e-mail to try and discredit an investigator of the Fast and Furious investigation

      4 Americans died, Then Obama went on to Lie about it in front of the UN . He also had others lie for him this is a proven Fact The Movie did not cause the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi. FACT: Military forces were told to stand down Fact; Hilary Clinton Lied to congress she was fully aware of what was going on in Benghazi by a signed e-mail (signed by her denying additional security resourses

      I wonder who gave the money to the banks to bail them out …Oh Obama did, who is helping the big bankers?

  • joepotato

    Comrade Barry Omar Ali Baba Muhammed Hussein O’Soebamabarkah is more evil criminal than a Barney Fife incompetent, although the incompetent label is an extraordinary cover for his criminal shenanigans. Maybe we can get some more info on that Fake ID investigation that’s been reported to the Sheriff’s Association meeting… Yee Haw…. One more scandal that’s been effectively ignored by his friends in the BSM…

  • areunuts?

    He’s both a criminal and incompetent, incompetent because he thinks he needs 33 tsars to run the country and he is POTUS in name only. He thinks he is above everyone so he doesn’t have to tell the truth, which he has no idea what the truth is, nor do any of his followers. He has all these women stand up for him because he believes they can lie with more persuasion. He needs the AG because he knew he was a good liar by his profession, so now he is paid more to be a liar and take all the Questions the pres. could not answer, because of his ;lawyer (should be spelled LIAR) teaching so well. He’s a criminal because he killed, in my opinion, 4 people to satisfy his desire for power and violates the Constitution each and every day he is there. Any more questions.

  • Atikva

    Criminal or incompetent?


  • sinnersunited

    criminal , perpetrating a fraud on all of America with the aid of traitorous media and treasonous elected senators and representatives the terrorist Obama does not did not and will not meet the founders intent as to being a natural born citizen eligible to hold the office of the president , but its not like anybody really gives a crap , if they did there would be no stopping us from seizing our government back from the hands of traitors treasonist and terrorist . so bend over and take it like the little kids the prophet Mohamed used

  • JThaddeus Toad

    Why don’t we start with a thorough examination of his credentials,starting with his social security number,then his pass port application and finally his birth certificate ….A thorough criminal background check would would dismiss criminality and move towards incompetence…. either way he has surrounded himself with some really bad folks….

  • panamacarol

    Obama is criminally incompetent, leaning more to the criminal side.

  • Dirty Daug

    Barack Obama: Criminal or Incompetent? I’d say he is an Incompetent Criminal.

  • llellc

    John, I see what you are saying. The Bible tells us that “he who dies in my name, shall live forever.” (Pardon me if that is a paraphrase). All I can say John, is that I know, without a tiny shadow of a doubt, that I would lay down my life for my daughter. So, I guess I just have to decide how deep my love goes for this country and it’s ideals. Don’t know about actually dieing, but I would stand and fight. Is that foolish on my part?

    • John Cherish

      God said to stand and fight for truth he does not want someone who is middle of the road or luke warm, you are either hot for the truth or you are not. 300 Spartans died at Thermopylae they were offered life if they would bow down to the Persian king Xerxes, worship him as a God and to surrender their weapons their reply was” Molon Labe” ( Come and take them) I will never surrender my belief and trust in my God the only God the one true God, I will die first, but I wish I had the bravery of those Spartans, I ask that God give me that strength and bravery. When the time comes

    • John Cherish

      Do not fear put your trust where is should be, trust in God. he will guide you safety thru

      this verse will help

      Psalms 23
      The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
      He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
      He leadeth me beside the still waters.
      He restoreth my soul:
      He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’

      Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
      I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;
      Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
      Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine
      Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.

      Surely goodness and mercy
      shall follow me all the days of my life,
      and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

  • BlueViolets

    Tough one but I’d say both. Congress is just as bad. If they were doing there job he’d be in the process of being charged with treason.

  • skip

    hey bob… why don’t you run for congress??? seriously!!! i think you’d be totally great…

  • rosech

    Simple deduction – he is both!

  • Dave Wallace

    Waiting with great anticipation for this incompetent criminal’s funeral.

  • Conservative320

    We already know he’s a criminal: presents a forged birth certificate and is not a natural born
    citizen of the USA when that is required to be eligible to run for the office of president of the USA (that is breaking the Law); using someone else’s Social Security number as your own (that is breaking the Law); took the Oath of Office as an ineligible, foreign born person (that breaks the Law). The list goes on. His criminality is a given. Incompetent? Not really; his actions are all planned out as part of his handlers and his own desire to destroy the USA as we have known it. He is evil, and exceedingly dangerous, but that is not the same thing as being incompetent.

