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Army Chaplain’s Impassioned Speech on Gun Rights Silences Every Liberal In The Room

While Democrats continue to push for stricter gun legislation, conservatives and Constitutionalists are sticking up for Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights. Army veteran and chaplain, Nicholas Purpura, spoke at a New Jersey forum to stop liberals from pushing their anti-gun agenda on law-abiding American citizens. His impassioned speech was incredible. He emphasized lawmakers’ lack of knowledge on the subject of firearms, and berated them for their willingness to let let off those who abuse guns in crimes so that the criminals can offend again.

via AmericanOverlook

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  • conc11111

    Obama changed the constitution and the gun laws through his presidential rights

    • Arizona Don

      Do you think he has the authority to do such a thing?

    • jdangiel

      We have no proof that he taught anything. We have no proof that he did anything beyond community organizing, whatever that is.

      • mwl

        We KNOW W Bush. We know his father and mother, we know where W went to school, we know the girl he took to the prom, we know the his first car, we know his military service, we know where he lived all through his life, W Bush doesnt

        • Terri

          Very well said and so true. Thanks for saying what we all think.

        • Gorni


      • Mike Laborde

        He is a communist.

        • kenneth russell

          We know that Obama paid his dues to the Communist Party, there have been records that verified it.

      • Myrtle Linder

        We have no proof that he is an American, he is an interloper, an illegal, posing as our leader, and he is leading us straight into bondage and nobody seems to want to stop that. If he lasts until the end of 2016 we will be in bondage unless we are able to unseat him.

    • ort

      You actually believe the outright pack of lies that is obamas supposed accomplishments? He has done NOTHING. He has earned NOTHING. He is a puppet of George Soros with a hidden past.

    • John OMalia

      It is reported that he only taught the 14th amendment. While he might have a working knowledge of the others, it is evident that he does not believe in them much, just like most liberal socialists..

      • kenneth russell

        Obama only can prove that he was an “understudy” in teaching,(A student teacher), he never got any degrees as he failed all his courses. Obama was also registered as a foreign student studying here from abroad.

        • John OMalia

          Well, we’ll know when a future administration has Obama’s records unsealed. He certainly does not act as educated as the Democrats would have us believe. There may still be an outside chance that he is educated but has no common sense. There seems to be a lot of those folks in DC.

    • Arizona Don

      Ridiculous he is not a constitutional scholar. If he were he would know he is breaking constitutional law. Furthermore, 200 years ago he would be shot!

      • patriot2

        he may know he’s violating the constitution,all the more reason to charge him with treason.

    • CQ

      He may have taught a class with the word “Constitution” in it, but it is crystal clear that he does not understand it – neither the meaning nor the intent of those who wrote it.

      • Neal Avery

        It was probably a course on circumventing the Constitution.

    • Mike Laborde

      Obama needs to be jailed, tried for treason and thrown out of the country.

      • patriot2

        the penalty for treason is death,but I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    • Beepster

      Executive Orders are NOT laws. Only congress can make and pass laws. And he taught the Constitution?? Not too likely. He doesn’t even remotely know the Constitution, much less be able to teach it. He has absolutely NO authority to change/amend the Constitution. ONLY the states can do that!!!!

    • Charlie

      You surely are one ignorant person . POTUS can not change the constitution no matter how much any tyrannical POTUS wants to change the constitution does not have the power to do so.

  • darylj46

    He hit it right on the head and he says it like it is. This man is a true American and is smarter than most liberals.

  • Daniel Gray

    Nothing meaner then a ticked off Soldier that has fought for his or her country only to have cubical critters like this trying to restrict his or her rights because they are pansies and refuse to hold the criminal account for their actions. Keep it up and the military is going to turn on you and that will be the start of the 2nd Revolution and since you liberals hate guns and have never fired them or had one, as gun rights people shoot and hunt almost on a daily basis…wanna guess who will win? Hint…it isnt you liberals

    • Chris P

      Are you going to dress up in red uniforms too?

      • Daniel Gray

        Oh, so you dont like the idea of holding a criminal accountable for their actions and you dont like the idea of making politicians stop attempting to restrict our Constitutional rights just because they may not like them huh?

