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Ann Coulter: Why Can’t We Publish List Of Women Who Get Abortions?

  • Billy

    This lady has made some good points.

    • Patriot

      She usually makes many good points. As readily seen, many left-wing Obama Zombie quickly make silly-ass accusations against the women. They keep suggesting she is not female? or that she is gay. Hello? This is how the left operates unfortunately and why they are so reviled and held in such low esteem.

      • Chemiker

        Unfortunately, they keep winning elections. They promise to take from the producers and give to the indolent. Ayn Rand was an optimist.

        • voter suppression

          not elected fraudulently put in office.

    • jake

      She always does.

  • mikeledo

    Ann, who made herself known for her knowledge of Constitutional law during the Clinton administration should know enough not to even pose that question. Maybe we could publish a list of gay conservative women with large Adam’s Apples.

    • Vazir Mukhtar

      Perhaps possible, but hardly worth the effort.

    • WellNowDear

      She is known for stiring up things and jerking some peoples’ chains. A case in point is the two posts I just responded to.

      • mikeledo

        She managed to get her editorial columns pulled from the ultra conservative Augusta Chronicle newspaper with her 9-11 victim remarks.Michelle Malkin replaced her.

  • ves

    Sick of EVERY DISCUSSION being brought to the Abortion issue … this was a DISCUSSION about the Illegal Dangerous Publication of Legal GUN OWNERS!!!! Learn to keep the discussion on point or keep off the TV and Radio and Media!
    The constant blaming of women … calling women whores for BirthControl Use and Even Trying to PREVENT BirthControl Use … is One of the MaJor reasons we lost the election!!
    Why not publish the NAMES and ALL Information of the MEN that got the women PREGNANT and it Resulted in abortions or ILLEGITMATE CHILDREN!!
    Y’ALL need to learn to keep YOUR Noises OUT OF Other Peoples Personal Business!!
    If YOU DO NOT Want Other People Minding YOUR Business STOP Trying to Mind THEIRS!!

    • Chemiker

      Please, next time take the whole Prozac.

    • WellNowDear

      I don’t agree with you but, I do agree that you have a right to your opinion.

    • boccagalupe

      The discussion was on point ves. The point being that if you are able to have access to certain records, why not others. By the way, the publication of the names of gun-owners is NOT illegal. Although Immoral and unconscionable, NOT illegal.
      There was no blame made of those who had recieved an abortion, simply a question of why not release and publish those names. As far as naming those men that got the women pregnant and publishing them may be a good idea. However many of the ladies involved have so many partners that they may not have a clue as to who. By the way, there are absolutely NO illegimate children. God made all those children and there are no mistakes.
      AS far as “people minding their own business if they don’t want others minding theirs” perhaps you may want to try on a pair of those shoes, they might fit you quite well.

    • Joel Patti


    • scarletdove

      It is obvious you are passionate about abortion issues, and yes, I am also tired ot it a well as birth control which are personal, priviate and the responsibility of each individual (not taxpayer); lest you understand that Ann was trying to make a ridiculous point regarding abortion names being published as ridiculous as names being published of conceal/carry gun owners. One is as dumb as the other, although not related. Hence, her point………

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    Ann — get a list of such women if you can, find a paper willing to publish the list or publish an advert listing the women. No one is stopping you.

    Another venture you might encourage is a list of Senators and Representatives with their net worth upon their election to Congress and their net worth on leaving Congress. The amount of their charitable contributions for the same two time periods would also be interesting.

  • carolrhill814

    She makes good points but sometimes not so much.

  • boccagalupe

    What a lady…. has more great ideas than you can shake a stick at. Would like to see her in public office, but wouldn’t want her to become brain-dead by association with those that are. Also she likely wouldn’t want the loss of income.

  • headhunter

    why shouldn’t we publish the names of women who have abortions? it’s a legal action. being registered to own, carry guns is a legal action. tell me what the difference is. then we can publish the names of people who own televisions, and people who work at home, thats legal too.

  • Joel Patti


  • Tank

    Hard to side with AC on this one. She is the extreme right, venturing into crazy land quite often. I agreed with her more when I was less informed, less objective, and more ticked off due to my believing everything I read/heard by the extreme right. By her logic here, if libs can have the map and infringe on our rights as gun owners and endanger non-gun owning people with their irresponsible actions, then I WANT the names of women who’ve had abortions?? Is that a full list, or are rape victims excluded?? Where do underage girls raped by family members end up on that list?? Women who had to abort to save their own lives due to complications?? Or is this the same full blown demonizing broad stroke the libs used with the gun map?? You’re intolerance allows us to be intolerant right back? Fighting them by doing exactly what they’re doing is OK? Take our freedom and we’ll take yours is OK? Sorry AC, I can’t get behind you with your hypocritical stance on this topic.

