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Anti-Gun Senator Makes An Absolute Fool of Himself While Trying to Use Gun Terms

  • PeaverBogart

    What a Dumbass.

    • grannyB

      They always make a dumbass out of themselves.

      • Walt

        This just goes to show, too what extent a Dumocrats will do, and say, just to get elected. As long as the free stuff people are in office, things will only get worse.

      • PeaverBogart

        I showed the video to my 8 year old Grandson and he said “What is he talking about Grampa?” My Grandson has shot my M16 and he knows he can empty a 30 round magazine in 2.5 seconds.

    • pianobill

      Just like all democrats

      • Paul

        They always make fools of themselves rying to rid society of something they know nothing about. Democrats never let FACTS get in their way and by all means never say they are sorry for lying

    • Guest

      You are WAY too kind. The guy is an absolutely ignorant arsehole.
      Just as telling is the stupidly blank face of the cop behind him.
      No wonder CA is considered the arse-end of the world.

    • Joseph111

      yup, saw that when they said he were from California ..

  • Macjamm

    Hysteria to the left, hysteria to the right, hysteria everywhere you look,
    That’s all you see anymore is people who talk about things they know nothing about as though they are experts, when all they really spout is gibberish…..

  • kyrunner

    Isn’t it great to hear an idiot gun control nut talk about something he has no clue about. Ignorance on parade!

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    More Democratic stupidity!~

  • Spectre7075

    What a moron!!!!! How the hell did he ever get elected??????!!!!!!

    • pianobill

      Got elected by dumbass democrats!

      • Spectre7075

        That’s for sure!!!!!

    • ARMYOF69

      With many millions of illeg alien mexikans here in LA, that’s HOW.

      • Spike

        You mean illegal democrats.

    • squeak

      Usually the same way as always, FRAUD !

    • Paul

      By all the morons that voted for him be they dead or alive citizen or non.

    • Preacher Cruz

      You’re overestimating the intelligence of the average American voter… People like Feinstein, Pelosi, Waters and Boxer get re-elected over and over again. These representatives are good fits for the voters who elect them.

    • commie hater

      illegal aliens elected this commie

    • Skepticles

      With his chin wiped clean it would be hard to tell…………I’m just say’in is all.

    • lutesong56

      I have been saying that ‘idiots elect idiots’……………….

  • common sense

    Who votes for these low information Senators?

    • theronald

      Low information voters, the ones who don’t watch any news from non-biased channels, or maybe no news at all. They only watch the crap with no information of any use to anyone..

  • 19greg45

    Just goes to prove, once again, that those who neither own nor use firearms, nor even have a passable working knowledge of them, should have NO SAY in the regulation thereof!

  • regulus30

    he looks like he has no idea about the gun in his pants either. stupid looking fool.

    • ort

      It’s more like a derringer……a small, small derringer.

      • regulus30

        very funny/good;; he is obviously a social moron……..

        • ort

          : D

      • grumpybill

        A pea-shooter!!

        • ort


  • earlwatters

    yes a dumb ass democrat commie doesn’t know a dam thing about guns

  • ARMYOF69

    He does NOT need to be proficient in English, only Mexikan language. After all, he IS in LA.

  • MoDeVille

    What a dope. All liberal democrats are dopes.

  • AG Dot Com!

    Yet another clueless libtard moron from California…

  • samuraiajg

    Another Moron Democrat. Complete Idiot. Know a lot about Nothing. Typical Democrat Dictator wanna be.

  • Myrtle Linder

    Always, when you get up to speak before a crowd, be sure to know as much about the subject that you are speaking on, as possible. Anytime that you get up to make a speech, be sure it is not with only what you have heard on the grape vine, especially when it is the Democrat grape vine; and try to make it the truth; try to fool people that you know what you are talking about. You will make a fool out of yourself, every time.

  • samuraiajg

    Never underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups. Democrats and their Voter Base.

  • stags43

    It is just so hard to believe they keep trying. They are so stupid. They need to do some research before opening their mouths. Can’t do that, huh????? Shut up and go sit in the corner and suck your thumb.

    • grumpybill

      He is from California. Don’t you know they suck on other body parts there?

  • silverzone

    This is the problem, when idiots politicians who is holding a gun for the first time in his life pushing law about something they have no idea. Same goes to another moron from CA, who said that, if you shoot 15 round magazine, you will have to replace that magazine with 10 rounds one, because other one was already used. “Ghost Gun”?

  • Hermit

    Wow, both Ignorance and Hysteria out of a Demoncrat?? Who would of thunk-it..

  • C.L. Napolitano

    With these Statists in power – our guns mean we are still ‘Free’. Take a good look at Chicago & New York City – OWNED by the Statists…they are now ‘sheep’.

  • bbnnmm

    DUH!!!! Vote for me, I know everything.

