Ann Coulter’s Reaction to Piers Morgan Asking Her If She Would Ever Date a Liberal

Ann Coulter sat down with Piers Morgan on Thursday night, and amidst all the political talk, Morgan actually asked Coulter about… romance. Yes, Morgan actually asked Coulter if she would ever date a liberal, and singled out late night host Bill Maher in particular. Coulter just laughed and said, “If you were interviewing Margaret Thatcher, would you ask her that? No, I think not!” When he pressed it further, she said, “I am not discussing who I would date!” Coulter also pushed back against some of what Maher said on Morgan’s show this week about Republicans being power-obsessed, arguing the Democrats are worse because “they enforce party discipline like an old communist cell,” and if Republicans were smart, they’d target vulnerable Democrats instead of “slightly impure” Republicans.

via Mediaite

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