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AP Reporter Slams State Department For Silence On Israel

A spirited exchange between Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee and spokesperson Victoria Nuland marked the U.S. State Department’s daily briefing Monday on the continued violence between Israel and Hamas. Lee slammed Nuland for their silence on Israel in what the Administration has labeled “quiet diplomacy.” Lee concluded, “But you won’t stick up for your ally Israel when the Turks, another one of your allies, say that they’re engaged in terrorism in Gaza…” The exchange goes on for nearly three minutes, while Nuland is left defenseless against the charges of silence from the press pool.

  • squeak

    These Liberals just will not own up to anything that the Terrorists are doing or call them for what they really are, TERRORISTS !!

    • Bob in Boston

      Can we please stop calling everyone who doesn’t agree with us “terrorists”? It’s a completely useless word – and it doesn’t fool anyone into thinking someone is “the bad-guy” just because someone proclaims that they are “terrorists”. The definition of Terrorism in the dictionary is “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce,especially for political purposes.” That sounds like exactly what the US is doing in the middle east, which means that both the US and Israel are engaged in “Terrorists Actions”. If you want to call people “terrorists”, then just make sure you include the US and Israel when you’re doing it, because whenever the US blows up civilians with a drone, or the Israeli’s kill civilians with a rocket, they are “terrorists”.

      • StephenFR

        Bob, bob, bob,
        First, Israel has not used any rockets. They are in fact bombing, which by definition is the use of aircraft.

        So what you seem to be saying here is that after months of Israel ignoring daily rocket attacks coming from the Gaza Strip, their action of retaliation against the people who admit that they have been shooting the rockets, in an attempt to get those people to stop shooting the rockets, is the act that you consider aggressive and an act of terrorism? Please, where do you live, I want to come and punch you in the nose because if you even raise your arms to defend yourself I can then label you a terrorist. That is how absurd your argument is.

        • squeak

          I agree with your comment… do not understand where Bob is coming from… you are exactly right about Israel, they have been taking crap from these TERRORISTS for some time & it is about time they have retaliated…in my opinion that is exactly who they are TERRORISTS !

        • Bob in Boston

          You must have missed the part where Israel has been bull-dozing settlements and recently assassinated one of the heads of Hamas with an air strike on his car that killed 10 civilians including 2 small children. If Iran, Turkey, or Hamas assassinated an Israeli military leader by blowing up his car and killed civilians, people like you would be the first to label it a “terrorist attack.”
          Now I’m not saying Israel is wrong at all – they are big boys and can make their own decisions. They don’t need our help, permission or foreign aid. If they want to retaliate against Gaza that’s fine. What I can’t stand is the idiots who keep calling anyone who doesn’t like the US or Israel “terrorists”, as if that makes them somehow more evil or something. There are three sides to every conflict – my side, your side, and the truth. Anyone who has attacked Israel or the United States has had reasons they thought justified their actions, and here’s a clue for you – it’s never “because they hate us for our freedoms.” It’s usually because we are screwing around someplace where we are not wanted. You won’t hear their side of the story (or the truth) on the news – you have to dig a little.

          • Irene Abbott

            you really need to watch more than one news station and get both sides of the story.

          • Don Bahn

            The MSM reporters must have all reports and commentary cleared by an Islamist before it can be aired, that is why the MSM is reporting more about the deaths in Gaza than reporting on the 900+ rockets Hamas has fired at Israel over the past 5 years.

          • Bob in Boston

            It’s good that you at least recognize that the news you’re getting is filtered – you just don’t fully understand how.

            Go look at the actual casualty numbers:
            “The Palestinian death toll rose above 120, a large number of them civilians, including at least 27 children. In Israel, three people, all civilians, have been killed by the hundreds of rockets fired from the Gaza enclave.”

            That’s from the UK Guardian. You shouldn’t listen to any MSM from the United States – it’s all propaganda. If you want both sides of the story, one strategy is to listen to the US media and then get the Al Jazeerha version of events, which is often slanted as badly as the US version (just in the other direction), and recognize that the truth will be somewhere in the middle.