  • sgtshel

    Sorry America!!! We are STUPID for letting a CRIMINAL run the country!! WAKE UP!

  • llellc

    John, I am sure that millions of good people will stand with you when the time comes. I know I will be there, not that I can do much good, but if it helps, I’ll do it.

  • cyber_hackster

    Barack Obama: Criminal or Incompetent?
    Chicago politics as usual

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    I believe that Barack Obama was a criminal once he got elected to the Senate. Why? Because you have to be an American citizen to be a US Senator. I don’t believe that he is a citizen, regardless if Hawaii law allows one to be issued a Hawaii birth certificate if you’re not even born in Hawaii! He’s a criminal for being President. Both politicial parties know what’s going on but allowed it to happen! Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the co-conspirators at the Hawaii Department of Health, anyone who knowingly allowed Obama to to be President should all be prosecuted for Conspiracy and thrown into prison!

  • laura91

    psychopathic, narcissistic, sycophantic criminal.

  • icemancold

    MUSLIM DICTATOR OBAMA is both A CRIMINAL first and INCOMPETENT SECOND !!! Any competent criminal would cover his tracks better.!!!

    • John Cherish

      He does not care to cover his tracks because he even said what he was going to do people did not listen “We are going to fundamentally change this government” It was obvious from the beginning what did they think that meant a fundamental change from capitalism is SOCIALISM/ COMMUNISM. Plain and simple many voted for him because of guilt ” Our First Black president” never mind that he was a traitor, not vetted and a Muslim.

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government ovomit/satan the ineligible treasonous muslum traitor,is part of the muslum brotherhood,and the agenda21 people,they want total world order.forget any politicans,if you had a job,were you steal the legal taxpayers monies,yr after yr,got free health ins for life,got free protection 24/7 for life,never payed for anything,and even if you got caught,not much would happen to you,i give you our government.we were at the albany rally for guns across america a few months ago,and we will be at the friday june 14,2013 rally in washington dc,to impeach ovomit/satan.god bless we the people

  • urbisoler

    How about criminally incompetent!!!

  • oxtoby

    He is definitely not incompetent. He has known exactly what his goal is since his Communist father, Frank Marshall Davis, taught him to hate America as a kid. He now has the power to do that by weakening the military, fomenting a race war, and destroying the Constitution with his lackeys Holder, Napolitano, Reid, Pelosi and his Chicago gangster enablers in the White House. He is definitely a CRIMINAL and will eventually be brought to justice by the American people he hates so much. Obama is pure EVIL!! God will destroy him.

  • David


  • LLinLa

    You missed one: 1) Criminal 2) Incompetent 3) All of the above

  • Terry Adams

    I vote for both. He should be charged with treason and put in front of a firing squad. Holder standing next to him. Oh heck lets have a line up include Harry,janet,hillary,and a few more. Wake up America the beast is upon you.

  • DebraJMSmith

    If Obama gets his info from TV news shows, perhaps someone should tell him that Entertainment Tonight is not a real news show.

  • denny


  • Take 2

    Tricking until caught or Mexican Shell game is best way to describe how He or they conduct business. He always states the ‘trick’ is….right. Play it back…! right!

    It’s his nature to trick and not lie. I know! God created the dude…

  • Bob

    Criminal, no doubt

  • babsan

    Criminal for sure.Evil to boot

  • Harold

    Obama is not incompetent , he is doing to the USA exactly what has been his goal from the very start, “DESTOY AMERICA.” He is a CRIMINAL no question about it. The only ones backing him is. #1. the uninformed; #2. the socialists and the communist party. #3. Dyed in the wool democrats . #4. The welfare slugs and their free fones..

    • okihadit

      RIGHT ON, he knows what he is doing and he is getting away with it. he is the biggest criminal there ever was or is.

  • popham

    What a stupid question. He is of course both criminal and incompetent, and the ignorant,
    poorly informed people who voted for him will in time pay dearly for their mistake.
    Good luck, America.

  • pysco

    In a nutshell, Obama’s both.

