Assange: TPP Is 83% Fascists Controlling Our Daily Lives

It is imperative to bring this interview with Wikileaks Julian Assange back up from May of 2015. Here is the interview question and answer session as reported by Democracy Now: WikiLeaks’ Assange – TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Not Only Trade, 83% Is Fascists Controlling Our Daily Lives – Once We’re In, We’re Stuck Forever.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange knows more about the contents of the TPP than most members of Congress and is doing much more to inform the American public than any of our so-called representatives with the lone exception of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL). He has no restrictions other than his politically-motivated confinement to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on his freedom to disclose the truth to the world and he is sounding the alarm.

Assange described it in a “Democracy Now” interview as being “not formally classified but being treated as if it is classified in terms of how the information is being managed.” He says, “It is very well-guarded from the press and the majority of people and even from Congressman, but 600 U.S. companies are part of the process and have been given access to various parts of the TPP.”


He continues, “It’s the largest ever international economic treaty that has ever been negotiated. Very, considerably larger than NAFTA, it is mostly not about trade. Only five of the twenty-nine chapters are about traditional trade. The others are about regulating the Internet. Internet service providers have to collect information; they have to hand it over to companies under certain circumstances. It’s about regulating labor, what labor conditions can be applied, regulating whether you can favor a local industry, regulating the hospital health care system, privatization of hospitals.”

For more on the text of this write up go here: Democracy Now



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