          • DAVID PEACOCK

            bob is a middle of the road reasonable guy;; it depends on whether you consider lobbing [8] eight thousand rockets into Israel an aggressive act of just target practice;;then of course if you are a Hamas militant and Israel smart bombs your momma’s house of course he thinks Israel is the terrorist;;;;;see how “cum by yah” works for everyone???????

          • StephenFR

            You must have missed the part where Hamas has repeatedly stated that their aim is the inhalation of Israel and the Israeli people. You also missed the fact that Hamas is firing their missiles, not at military targets, but random civilian targets. Also that they hiding their missiles in the Palestinian population so that any possible retaliation by the Israeli’s will cause civilian casualties. You also missed that the head of Hamas who was killed was targeted only after months of missiles being fired into Israel and only after repeated warnings of the consequences if the unprovoked attacks were not stopped.

            You seem to miss one critical piece in all of this. Israel actually gave the Palestinians the Gaza Strip with no strings attached. They have repeatedly stated that if they are not provoked or attacked they would leave the Palestinian people alone. They have never taken any action against the Palestinians except to cease or suppress the aggressions or threats of the Palestinians. On the other hand the leadership, Hamas, of the Palestinians has repeatedly called for the inhalation of Israel and the Israeli people. That is what make Hamas and not Israel terrorists. Go back to any time that you think that you think Israel acted otherwise and research it and you will find that since the beginning of the country of Israel in 1948, Israel had never been the aggressor.

          • Jen

            Bob, my understanding is that the 10 civilians killed including children was caused by their own friendly fire and then blamed on Israel. Like you said, their are more that two sides to the story.
            A little bit of history that might educate you on this ongoing crises:

            Are you aware that in 1947 the United Nations passed a resolution that created the state of Israel? This same resolution, also called the ‘Partition Resolution,’ created a state for the Palestinians. The Arab nations in the region rejected the Partition Resolution, which included a state for the Palestinians, and went to war against Israel in 1948. If the Arab nations had accepted the Partition Resolution there would today be a separate state for the Palestinians. Israel is not to blame for this failure and the ongoing propaganda effort aimed at Israel is based either in ignorance or willful deception. One should study the history before throwing themselves into pro-Palestinian causes. This same ignorance of history was discovered on review of 38 public school textbooks. The textbooks routinely omitted key, significant historical facts about the creation of Israel – facts without which it’s impossible to understand the nature of the conflict today and what is now being taught in our schools. Israel is America’s one true, democratic ally in the Middle East. This is why we should actively expose the Saudi money machine that has turned many of our colleges and universities into beachheads for rabid pro-Palestinian activism and militant Muslim Students Association chapters.

        • Irene Abbott

          thank you Stephen. Punch him once for me too.

      • squeak

        I do not call everyone Terrorists, I think you are taking what i said out of context… read my comment again, please….I know what a Terrorist is, I do not have to look it up in the dictionary ! I was talking about how the Liberals will not say the word Terrorist, like Obama, Hillary, etc !

        • Bob in Boston

          And what I’m saying is that our leaders not saying the word “terrorist” is a good thing. It’s a propaganda word that doesn’t help the conversation at all. Take for example the attack on the ambassador in Benghazi – everyone is making such a big deal that Obama waited a while before saying the word “terrorist”. Who cares? Someone retaliated against the U.S. because we were involved in actions against them. That’s “retaliation.” We assassinate people all the time, so that alone shouldn’t make assassination a “terrorist act”, unless you want to call the U.S. terrorists too…

          • squeak

            No ,it isn’t a good thing…Obama & our leaders are suppose to be for the American people, instead we have a bunch of enemies within that try to hide any info about Benghazi, they come out before the TV & spread their lies & Propaganda…maybe you don’t care but I would say the majority of people do, as I… Also as President he should come out immediately & let the people know what is going on & not be afraid to say the word Terrorist which he will not do…could it be because he is a Muslim ?? As far as I am concern I believe you are way off base when you say any assassination by the US, then I would want to call them terrorists also…you again are trying to put words in my mouth, this conversation is over because you certainly do not know me & for you to try make me out something that I am not , does not sit well with me…sounds like you are an argumentative person that really does not make sense like ” Terrorist is a propaganda word ” , get real…End of Conversation with you !