  • llellc

    I love that prayer, John. It soothes me daily, although, not that much lately. I just read that the Department of Justice is going to enforce heavy penalties if anyone on Facebook, Twitter or other social media say anything negative about Muslims. In fact, it says “the full force of the DOJ will be enforced. What the heck? Where is the first amendment? The muslims don’t have to watch what they say about us and/or America. Oooooo, I despise these people and all those who coddle them!!!

  • robinswebnest

    Well, both actually

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    O had the whole government wired. Remember when he said he would punish his enemies? He messed up when he went after Rosen and the AP. Now the press may reveal him for what he is. He is not incompetent! He knew exactly what he was doing and the press allowed it. Dump Boehner and put a REAL man in that seat and just watch what happens at the OK Corral.

  • Fred_K

    He is definitely a criminal. He knows what he wants to do, and to do it, he must break the law (again and again). Since he has already broken the law on numerous occasions, he is ripe for impeachment. I hope the House of Reprehensibles can muster the cajones to do their job.

  • tncdel

    Obama’s crimes are far more serious than the Rosenbergs [who were executed] committed. A non-U.S. citizen is NOT constitutionally-entitled to impeachment proceedings.

    Obama’s social security number failed E-Verify, and anyone with enough intelligence to follow the simple instructions of this video can prove to themselves beyond any doubt that the document Obama claims is his birth certificate was amateurishly created using Adobe layering techniques. Please see:

  • liberty49

    Obama is not stupid, he is just a clever traitor who intimidates his enemies to keep them quiet.

  • grandmaliberty




  • Gary Calhoun


  • 40Helen60

    Barack Hussein Obama should have been arrested 5 years ago for treason. Now he has blood on his hands for his part in the coverup of: Fast and Furious, the murder of Ambassador Stevens and those brave men who pleaded for help a month before it happend but their pleas were ignored.
    No one in the history of this nation has ever committed treason and sedition and gotten away with it.
    Everyone knows, by his own admission, he came to the US on a foreign passport, was able to enroll in college as a foreign student with no job and no money, and it is a matter of record, the SS # he has does not belong to him. That SS # belonged to a deceased gentleman in Connecticut.
    Obama never applied for citizenship, therefore he is in this country illegally and is not legally the President of these United States of America. No wonder every record, every doctument, every note is kept under lock and key. We will never know what else this American hater is hiding.
    As an Army Vet, I hate what Obama has done to our military. He must stand trial for his crimes and take responsibility for his own crimes instead of putting the blame of every one else and anyone who disagrees with him are fired or hell to pay. Stop pandering to this coward and remove him from office.

    • okihadit


  • CARL


  • Phil Bronner

    He’s an incompetent criminal….

  • cae973

    criminal or incompetent….thats a hard choice because their is ample evidence he is both

  • Wayne

    His next place of residence should be Leavenworth, Kansas.

    • fred

      Q!uantanomo Bay!

  • 5live5

    This is an easy one to answer. He is BOTH!! I don’t believe he has EVER read the constitution and he has illegally gone AGANST the Constitution so many times it is hard to count!!

  • proudtexan62


  • fred

    Yes!YES! Yes!!!!!!!

  • MelbaSimmonsRowland

    He is both….stupid and incompetent, but he does have some damned good handlers!

  • gfsomsel

    Criminal or incompetent? BOTH. And give that guy a valium.

  • okihadit

    the biggest dam criminal there ever was or is. he knows exattackly what he is doing, and he is getting away with it. WHY?

  • Prince Charly

    Criminal Negligence is Criminal.

  • sudsy

    Both, plus socialist muslim!

  • Ipsophakto

    What’s next? Civil unrest. If criminal prosecutions don’t come forth, people will rise up and demand it with rage and frustration in the streets. I never imagined Obama and his henchmen would go quite this far with malignant partisan abuse of power. Laws were broken, our constitutional rights were trampled. Our country and institutions were raped by these Chicago-style lie-hydrants. Channel the rage into rightfully using our democratic and judicial process to extract these tumors from office.

  • Jamie

    Exactly how I felt after 6 months into his 1st term. Been waiting for the rest of America to notice.

    “what does he have to do to wake us up?” good question. Again, this question crosses my mind every day, and I’ve finally figured it out.

    The majority will not wake up AT ALL. EVER. Because they’ll be dead before they figure it out. The rest will begin casually wondering after 6 or more months of no food on the table. The problem at that point will be that they’ll be too distracted with trying feed themselves to wonder if the white house had anything to do with it. And after all he has done, over 99% of those who don’t like him still think he is just stupid, not criminal.