  • HappyG

    But it’s what he ‘heard’ from his handlers…how could it be wrong???

  • Tonto

    Too many trips Colorado…..or would that be too many trips IN Colorado? Either way, that boy is a bit fuddled. Only part of the problem is that these twits have no idea what they’re talking about. Ignorance is the enemy…. ignorance creates fear where none is necessary or even called for. Reagan was right…”liberals know so much….that is wrong”

  • silverzone

    CA trying to ban “larger gun”, because they think they look scary, but they also banned “smaller” guns, like PPK because at that time they said, criminals use smaller guns to comit crimes. Every morning politicians in this state wake up and think. “What else we can ban today”? Why don’t you just ban yourself, because you have no idea what you are talking about. 30 round magazine in half a second? I think idiot just invented a gun that does that and called it “Ghost Gun”. Problem is that gun can shoot that fast, only exist in his little brain.

  • PlowStone14


  • CaptTurbo

    Clearly, Senator Kevin de Leon is an ass whole.

  • randolph.poole

    My friends, De Leon is but one of many such morons currently running California. This is why I am leaving California, I have had enough! This state is truly beyond help. Within a decade, California will become the Greece of the US.

  • Centurian2010

    This liberal commie wants to strip away all gun rights in CA.

  • silverzone

    Is he trying to ban SMG in CA? News for him SMG already banned in CA. And I am also shocked that cop behind him didn’t even flinch, listening this idiot talking nonsense.

  • squeak

    It didn’t take a gun to show the ignorance of a Socialist Democrat, now did it ? Just take a look at our economy, healthcare, bankrupt cities like Detroit, etc, That should tell everyone when the Democrats touch anything it goes to crap !

  • Pat Alexander

    Another no information liberal!

  • Bill Force

    This is what you get when the Taco Benders in L.A. elect an uneducated fool.


    He must have studied 1989 CA Attorney General Comrade Van de Kamp’s speech before the CA Legislature. Comrade Van de Kamp appeared before joint session of legislature with an AK rifle and announced that in twenty seconds he could kill all 120 legislators in the building.

    • Skepticles

      Promises Promises.

  • Terry Whitehead

    That is why Dumocrats should not have guns, but maybe if they had them, they would shoot each other

  • jb80538

    Democrat proving his stupidity each time he opens his mouth.

  • dave

    Trouble is the anti gun idiots don’t know the difference.

  • gbandy

    Only California would elect such a total idiot. After all my proof is CA already has elected Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Waxman. Who else would elect so many idiots?

    • coman1

      You forgot governor “Moonbeam” Brown !

    • Sunshine Kid

      Well, Nevada is getting pretty close with their elected brain-dead leaders like Harry Reid. Maybe “sinking into the Pacific” would be a reprieve for them.

  • Dr Wood

    Boy theres a liberal azz hole democrat born every second this guy made a complete fool of himself apparently he don’t know squat about guns but he wants to take them away BS

  • Dr Wood

    Oh hell i forgot something he’s about as brilliant as shotgun Joe.

  • egalicki

    Remember LA likes to elect the most idiotic people – they are succeeding.

  • homer1057

    What part of “SHALL NOT INFRINGE>>>Doesn’t this man get? Guns don’t kill people any more than lead pencils make mistakes! How come it is that when a man/woman kills someone with a gun, they go to jail, and not the gun? IF this is just the matter of guns killing people, then put the guns in jail..afterall didn’t they kill? Stupid Dumbasses! Think, there have been guns in this nation since day one, and yet now: they want guns taken away! That is as stupid and a rooster w/socks on its feet!

  • F-14 Navy Vet

    Not only is he having trouble with the subject matter in his attempt to spread fear and disarm law-abiding citizens — it sounds like he’s also having trouble with the English language. (Glad to see this is one of the best leaders the Democrats have to offer in California.)

  • terrythecork

    Don’t arm any reetards like him. He’ll wind up shooting himself. On second thought…

    • patriot2

      on second thought………….give them more!!

  • Old1946vet

    Que? Thirty clips in a half a second?

    • Denise B

      I want one of 80. of those….

  • JTK199

    What do you expect from some wetback whose only gun experience is from what he was given in the Fast and Furious nfiasco

  • Bill Slawinski

    I don’t know who is the really the dumber ne…the Senator or the officer standing behind him going along with the charade

    • Denise B

      Both. Both are dumber.

  • WhiteFalcon

    is the average intelligence of the vast majority of anti gun morons in our
    government. Feinstein is just as stupid. Cuomo is just as stupid. All of them
    are morons. Apologises to morons. Those invertebrates aren’t really as
    intelligent as morons.

  • CryingForAmerica

    OMG! I can’t…stop…laughing….hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Gasp! What a…..hahahahaha!!!! What a moron! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  • Graywolf12

    At last he could have found someone that has a knowledge of guns to teach him the terminology. The words will not hurt you, really, only the bullets hurt. He must study under that cone head female from the land of the fruits and nuts.