        The military WILL turn on you if this keeps up. They will refuse to follow these politicians orders and exactly what are they going to do? They cant arrest all of them. Add in the police that will refuse to follow these illegal orders and the citizens that wont follow them and the politicians will have a civil war on their hands that THEY created!

        So what are you going to do Chris when this hits the fan? Allow them to run roughshod over you and pick and choose what rights they will allow you to have or be a man and stand up for your rights? Be it the legal way in the courts and confrontations or only as a last resort, force them to try and do it at the point of a gun? If you wont stand for something, then you will be bent over for everything.

        The choice is yours. But dont expect the law abiding people of this country to come save your arse if you decide to side by the people taking away the rights men and women like me (I served in the 101st Airborne 22nd Combat/160th SOAR) have fought to protect this country and the right our founding fathers gave us over 220 years ago.

        Make a decision Chris.

        • Neal Avery

          Thank you, Daniel Gray!

          • Daniel Gray

            You are welcome. It was my honor to serve.

        • Chris P

          You are paranoid, there are other ways to solve problems than with stupid guns.

          • Daniel Gray

            And you are an arse. DID you ignore the simple fact I clearly stated that the use of force would be the last objective and that the military and police would simply REFUSE to follow the orders that are illegal? and did you ignore the fact that I stated that the Government CANNOT arrest or charge all of us that refuse to follow an illegal order.

            Or did you Chris, simply refuse to READ the second paragraph in my reply to you as in doing so it would not give you anything to whine about? Or did you INTENTIONALLY ignore this sentence from paragraph 3 of my reply to you where I clearly said the following “Be it the legal way in the courts and confrontations or only as a last resort, force them to try and do it at the point of a gun?”

            You have a major problem Chris as you cannot seem to be able to understand anything with your head shoved up your dark and stinky. Next time READ the post before opening your mouth as it was ok to let the people on this thread think you were an arse, then to open your mouth and prove it beyond all shadow of a doubt with your post.

          • Chris P

            Most people in this country don’t buy your delusional rants. Grow up.

          • Daniel Gray

            Not a rant when it is a fact. According to Gallup and Zogby, over 78% of the country thinks that we are going in the wrong direction. According to the same pollsters, over 89% of the country thinks the US Federal Government has too much power or is trying to take over too much of a citizens private life. And again according to the same pollsters, over 92% of the people responding to the poll believe that a 2nd Civil Wart WILL happen unless Washington is restricted in their actions…and over 25 states have (mistakenly in my opinion) voted to have a States Convention meaning they will have the Constitution opened and amended to restrict the authority of the US Government.

            Does that sound like most citizens believe in your BS or the facts I am saying? Busted yet again Chris. You really need to go see an eye doctor as you could not see reality if it punched you on the nose.

          • Chris P

            Yes the ignorant who listen to the BS from Fox Noise and the rants from the NRA suck up the nonsense. Intelligent people know otherwise. It’s hype from the right.
            I think the country is going in the wrong direction – it’s going back to the dark ages with the crazy religious right.

          • Daniel Gray

            Typical. WHEN did I post anything about me listening to Fox news? Or the NRA? Your response is typical BS from the left when they cant dispute a thing you say and become hysterical in their attempts to try such as you BS posted reply above.

            But please continue. With each post you are making yourself look more foolish then anything I could have come up with if I had wanted to try

          • Chris P

            Sorry that you cannot even understand a simple English. It doesn’t say “you” it says “the ignorant”.

          • Daniel Gray

            And as I stated before, that fits you perfectly. You really should stop posting about yourself as you are causing people to laugh AT you, not with you.

  • Gary Wells

    well said sir!!

  • meander

    Kettles boiling, and it’s CAPPED….Hate to say it but it’s about to blow

  • disqus_zF6L9ZoyCy

    I want Nicholas Purpura on my side give it to them they don’t know squat about guns or the laws.
    Presidential Rights my azz i would have like to have with me up on the front line and then see how he behaves.

  • Jenny

    Wow, not a truer speech have I ever heard. He is so right on calling all of the people sitting on the bench “Hypocrites”. That bumm in our white house can be the same name too. Take our guns and let the criminals have them and then just slap them on the wrist so they can go out and kill more defenseless people.