          • Irene Abbott

            If it quacks like a duck, it’s a stinkin duck

          • just_reality

            Actually the word terrorist is more than just propaganda. It is the classic method of demonizing someone or some group so that people come to think it is ok to slaughter them – because they are subhuman and they deserve it. Another good example was calling native americans “savages” to justify breaking treaties and killing them.

            The other reason to promote the word terrorist is so that the govt. can declare a war against them, spend trillions of dollars on that war, and most importantly be able to lock them up in military prisons (and torture them, which, even John McCain has said is a bad idea and produces no reliable intelligence), and then try them in military courts, not civilian courts.

            By the way, good to read some rational thoughts on this blog, and not just one liners and mouth frothing.

          • Bob in Boston

            Unfortunately we are far outnumbered by the gullible people who eat up the propaganda like it’s candy and never try to see both sides of the story. It’s almost like they consider themselves patriotic because they can parrot back the propaganda.

            I’ve found this video helps SOME people start to see the truth of why we’ve been attacked overseas – it’s pretty compelling if you’re a reasonable person and approach it with an open mind:

      • Thomas Creamer

        Obama is pretty much a Terrorist … he is a Coward, Traitor, and a Lying SOB … he deserves the same fate as that of Saddam Hussein … a Hangman’s Rope !

        • 820 REDHORSE

          That…my friend , cannot happen soon enough! Along with the same fate for moosluts as a whole!!

      • bob

        Hey Bob, I think you are sympathizing with the terrorists, maybe we should chip you to track you.

        • Bob in Boston

          Yeah, thanks to everyone like yourself buying the whole “terrorist” propaganda, our government gets away with tracking law abiding citizens all the time. Thanks, gullible people.

      • Irene Abbott

        you Bob are very slow to learn. Israel is trying to defend themselves from years of rockets being lobbed at their southern region. As soon as they do something about it you call them terrorists? You’ve been fooled. Shame on you

        • Bob in Boston

          I’m not the one being fooled, Irene – I at least try to hear both sides of the story. It’s the people who are fine only hearing one side of the story who are the fools.


        bob the boob………

        • Bob in Boston

          Lol – someone with c0ck in their last name probably shouldn’t throw stones!

      • betty

        it sounds like our pres. should be included in this.

        • Bob in Boston

          I agree 110% – just like Bush – they are all the same!

    • tazz_89103

      because our gov, supports the TERRORISTS,

      • squeak

        Exactly Right !

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Mealy mouthed responses just make me want to scream!

  • CCNOVA67

    Does the term “Mealy Mouth” cover this?? SameO SameO from the Failure-n-Chief’s flapping gum group!

  • David Veselenak

    BRAVO, BRAVO, someone who has a pair! I only pray that it get’s contagious and that the few outside the STATE-RUN media will follow suit! It is way, way, way past time that hard questions be asked instead of the softball ones that this Muslim-Marxist and his communist regime have had tossed to them! Like Alphalfa recited in the Little Rascals: ‘ Dykes to the left of me, dykes to the right of me, dykes all around me – boom, boom boom.” Take this to the bank: America will, no is, paying for electing a Godless, communist regime to POWER! God says: YOUR ON YOUR OWN, AMERIKA!

    • Maggie

      Bravo again my friend…….. finally as you say someone has grown a pair. Yes hard questions should be asked and persued and persued over and over again until the truth spills out. Yes ………also to America is going to pay dearly for this elected regime …… then there will be such a whinging and whining of such a cacophany of wailing which ( laughingly ) they brought down upon themselves………….Love your comment and agree David

      • o

        By re-electing obamy we are headed for a 3rd world classification. How many other countries are now Laughing at USa.