  • John b

    better get that gun away from him. he might accidentally hit someone with it.

  • gene456

    Is this tamale legal? We need to see his papers.

  • gmhunt4

    Brain “Dead” liberal……

  • junkmailbin

    as has been proven and will always be proven, California has the lock on really stupid politicians

  • 1catfish

    What can you expect, he is a demoroid.

  • Linor

    Do you think he will resign to gain at least a little sense of dignity? Aww, him? No way! Probably dignity is foreign to him too.

  • Sandy

    thirty mags in half a second….can a minigun do that? Nope…JADAS Just Another Dumbass Socialist….

    • Daniel Gray

      LOVE it….but shouldnt it be JADAL? (Just Another Dumbass Liberal)

      • Sandy

        60 years ago, I think one could make an arguement for liberals who at least had some decent ideas – rural electrification and such. Those persons are far gone. They are all goose-stepping “yes we can, hope and change” stupified socialists..they are in a robotic state to their plan: google “1934 socialist cartoon..Chicago Tribune”…that’s the plan being carried out….keep the faith…Benghazi, as it is about to all come out (some came out last week in the Senate report) is going to make Watergate look like child’s play. Hopefully, some of these Republicans will have a spine and go for the throat….

  • Daniel Gray

    Half a second???? What freaking world does he live in? First he got it wrong, the gun takes a magazine not a clip, and I have used over 2000 different rifles and handguns and machine guns while in the 1-1st Airborne 22nd combat/160th SOAR…and I dont know of ANY that will shoot 30 times in half a second. Holy crap the muzzle would walk up to the top and over the target so fast that you would be shooting clouds in less then the time it takes you to blink! So please let this fool continue as they do more to destroy their image and reason then anything we could ever do

    • grumpybill

      Try FantasyLand, Daniel.

    • mexxet

      That kind of rate of fire generates a tremendous amount of pressure, heat, and unburned propellent that it would erode the breech so fast it would quickly become dangerous to fire, and the loss of accuracy would render the weapon useless very quickly.

  • grumpybill

    What else can you expect from a Dumbasscrat? They vote on bills before even reading them (as the dipshits did on Ovomitcare), rant and rave about things of which they have NO knowledge, all under the guise of their “all-knowing” office!
    What a waste of human flesh!!!

  • grumpybill

    Kinda makes you wish Lex Luthor would come to life and follow thru with his silly plan to dump the whole fag state into the Pacific, don’t it?

    • djw663

      Hey now, if you look closer at CA there are only 6 areas that are really blue the rest of the state is red. How about somewhere west of I-5 but including Sacramento fall into the pacific. The rest can stay.

  • Guest

    Hey, “CA State Senator Kevin de Leon (Democrat from Los Angeles), I’ve got a twenty year old used jockstrap that you can wear as a medical mask for protection against the LA bong fog. Apparently that stuff is getting to you.

  • Sunshine Kid

    It is hard to comment on such stupidity. I’m sorry, but I just cannot get that low.

    • Ashram13

      Then again, why comment when what you see quite clearly speaks for itself.

      • Sunshine Kid

        The truth well said!

  • Coffee49

    He is a piece of crap must be from califorica, if i was the cop behind him i would have arrested
    Him for being stupid, also all the low illegal info voters for also being stupid

    • djw663

      The misspelling of California was funny and fit the article but all the other errors make it seem as though you did not intentionally misspell it. I do agree with your comment however.

  • djw663

    If you cannot use the correct terminology it is obvious you have no clue as to what you are talking about these moro s are so funny to watch, proof that anyone can make it in America. How do these C or D students get elected?

    • Ollie

      America is full of stupid people! Most of then are even dumber!

  • Donald York

    Wow, another idiot like Diane Feinstein.

  • fletchman

    Is there anyway we can tell him what a lowbrow moron we think he is. Ghost gun, 30 in .5 sec, wow!

  • Joe

    He misspoke..give it a rest you idiots!

    • patriot2

      no he didn’t misspeak.he’s dumber than a box of rocks

  • mexxet

    Libturds are funny.

    • LarryTX

      and stupid

  • Ollie

    If he ‘s from California, that figures!

  • Duz2600

    It’s the water? I just can’t comprehend such stupidity! Ah, well, it’s God’s Plan, so I will sit here and enjoy it…

  • Drosack

    What a dumass!

  • Chris

    hahahahahaha!!!! I got a good laugh out of this though…Shows how much they really know about guns :-) LOL

  • Chris

    What the hell is ghost gun??? LOLOL 30 clip Rounds in half a second???? Go Home and sober up man :-)

  • Paul Brown

    This is what happens when a politician gets himself into something he knows nothing about.