  • duz2600

    Barack Hussein Soetoro is his real name. Obama was a married stooge who accepted $20,000 to be on the Birth Certificate, and who married Stanley Ann Dunham, in bigamy, until one week after the birth. He immediately returned to his wife and family in Kenya. Read about some of it,


    Now, you might ask why Ann’s daddy (FBI, Western Region) arranged Ann’s marriage. The real father of Barack was Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party organizer and pamphlet author…
    More, here:

    Ann later married Lolo Soetoro and took the family to Indonesia, where Barack was adopted, Islamized in Madrass, and citizenized.

    Later. Barack Hussein Soetoro came to America on a Student Visa to attend Columbia as a Foreign Student. Classmates and teachers have testified that he did much pot, some philandering, and little
    studies… just enough to slip through.

    • CQ

      No need to rely on his classmates word; whoever wrote Obama’s biography, “Dreams From My Father,” also admitted that he was a pothead, did cocaine, and sloughed off on his studies. Every Democrat, black AND white, who voted for Obama ought to have to read at least the first half of “Dreams.” I quit reading shortly after the part where he moved to Chicago and became a community organizer.

    • charles17121

      I suggest you do a little more research ! No student or professor at Columbia University remembers barack hussein obama if that is indeed his name . At a class reunion of his supposed class mates no one remembers him . Not ONE person of his graduating class remembers him . doesn’t anyone find that kind of strange beings he is suppose to be the smartest dud in the room ? A student that says he was going to be US President doesn’t live an impression ? It is a known fact that he bragged about being the next US President wile he was going to Harvard . Everything about this guy is a lie . From who his mother and father were to schools he suppose to have attended . lie after lie after lie after lie You can keep your health care and your doctor . ring a bill ?

      • asoro

        he never even went there, it was all a set up,, there is so much dirt on this guy it would shake the foundation of this country for a long time, the thing is How the hell did he get to the white house without being brought down, How could one man get away with so many lies,

        • patriot2

          he was endorsed by nancy pelosi,sweetheart of the democrats.they can keep the beach.

          • charles17121

            Air head Nancy Pelosi and many others in the US Congress are guilty of High Treason . They knowingly ignored the US Constitution and put a person on the 2008 and 2012 democratic ballot for US President who did not qualify under US Constitutional law .

          • patriot2

            exactly,charge them all with treason before they can eliminate the death penalty.

  • conc11111


  • charles17121

    The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama never EARNED a degree from any US University let alone the liberal Harvard University . Harvard University sold their educational integrity for 20 million dollars and GAVE the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama a diploma .

  • conc11111

    yes he did.he voted present as a senator

    • patriot2

      probably the only thing he ever did that didn’t screw up the country.

  • conc11111

    he’s the president,he said he could do anythng

  • david of tampa

    If Ameircans won’t stand behind Clive Bundy, then who will stand behind you. All this garbage about his biased remarks are a fable created by a New York rag, that edited and adlibbed much of what was said. At this moment we are at war. It is mostly words now, but soon it will be guns. Don’t give yours away.

  • monacall

    Good for you. Said what all of us feel.

  • HongryHawg

    More in ball-clipping states like New Jersey need to do just what he did.

    • patriot2

      the only thing is the a$$holes that run the place are just like obama,they do what they want instead of what they were hired to do.Nicholas told the truth,but as soon as he told it the officials ignored him because they have a basic hate for us to have guns.

  • kenneth russell

    “We the People”, are disgusted with the way the Local,State,and Federal elected officials, are acting!
    Think we won’t turn the tables right-side up again!? I truly think it is too late for those that are “in” office now, if they have a “D” by their name. I have no sympathy for them either, as they are the true culprits in the political scheme of things.

  • Tigerlake4

    The only way to save America and stop the commie’s is to exterminate them all!! Revolution is coming…..take no prisoners!! We have a communists government, time to flush DC!!

  • Tigerlake4

    The gentlemen speaks for a lot of people (about 100 million gun owners), they are fed up, they have had enough of obama, and they are really pissed off!!

  • KittyKat


  • robert

    great speech,we the people,who are the real government,and for whom you work mr politican and mr government.join with us may 16,2014 in Washington dc,for oas{operation American spring}god bless American veterans/citizens.and read the book the muslum mafia

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