  • KathiB.

    This broad is being challenged and is dismissing this reporter as if he were a petulant child.
    Our “beaurocrats” have completely forgotten for WHOM they work………..this is nothing other than another layer of manure over all of us.

  • conscience voter

    Thank you Matthew Lee. Now, if only a few more “journalists” will start getting some backbone maybe we can start holding this Administration accountable.

  • Phil McConathy

    Thanks for asking a straight forward question. As usual they can say terrorist for same reason.

  • gene

    BOOM!!!! go Matt!

  • maquignon

    Thank God for ONE reporter with some guts!!! They are very scarce these days.

    • o

      The rest of the reporters are bought off by the democrapic party. If we don’t grow some baxxs (x=L) soon the fighting will be here on OUR doorstep. Maybe obamy will let hamas build a terror center right here in the USA

      • $7099023

        You said that right! They are bought and paid for, they took the 30 pieces of silver over four years ago, and they jump to his every demand. It’s sickening. Matthew Lee is one of just a VERY few who has a back bone, and I praise him for standing his ground and confronting this obamabot with what a LOT of Americans think and feel, too.

      • StephenFR

        Actually I think that might be a good idea. They can have the eastern shore in Maryland where they can daily lob rockets into Washington DC. The more I think about it, the better I like it.

  • Dracula131

    Since the other “so called reporters” present for loudly silent, I would not want to hear any of their questions. PEROD!

  • Dracula131

    The other reporters must have left their testicles at home or obumma’s hands!

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    God Bless Mathew Lee. He should have debated the Turd in the White House!

    Victoria is a Libtard Max. Time to turn her out.

  • just_reality

    Unlike the corporate press and other feeble minds, the state department
    has probably noticed a clear pattern of events in Israel. Namely, that
    every time there are elections in Israel, there is a pre-election
    skirmish with the Palestinians. The ruling party’s game is to scare the
    people of Israel into voting for them because they are “tough on
    defense”. Most of Europe and Turkey have figured this game out.

    The same thing has occurred in the US with pre-election newly
    released Osama bin Laden videos. In 2004, a video just happened to
    show up on the Sunday before our election.

    So, although I give Obama a D grade for what he has done as president, the one clear example of
    something he is doing right is that we no longer kowtow to Israel, we don’t play their games, and we don’t comment on their tantrums.

    • Bob in Boston

      You can see the same kinds of patterns here – right before there is a vote on the UN small arms treaty, you’ll see a few sketchy “shooting rampages” that will help scare people into allowing an “assault weapons ban”, and right before our election, you saw the attack in Libya. The pattern of scaring people into allowing attacks on their liberty was used to allow the Patriot Act and the NDAA to be signed as well. Stay on your toes – you should never give away Liberty for a fleeting threat of danger, because as the Feds showed with the Patriot Act, once you give away your rights, you never get them back.

      • just_reality

        I still can’t believe that our elected representatives, both dem. and repub., voted for and passed the Patriot Act and NDAA. This is in direct opposition to their sworn oaths to defend and uphold the Constitution.

  • Robin Dimaio

    NBC..THERE IS BUT ONE! God spare them as you did NOAH!

  • Gary

    The State Department has been rabidly pro Arab since the Kennedy days. It’s not surprising what their position will be. israel will be asked to stop shooting while the Arabs continue to shoot rockets into it. The best answer to the Gaza situation would be an Israeli Gaza state, but Barak would crap his pants and that can’t be allowed.

  • 4 More Years of Misery

    An Associated Press reported ACTUALLY doing his job??!! Quick…. bring me some Valium!


    Israel does not need this puzzy potus to decide if they are going to remain a nation…………..

  • Somekindofpatriot

    Good for you Matt, I wish more so called reporters would quit bowing down to this administration.