    This observation alone tells me there is no hope for America waking up. I have given up completely on brain dead America, even the conservative side – I’m not even talking about liberals. It takes me most of each day to come to terms with the unbelievable blindness I see around me. Then I go to bed and forget, wake up and have to get used to it all over again.

    It’s over. Just enjoy the time and comfort you have while you have it. There is something about humanity, that they simply can’t really learn from history, nor comprehend anything until they experience it firsthand.

    Those who are taking over understand this, and have been maneuvering accordingly and confidently. They know exactly what they can get away with, and at what point to make each major move. They will not move faster than is safe for them, nor slower than they need to. They see you and your objections, your resolve to “do something” when you think the time is right etc., coming from 100 miles away, have prepared for you long before you gave it a 2nd thought, and are laughing hysterically at how stupid you are, how they got you coming & going, and how their trap is closing in on you, while you hesitate to decide what ya’ll want to do about it, and argue about whether a revolution is justified yet, etc. In fact they are taking all your reactions into account, fully expect them, and are deliberately egging you on to the very reactions they will use against you.

    See, you think all these scandals are ‘mistakes’ made by the administration. They aren’t, really. Their plans are laid in such a way so that no matter what the result is, they can use the reaction toward their own ends. Because there is a benefit to their plan in pissing you off and pitting you against the other useful idiots. They understand how & why roughly half the nation will support obama no matter what he does, and even cheer him on in his crimes & open disrespect for the constitution. They were raised & ‘educated’ in immorality & political correctness as a substitute for a conscience, for this very purpose, and the resulting allegiance to evil was known & engineered deliberately.

    You see it but you don’t believe it. You don’t believe it because you can’t. You can’t because that’s how your mind works – you can’t seriously imagine what you haven’t experienced, so you don’t really take it seriously. You’ve never experienced a REAL PROBLEM, and your mind tells you, way in the back, that it can’t really happen. So even as it begins to happen, you’ll do just as the Jews in Germany did and think it won’t go very far before ‘someone’ intercedes. It will remain virtually inconceivable – in solid real world terms – until it’s long past too late. This is the human legacy. We simply do not live long enough to learn from history, are arrogantly confident, even in our teens, that we know pretty much everything & are not engineered to take seriously someone else’s experience or report. Enjoy every day you have left.

  • Doris Thomas


  • joejoe

    Slow down and speak your mind. I don’t know how you can talk this fast. Give us time to process what you say.

  • Mort Leith

    EXACTLY ! ! ! !

    He’s BOTH !

  • jime1

    Anyone with a lick of sense knows the answer to this question. Obama is a criminal and he has turned his entire administration into a criminal enterprise. We need an Elliot Ness to come to our rescue and put this monster in jail for the rest of his miserable life, along with quite a few of his flunkies.

  • del

    He and all his minions should be in holding cells awaiting trials for fraud, treason, perjury, racism! A more corrupt group could not be found in any 3rd world country.

  • IMSweetOlBob

    You ask this question now ? Where were you when he knowingly presented himself as an American born candidate for the higest office in America ? THAT was a criminal act. Everything he has done as an illegal presidesnt is / was a criminal act. Every appointment. Every Executive order.
    So now that he has really shown his arrogant hand, all of you become outraged and ask if his behavior is Criminal ?
    Of course he is a criminal ! He’s been a crook from day one and will contimue to be one until he draws his last gasp. And supported by power hungry liars and the complicit press and racist, entitlement whore blacks, he’ll never be punished.
    Is he a Criminal ? SHSEESH ! What a stupid question !

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Most salesmen overcome objections by saying, “I don’t know about that, but I do know this” Obama is selling an ideolegy, turning the nation marxist, I don’t know this, but I do know this works on the simple uninformed. Less than half of us pick up on this. The rest of the administration will follow the leader right into hell, cause they are being paid to. They will continue to prop up this POTUS as long as he gives them a Job. Alas, when he is through with this pansy press, they will be fired, cause guess what, he will be their boss! Eric holder has actually told press that he won’t do it again, guess what, he like Obama is saying yep I did it, but if you are nice, I wont. Not until we want to snoop on you again.. Our press, Yuk, what a group of pansy idiots, they believe him over us.