  • Douglas Smith

    Where’s the video ? ! ? !

  • Chris

    I can believe the liberals understand what he is saying too…LOLOL… The anti gun people I am sure believe him :-) LOL

  • yaki534

    Typical liberal.

  • Rick

    I think what he really meant to say was that We have ghost spending budget where we can waste 30 billion taxpayer dollars in a half of a second. You guys just need to understand these idiots.

  • Julius

    This typical PoliticalScumBag should tell We the SHEEPle exactly how many ‘Gun Crimes’ he believes happen with this type of rifle!
    …and How many ‘Drunk Crimes’ occur EVERY Day and, how many millions We the SHEEPle are ‘Sentenced’ to spend on these Creatures and their extreme Murders, Injuries, Property Damage, Legal Expenses, Etc., etc. Nobody gets drunk ‘accidently.’ Their evil destruction is, obviously, intentional…

  • Jack Cramer

    Typical liberal Idiot!!!

  • Johnnygard

    This is PROOF beyond a reasonable doubt that we have people in this country passing laws on things that they know absolutely NOTHING about.
    They don’t even have the brains to say to one of their colleagues, “Here Charlie, you know more about this than I do, you talk about it”.
    This jerk is the most anti-gun person the the State of Calif., and about all he ever does is work on gun issues.

  • Skepticles

    “Anti-Gun Senator Makes An Absolute Fool of Himself While Trying to Use Gun Terms”
    Well Kevin DeLeon didn’t have far to go, did he folks?
    Being a sufferer from the inane Sacamento antics of progressives like DeLeon, I have noticed his dribble ranging from a punitive ammo sales tax, to an outright ban on semi-auto rifles; all Constitutionally infringing on the Second Amendment, and some outright seditious IMHO. I am sure someone is spoon feeding him these gun-ban poison proposals (since clearly he is otherwise ignorant of the subject), in exchange for support towards a future federal office if he does well. Two years ago I predicted in a blog that DeLeons ‘ aspirations began and have ended in Sacramento. In Washington there would be folks there waiting to deal with a newbie anti-gun DeLeon in whatever elected office he could scam onto.
    Anything changed Kevie?

  • victoryman

    He’s qualified to me the next mayor of Toronto…….

  • william

    will a fully auto shoot that fast?

  • fixfen

    remember when speaking English was necessary for immigrants? This says more about his constituency than himself. Stop illegal immigration! Reduce legal immigration! NO AMNESTY!

  • sunnyblues

    This is priceless! He is the epitome of the progressive movement. They act like they know everything while displaying through actions, words, and deeds that they know nothing! This would be hysterically funny if they were the minority party. Pray that happens in 2014.

  • Devi

    Typical. Speak with authority about that which you know nothing. Representing his constituents with style. Their style.

  • guest

    gotta be related to Pelosi & Feinstein

  • 56PapaBear

    I guess when you can’t dazzle them with brillance, baffle them with B*llsh*t.

    • TheSunDidIt

      That only works when you REMOTELY appear to know SOMETHING about what you’re talking about.

  • T Rowe Lamont Bentlyprice

    Wow! Just wow!

  • Capn Skilett

    oes this guy look in the mirror? Terrible hair style if his own – if rug? dude spend some money and get something that looks better – can you say pompador?

    Another bunghole that does not do his own homework but has mouth that spews crap – and the sheeple will applaud him

  • Old Salt

    I’m always amazed that a usually bright, intelligent group of people (the electorate) will vote somebody THAT ignorant, into a position of power. That having been said…who’s doing this voting or vote rigging as the case may be. Somebody gave de Leon a weapon and told him, “Just go out there and say anything negative you can think of, about what you’re holding in your hands…we’ll take care of the rest.” Actually this may have a backfire effect. Because they’re trying to inspire people who are afraid of guns, to maybe get involved and parrot something like this, when they otherwise wouldn’t, to a conservative gun owner. And when they get their intellectual clock cleaned they might change their minds to our side when they see that gun haters are so stupid or just liars.

  • Neal Gaylor


  • VeeDub57

    The facts don’t matter. What matters is what you can make people believe.

    We have once again arrived at a moment in history where the truth can be defined as “that which you can make other people believe.”

    The methodology for creating that belief is repetition.

    Say something enough times and it becomes, for millions of people, the truth.

    This is why control of the media equals control of the populace.

    And also why a state run television news channel is so very dangerous.

    I would argue this has already happened and that certain cable news channels are actually a covert extension of our government.

    Of course, this fact would be entirely inconsequential if the oft-repeated falsehoods they attempt to imbed into the Zeitgeist were simply amusing, or at worst, inane. But, unfortunately, that is not the case.

    The heavy repetition of lies and smears for political gain are by no means inconsequential.

    Which is why each and every one of us must use whatever resources we have at our disposal to disseminate the actual truth.

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