  • Shagnasty1

    Matt just got pulled off her Christmas card list and probably all other Democrats’ lists as well as Obama’s.I’ll bet he isn’t invited to any more press conferences either. Democrats don’t like it when they aren’t in control of the press. Especially after they’ve been caught with their collective pants down, AGAIN

    • StephenFR

      You took the words out of my mouth. Expect Matt to be banned from all federal government press conferences in the future and also expect him to be fired by AP. My guess is the next time you will see Matt is as a consultant on Fox News. They are the only ones who actually hire from both sides of the isle, and they appreciate anyone who will grow a pair and stand up for what they believe is right, regardless of the position.

  • smoken1

    Hey Lee, how about you do something about tour cranial/anal inversion…..

  • Bernie

    Why should they own up to anything their leader obummer wants them to remain progressive socialists, the so called terrorists are nothing more then disgruntal MUSLIMS. This is exactly what obummer wants to keep the USA down , he never liked Israel nor the US. Just look at what happened at Benghazi, another obummer under the table deal.

  • Moose

    All of a sudden some in the lame stream media start showing some ba!!s; where were you when the press was kissing Obama’s a$$?

  • alpambuena

    besides not siding with israel, even the left wing newsies will slant their coverage by showing what israels does to hamas areas, but they dont show the damages to israel….wow, a real reporter, who gets it.

  • del

    The schmuck in the white house is out wasting millions on our Air force 1 and sending old hillary to deal with the powder keg in Israel which she and schmucko helped set up by funding and arming the arabs!

    • just_reality

      The only proven arming of arabs that I can think of was the arms sold to Iran during the Reagan administration, and the arms and WMDs sold to Iraq (to fight our enemy Iran at that time) during the Bush I Administration. And of course, Egypt has been the second largest receiver of US military aid (the first largest is Israel) for several administrations.

  • KenJay

    Wow, I’m surprised that an AP reporter is actually bucking the major media trend of spoon feeding pap questions to representatives of the current administration. I would be surprised if he lasts much longer with AP. He had better submit his resume’ to FOX News after this exchange … none of the other networks would dare to hire him now – since he has proven that he has a brain and a spine to go with it.

  • tazz_89103

    Israel should tell the us gov to go F^%&K it self and do what it needs to do to protect there people, end of story

  • GoldBeachBiker

    Everybody commenting on Bob in Boston, quit wasting your time with him. I’ve reviewed his posts and he’s somewhere out on the fringes to the left of Ron Paul. He’s an idiot.

  • TLady62

    I actually give the AP Reporter credit for doing his job here. This Administration has virtually stonewalled on everything when it comes to foreign policy. And the truly tragic part is we have four more years of this to look forward to.

  • Chuck

    ObamaCrats are strong backers of the Palestinians. They will not back our only ally in the Middle East. By returning a Muslim to the WH, the voters effectively agree with Obama’s policy towards Israel.

  • Tonto

    Well hey, the resident socialist pig in the White House is a muslim sympathetic to Al Qaida after all……just sayin’.

  • Don Bahn

    There is no such person as an innocent Palestinian living in Gaza.

  • DockyWocky

    Why slam the State Department. After all, isn’t HRH Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, representing Broncobama, right there in Jerusalem snoozing, dining high on the hog, wasting tons of jet fuel, abusing the American taxpayers, and rubbing elbows with Israeli politicians as they all pretend to be concerned about what is going on in Gaza.

    Hillary will not call the Hamas Gazonians terrorists, ever.

    It isn’t her policy. Obama just won’t call terrorists terrorists because they are moslems, and Broncobama just loves moslems. He sets policy…

  • Val

    It time we start going after these yellow belly cowards who kiss ass Obama. He is a TRAITOR by himself.He IS one of the ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD, who are they trying to kid ?? They won’t speak up against OBAMA , they have their scripts they MUST follow. Thank You, Mr. Lee for getting it out there, you rattled her. Thanks

  • June Gagnon

    Hear, hear- -we actually have an AP reporter who refuses to play the “lamestream media propaganda” game; just maybe there IS some hope!

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