  • David Peacock


  • Charlie


  • geniejean

    He’s both

  • Arizona_Don

    Claiming no knowledge is a lame excuse at best. Like blaming Bush however, obama has overdone it this time.

    The liberal progressive obama supporters prove daily just how ignorant they are. If in fact they actually believe what obama is saying, or at least they make out they do, when he says he doesn’t know. However, his position proclaims that is not an excuse or a reason for his incompetency. His position proclaims it is his responsibly to know. When we accept his excuse of not knowing we are just as bad as he is. In the final analysis however, reality proves if an incompetent person is hired to do a job they will prove just how incompetent they really are. In that manner of speaking he has been quite successful in that and only that! He has managed to have an excuse for everything that has gone wrong within his office since taking office. Looks like he cannot blame Bush for these shortcomings, but make no mistake it was someone else’s fault we just don’t who yet.


    Is it ever possible to believe a compulsive liar? When that question is answered we will have the answer to how and why he didn’t know.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we conspire to deceive.

  • turn3

    easy decision, BOTH

  • NHJIM1

    He is both. He is a criminal and he is totally incompetant.

  • Arizona_Don

    Obama makes slick Willie look like a piker when it comes to lying. Of course the liberals believed slick also. There is a considerable difference between what slick Willie did and what obama is doing. Willie ruined a dress barack is destroying a nation and the libs love him for it. So I guess we can finally say for certain they are not Americans and they have proven it with their support of this usurper.

  • Death2Unions

    He is an incompetent criminal, as well as being a dedicated albeit un-admitted Marxist.

  • Chiefbuck

    This requires only a one word answer, both. Being unable to stop myself I must add that the entire administration is packed with political lackeys who are incompetent, have very poor memories and lack credibility. This is the result of the lapdog media not doing it’s job. Our education system has created a dependent class of voters who have no idea of what they are voting for. Need proof? Check any major city and wonder why the voters continue to elect those responsible for the current situation.

    • SBFLA

      Free handouts. The takers have finally outvoted the makers.

  • suzy2


  • angiedano

    Obama is a “USELESS” president. All he does is co-mingle with
    Hollywood dumbells who stupidly elected him and re-elected this imcompetent and fraudulent person, play golf, play basketball and enjoy luxurious vacations paid for by the taxpayers. He has done “ZERO” for our country. He is shameless and has taken advantage of all the American citizens of this country. His arrogance, his sense of superiority and his air of haughtiness and above all his “inexperience are responsible for his record of political fiasco and our country’s ruin.

  • TAM44

    I think him and his butt buddy eric holder should be water boarded using camel pee for no longer than 24 straight hours, Them piece of human waste would talk then.

  • skipper

    He should be condsidered a traitor and dealt with accordingly. Guantonamo would not be bad enough for this lier.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    I think it IS actually possible to be both incompetent AND criminal/ They are not mutually exclusive. The question to be asked when we look in the mirror (as citizens): Are we not also criminal and incompetent for not recognizing these trends, and rising to correct them sooner.

    It is very difficult to detect cancer in its early stages, yet easy to treat. As the disease progresses over time, it is very easy to detect, yet very difficult to treat. So it also is with cancerous politicians and political systems.

    That is why the Founders cautioned us to be vigilant citizens. Plainly said, we have failed in that obligation.

  • djw663

    Obama is definitely criminal he is by no means incompetent he knows exactly what he is doing and everything is going according to his plan. With all the socialist and communist appointees he has placed to prominent positions within our government it will take several generations to undo the damage this socialist has done. They have spoon fed us socialism for the past two generations to the point where communism is just around the corner

  • tlc11532

    I’d say he’s both, and I’d add commie dictator to it.

  • Solid_Facts

    Duh! – It’s not an “either-or” choice. – It’s BOTH!

  • Observant_One

    I would say plenty of both!

  • raccman


  • jenjen

    Definitely BOTH!! As well as other things!!

  • JBKonya104

    He’s incompetent and a criminal! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • llellc

    I just want to say that I am so happy to find this location because of all the good comments everyone posts. I don’t feel like the lone-American out here. Also, glad to know so many of you are mad and willing to fight for our country. I am just hoping and waiting that the time will come when we can harness our energies and rid ourselves of the scourge in the white house.

  • Ginger

    Bama is a criminal that is also a “professional liar” – he MUST be removed !!

  • Don

    Barrack Obama is a criminal and he is the most incompetent person that has ever set as a President in the history of the world.

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