    • Douglas Gillard

      You missed the point; you can’t publish the names of women who have had abortions. Exactly how should we respond to what that paper did? Wring our hands and gnash our teeth and cry?

    • Nellie CA

      I don’t think the issue is abortions but “why” should a news paper be able to publish a list of people who carry a gun? The tax payers don’t pay for a person to get a gun permit to carry and they have to know how to use a gun and have a back ground check. The abortions are killing more kids than guns. I think an abortion should be private but not paid by the taxpayers. Lots of fraud in abortions. I worked with women who used and were in rehab. One woman I remembered had at least 5 abortions and five kids, the kids were in foster care. The woman is still on the streets and doing drugs. Sad but that is our country enabling the drug users.

    • Jake

      That would take a lot of paper to list 50 million names of women who had an abortion even if you leave the ones on your list off. I don’t know what is worse- someone with a legal gun to protect their family or someone willing to go to a place where children are defenseless (like the womb) and kill them. Lets get the message out to all the would be mass murderers- if you like murdering defenseless children, don’t go to a school, go work at an abortion clinic.

  • Wrightclick

    I wouldn’t take Ann literally on publishing a list of women who’ve had abortions. I think she was just making a point that THAT is as ridiculous as publishing a list of gun owners. Anyone with a hint of common sense would see that neither should be done. I think the libs have gone crazy on this. They were waiting in their caves for an ‘incident’ so they could fly out like bats at night on gun control and they have so overblown the agenda that they look like total idiots. Their irrational logic is simply bizarre. I’m so sick of having to defend myself and my CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED freedom having done NOTHING 5 states away, because some mentally sick little turd went on a rampage. There’s no one left to blame. They’re all dead. The mother screwed up. The father is absent. The brother hadn’t seen him in two years. That is one screwed up family. Do you really not see the problem?

  • Wrightclick

    Why doesn’t that rag of a newspaper publish the names and addresses of every policeman and armed city, county and state employee? Oh and why not publish their work schedules while you’re at it? And the names of their children and where they go to school? How far do you want to take this you sick bastards?


    This is one of the best ideas I have heard in a long time!!!!! Conservatives and Republicans need to start using liberals own rules and ideology against them….then they might eventually see how it feels! I have been doing this to defend myself against them and they DO NOT LIKE IT! Imagine that!

  • Controse

    Seems only reasonable in a civilized society to publish names of mothers to be who are accessories to murder before the fact. Abortion is murder; legal murder. When murder is legal why have any laws at all?

  • Pesky American

    Sounds like apples and oranges. We’d get more “pointed and accurate” reply by demanding equality of published information… Show Us The List Of Citizens In Same Area That Are NOT Registered Firearms Owners. heh heh heh. First they came for the…. then they came for the…. then they came for me.

  • slarker

    Remember folks, the people who want to take away our guns are the same people who have tied the hands of our military with stupid rules of engagement that protect the enemy and get our guys killed.

  • Blomsoy

    That is unbelievably cruel; no wonder the Republicans are losing elections; the
    religious extremists among them are out of touch with The People who do not
    wish to be ruled by them.

    • Douglas Gillard

      If you think Republicans are losing all the elections then you are dumber than a bag of hammers!

      • Blomsoy

        Dear Mr. Gillard, I did not say “all” elections, but was thinking of the
        last one. Sorry to be unclear. I have, among other things, fluency in
        six languages. Does a bag of hammers have that also ? Do you ?
        Before he died I had written to Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman
        several times; Each time he replied with kindness and patience
        although I certainly was way below him in achievements. Now that’s
        a sign of a great teacher and a fine gentleman. We should all strive
        to be better people. Manners matter as do character.

    • Douglas Gillard

      Also I do not wish to be “ruled” by anyone! Do you even know what country you are living in?

      • Blomsoy

        Dear Mr. Gillard, I Iaud you for not wanting to be “ruled”by anyone.
        Neither do I. Yes, I have chosen to become an American, which is
        more difficult than just to be born here. I was born when the Nazis
        were occupying my old country. I know tyranny and prefer civility
        and good manners.

  • Phil Bronner

    This is why the STATE..should NOT have records of gun owners….PERMITS are not necessary….they do a background check when you buy one…and they, by law, (at least the feds) can’t keep those…

  • ruko

    I think it’s sad that because of threats received the rag felt it necessary to hire armed guards to protect their property after publishing the list. This just gives the hysterical liberals more fuel: “See, these gun nuts are making terroristic threats and would have no problem breaking the law”.

  • Nellie CA

    Obama signing abortions law will kill more children than guns. I can’t understand how a doctor could take a life and not be charged for murder when it is an abortion. If the news papers can list the names of people with gun permits, Yes! anyone who has an abortion should be named in the paper also.

  • Nellie CA

    Anyone on Welfare or state aid should have their name listed in the news paper when they have an abortion. The tax payers are paying for this, they should know what the government is spending the tax money for.

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